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December 2014

The Local Voice: How to Gift Green for the Non-DIYer in All of Us, The Gift of Light, Warmth and Fire, Renewing Our Traditions with Ancient New Mexican Arts as Inspiration, Everyday Green: Gifting Native Green, Advertorials, Views from the Field : Camino de Paz Montessori – Growing Young Leaders, Certified Beekeepers Apprentice Program, Regional Holiday Foods, The Gift of Self: Edwina García Wood: For English, Press One; Para Español, Presione el Dos, Glenys Carl: Building an Army of Volunteers who Love and Care, Thinking about Reducing Waste and Valuing Food over the Holidays, A Campus Waste-Awareness Campaign at Santa Fe Community College, National Wilderness Conference Invigorates Wilderness Warriors, Foreigners in their Own Lands, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

GFT December 2014 Cover
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November 2014

GFT November 2014 CoverDel Are Llano: Local Food, Then and Now, Views from the Field: Grown on This Ground, 2014 Local Food Festival and Field Day, Coalition Pokes Holes in New Mexico Chile Certification, The Local Voice: Growing Local Food Businesses by Leaps and Pounds, Taos County Economic Development Corporation Week, Traditional Native American Farmers Association, Giving Love and Thanks in Times of Contradictions, FUZE.SW 2014 Food & Folklore Festival, A Small Sample of Who We Are, On the Land: Together with the Earth – A New Film Documentary, Small Agricultural Lands Conservation Initiative, Book Profile: Grass, Soil, Hope: A Journey through Carbon Country, Renewable Energy Development on State Trust Land, Planning Santa Fe’s Food Future, Sustainable Santa Fe Update: Santa Fe’s Community Scorecard, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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October 2014

GFT October 2014 CoverChanging Perspectives: The Promise and Challenge of Renewable Energy, The Genius Grid, Energy Newsbites, Deciding New Mexico’s Energy and Climate Future, Marchers Demand Climate Leadership, Sustainable Santa Fe Update: The Climate Action Task Force, Climate Change Newsbites, Views from the Field: A Tribute in Paint to the Earth and Local Agriculture, A New Take on Gaia Gardens, The Wilderness Act’s 50th Anniversary, The Aldo Leopold Writing Contest, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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September 2014

GFT September 2014 CoverLand, Trails, Skies!, The Santa Fe Conservation Trust, The Santa Fe Conservation Trust Story, Conservation Easement 101, The Glorieta Freedom Ranch, The Galisteo Basin, Commonweal Conservancy, Thornton Ranch Open Space, Celebration of a Legend, Stewart Udall and the Land: An Interview, Climate Change: Now, Landscape Renewal through Conservation, Restoring the Economy, Santa Fe Conservation Trust and Trails, 2014 Santa Fe Outdoor Irrigation Rebate Programs, Sustainable Santa Fe Update: Santa Fe’s Plastic Bag Ban, New State Wildlife Management Area: The Mimbres River Ranch, Land’s End / Starting Again, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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August 2014

GFT August 2014 CoverAncient Voices–Contemporary Contexts: A Cross-Cultural Forum, Culture Relative to Homeland: An Interview with Lyle Balenquah, The Santo Domingo Pueblo Heritage Trail Arts Project, UNM Institute Helps Native Communities Address Design Challenges, The Pueblo Food Experience: A Pre-Contact Diet, Everyday Green: The Native Food Sovereignty Movement, Gutierrez Family Dry-land Farm at Puye, Book Profile: Four Square Leagues – Pueblo Land in New Mexico, Harvesting Traditions: A One-Woman Show by Kathleen Wall, The Natwani Coalition: Strengthening Hopi Culture and Agriculture, The Navajo Nation’s Energy Landscape, $1 Billion Allocated for Navajo Uranium Cleanup, Northern Pueblos Housing Authority’s Clean Energy Projects, Native Renewable Energy Newsbites, Op-Ed: Remembering 400 Years of Exile, OP-ED : New Mexico Tribal Families: Thriving in ‘Our Own Ways’, OP-ED : Networking for Wellness, Growing Financial Independence at Ohkay Owingeh, Native Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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July 2014

GFT July 2014 CoverStories of Route 66: Albuquerque’s International District: A Creative Placemaking and Community Revitalization Project, Art & Community Change, Artist Team and Community Participants, ID Live! Event Schedule, History of Albuquerque’s International District, The International District: A Portrait, Establishing the “International District”, Refugee and Immigrant Women Making Their Way, When Did Buildings Become “Green?”, Training the Next Generation of Green Builders, 50 Shades of Green: Leadership by Example, Save Energy, Save Water: What to Do?, Rainwater: Good Water with Good Uses, Build Tight and Ventilate Right, Leaky Ducts: How Much Energy ($) Do They Waste?, Green-Built Homes Are Affordable Homes, Times Are Changing for Sustainably Built Homes, Op-Ed: It’s Time for New Mexico to Adopt Modern Building Energy Codes, City and County Launch “Solarize Santa Fe!”, Sustainable Santa Fe Monthly Update, Book Review – Farms and Foods: New Mexico’s Agricultural Legacy, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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June 2014

GFT June 2014 CoverPueblo Feast Days, The Mystery Stone, Sustainable Tourism Ignites the Hearts and Minds of Northern New Mexicans, Increasing Sustainability in Tourism, Santa Fe Hosts the Western Adaptation Alliance, Sustainable Santa Fe Monthly Update, The Georgetown University Energy Prize, Op-Ed: “SUN stainable” New Mexico, Earth Care’s Youth Leaders Champion Southside Sustainability Efforts, Earth Care’s AmeriCorps Food Cadre Receives Federal Grant, Santa Fe’s Green Lodging Initiative – Phase II, Direct Public Offerings and Capital-Raising for Your Business, North Central Regional Transit District Links New Mexico Communities, El Agua Es Vida: Acequias of New Mexico Exhibit at the Maxwell Museum, A Dynamic Duo Do for Earth y Comunidad, Everyday Green: Backyard Foraging, Organ Mountains–Desert Peaks National Monument, Our Land Is Worth More Than That, Op-Ed: Board of County Commissioners to Decide the Fate of La Bajada Mesa, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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May 2014

GFT May 2014 CoverThe Battle at Santa Cruz de la Cañada and the Siege at Taos Pueblo, Thoughts about an Imposed Grand Silence from Communal Trauma, Women Start the Healing Process in Response to Historic Violence, Being of Tewa Women Ancestry, La Querencia: Agriculture, Culture, and the Creation of Meaning in Northern New Mexico, Along the Path of Learning, Women in Agriculture, Memory Doors, Oremos, Oremos: The Fruitful Life of Isabel Salazar, an Amazing Cook, Healthy Children Make Happy, Healthy Communities, A Tribute to a Living Legend, Smoke and Mirrors: Theater as Healing Art, Reviving the Seed Arts, The Bee Hive: Boom to Bloom, Fungi Can Help Save the World, OP-ED : Defending our Community Bill of Rights Ordinance, The Great March for Climate Action Comes to New Mexico, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates’ Statements, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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April 2014

GFT April 2014 CoverFighting Goliaths in the Land of Enchantment: The New Mexico Environmental Law Center, Snapshots from Around New Mexico: Hot Environmental Issues in 2014, New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light, Water, Air and Land: A Sacred Trust Map, The New Mexico Mining Act, Cleanup of Toxic Uranium Legacy Taking Decades, Roca Honda Uranium Mine, Stormwater in New Mexico, New Mexico Legislative Review of the Water Trust Board, Living in Industrial Dairy Country, State Considering Weakening Dairy Discharge Rules, Defending the Peoples’ Commons, The Southwest Organizing Project, Year of Decision Confronts the Gila River, State Land Office Works to Restore La Plata River Habitat, Honoring Our Ancestors this Earth Day 44, HOME : Earth Day Community Celebration, Newsbites, Earth Day Events, What’s Going On?
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March 2014

GFT March 2014 CoverTewa Pueblos, Spanish Villages, Official Villa and Railroad Town: The History of the Northern Valley of the Rio Grande in New Mexico, Reflections on the Española Plaza, Book Profiles: Española • Recognizing Heritage, Honoring the Spirit of the Española Valley: A Tewa Perspective, Cultivating a Future: Where Do We Go From Here?, Tierra Sagrada, What Does Public Health Look Like in Española?, Hispanos in the Valley of Sorrows, Reclaiming Española, Living the Dream of Cooperation and Friendship, Love in the Valley of Infinity, The Española Hunter Arts & Agricultural Center and Community Mural Project, Sustaining Our Local Economies, OP-ED : Rethinking Northern New Mexico College, Academy of Sustainability Education Planned for Santa Fe, 2014 New Mexico Legislative Wrap-Up, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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February 2014

GFT February 2014 CoverIncreasing Resilience in a Changing Climate ,‘Thinking Like a Watershed’ Panels Come to the KiMo Theater, A Visit to the Proposed Organ Mountains–Desert Peaks National Monument, Book Profile: Water Ethics – A Values Approach to Solving the Water Crisis, People and Planet: Partners in Wellness, Drought and Floods: Impacts of 2011-2012 Fires and 2013 Floods, Acequias Up-Close, New Mexico’s Soul Food, Local Hero: A Tribute to Dr. Tomás Atencio, Fresh AIRE : A Year of Growing in Taos, Urban Farming: The School of the Future?, Everyday Green: The Santa Fe Community Food Co-op, Pay It Forward! Being Human in Healthcare, Sustainable Healing, Medicine of the People: Massage and Self-Acupressure, Health Benefits of Food as Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine for Animals, OP-ED : New Mexico Has a Democracy Problem, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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January 2014

GFT January 2014 CoverA Bird’s-Eye View of Northern New Mexico’s Acequias, A Brief Acequia History, Anatomy of an Acequia, The New Mexico Acequia Association: 25 Years and Counting, The Acequia Movement in New Mexico, Congreso de las Acequias, Acequia Waters: Community Resource or Commodity?, ¿Pala o pluma? ¡Los dos!, How Do You Put a Dollar Value on Acequia Culture?, Acequias as a Sustainable Model for Hydro–Ecology, Ancient Systems Still Viable in the 21st Century, The Mayordomo Project Aims to Train a New Generation, Escuelita de las Acequias, Somos Gente de la Tierra: The Sembrando Semillas Program, Food Hubs in New Mexico / Book Profile, La Cosecha del Norte: A Growing Co-op / San Ysidro Prayer, and Poetry, Farmer-to-Farmer Training in Mora, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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December 2013

GFT December 2013 CoverNew Mexico Community Foundation • 30 Years, Philanthropic First Responder, 2013 Luminaria Awards: Celebrating the Best of New Mexico, Luminarias: Fire and the Fire Within, Collaborative Leadership Program Initiative, NMCF’s Intercultural Collaborative Leadership Program: Understanding NM’s Complex Cultural History, Youth Building the Future (with a Push from Artist-Social Organizer Lily Yeh), Challenges Facing Rural Villages in New Mexico, Strengthening Communities through Humane Approaches, The Community Involvement Fund, Follow Me, Native American Programs and Funds at NMCF, The SPARK Program: Joining Hands at the Pueblo of Jémez, A Teacher’s Perspective on a Small Navajo Town, The Thoreau Community Center, New Mexico Community Foundation Donor Profiles, CHISPA Awards, NewMexicoWomen.Org, Safety for Girls and Women, Breast Wishes Fund, The New Mexico Infant Team Program, Iman Aoun Leads Theater of the Oppressed Workshop, Public Allies New Mexico, The New Mexico Community News Exchange, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download December 2013 PDF Edition View December 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

November 2013

GFT November 2013 CoverThe NM Green Chamber of Commerce: Welcome to Our Shade of Green, New Mexico’s Responsible Business Movement and Our Own Action-Tank Model, What Are Triple Bottom Line Businesses?, Benefit Corporations in New Mexico, Fire the Choir: Why Green Marketing Hasn’t Worked and What to Do About It, New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce Member Profiles, Green Home Building Industry Drives Local Green Economy, Thinking Local First: The BALLE Model for Sustainable Communities and the Green Chamber, New Mexico’s Solar Economic Development Potential, Everyday Green: 10 Reasons to Buy Locally Produced Food, New Mexico Health Connections: Commitment to the Triple Bottom Line, Economic Development and New Mexico’s National Monuments, Op-Ed: High-Tech and Renewable-Energy Development on State Trust Lands, Water – We Can Do It!, Carbon Divestment or Engagement?, Which Is the More Effective Tool to Encourage Change?, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download November 2013 PDF Edition View November 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

October 2013

GFT October 2013 CoverInspiring Adaptation, What Is the Quivira Coalition?, 2013 Quivira Conference, What Does Drought Mean for the Future?, Drought As Inspiration, Meet Mr. Hadley: A Brief Atmospheric Understanding of the Southwest, Global Warming – What’s the Big Deal?, Our Coming Food Crisis, Cows and Apples: A Dirt Girl’s Journey, To Farm Is to Be Married, Getting in the Wood, Thinking Like a Creek, Balloon Mapping: A Habitat Restoration Project, Healing the Carbon Cycle with Cattle, Milking the Rhino, A Visit to the Flying D Bison Ranch, Some Profound Recent Ecological and Social Changes in My Community, Thinking Like A Watershed, The Carbon Economy Series, Book Profiles, PNM’s Support of Solar, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download October 2013 PDF Edition View October 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

September 2013

GFT September 2013 CoverBuilding in Adobe: A Powerful Catalyst for Real Life Learning, Green Builders, The Earthbuilders’ Guild: Preserving and Promoting Age-Old Building Methods, Adobe: Building an Industry, Earthbuilding Rammed Earth Style in Southern New Mexico, Book Profile: Sun Sticks & Mud, Earth US A 2013: The Seventh International Earthen Architecture, and Construction Conference, Conferences: Traditional Agriculture & Sustainab le Living, Western Apicultural Society of North America , Empowering the Land, La Tierra Montessori Integrates Science and Arts with Outdoor Education, The Bounty of Earth’s Harvest, OP-ED : Junk Food—Junk Energy, The 2013 Extraordinary Technology Conference, The Photon-Powered Car, OP-ED : PNM Again Threatens Survival of New Mexico Solar Industries, Wildfires and Watersheds: Proactive Best Management Practices (Part II), Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download September 2013 PDF Edition View September 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

August 2013

GFT August 2013 CoverA New World, The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, Climate Change Impacts to Tribes in the Southwestern United States, The Indigenous Design and Planning Institute, Empowered to Succeed…or Fail: Sovereignty & Self-Sufficiency, Guided by Our Values, Tewa Women United, Everyday Green: Tribal Museums and Cultural Centers, The Pueblo Kilt: Revival of an Ancient Art, The Natwani Coalition: Revitalizing Traditional Hopi Agriculture and the Hopi Food System, Learning to Grow Vegetables with Hasbìditó, Energy Development in Indian Country, Build It and They Will Come? The To’Hajiilee Solar Power Project, Native Newsbites, New Mexico State Land Office and Sovereign Tribes Team Up, Native Arts & Culture, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download August 2013 PDF Edition View August 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

July 2013

GFT July 2013 CoverValuing the Role of Culture in Sustainable Development, The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise / Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, Healthy People – Healthy Places: Addressing Healthy Inequities, Con Alma Health Foundation’s Grants, Help Plan an Affordable Creative Space in Santa Fe, FANTA SE Festival: Connected Community Engagement, Treats: The Superfoods of New Mexico, Everyday Green: Somos el Maíz – An Interview with Alejandro López, The Local Voice: The Local Spirit Behind Santa Fe Spirits, Four Bridges Links Northern New Mexico with South America, Geothermal Energy and Jobs Coming to New Mexico, Free Training for Green Collar Jobs, Wildfires and Watersheds : NM Legislature Takes Action, OP-ED: Our Constitutions Are the Avenue to Change the Injustice, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download July 2013 PDF Edition View July 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

June 2013

GFT June 2013 CoverWildlife Corridors, Refueling Stations along Fly Zones and Pathways, Wildlands Adventurer’s 5,000 Mile “TrekWest” Includes Northern NM, Keeping Wild Lands Connected and Wildlife Alive, New Mexico’s Renewable Energy Transmission Corridors Impact Wildlife, Del Are Llano: Hunting in NM’s Acequia Communities Goes Way Back, Everyday Green: All My Relations, Renewing a Landscape in the Southwest Jémez Mountains, Beaver and Their Dams, Timing Is Everything, 2013 Greenbuilt Tour: The Green Revue, Chill Factor: Cool Roofs, OP-ED – Mora County Community Rights Law: Self-Determination, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download June 2013 PDF Edition View June 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

May 2013

GFT May 2013 CoverDeveloping Sustainable Regional Tourism – Santa Fe and Beyond, How to Develop an Effective Tourism Cluster in Santa Fe, Everyday Green: Effective Tourism Networks, Is Sustainable Tourism Possible When There is Poverty and Unemployment?, Sustainable Tourism Workshop – The Carbon Economy Series, Creative Santa Fe, Santa Fe Creative Tourism, Santa Fe Watershed Association Brings True Green Change to the Hospitality Industry, Hotels Respond to the Green Tourist Market, People Do Care Where They Live!, High Peaks Deep Roots Cooperative Launches Its Second Season, Reflections on the Rio Grande del Norte, Rising to Meet the Dawn, Newsbites, Agritourism in New Mexico, Taos Cultural Farm Visits, The Earth Chronicles Project, What’s Going On? Download May 2013 PDF Edition View May 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

April 2013

GFT April 2013 CoverA Systems Approach to Sustainable Economic Development, High Desert Discovery District/Arrowhead Innovation Network: HD3 Discovery Day, Power Up! Low-Cost Websites for Cultural Entrepreneurs, The Taos Entrepreneurial Network, Community Solar Development in New Mexico, 2013 Solar Fiesta – April 27-28 – Santa Fe Community College, Zero-Waste Economic Development, Connecting Education for Sustainability to a Sustainable Economy, Investing for Social Impact, Complementary Currencies: Creating a Monetary Ecosystem, Can You Trust a Tomato in January?, Managing Manure and Creating Value for NM, The Wisdom of the Mayordomo, Newsbites, Is Adaptation Possible? Climate Change & Food Security in the Evermore Arid Southwest. Homegrown New Mexico: Urban Homesteaders, Bringing Magic into the Garden and Farm by Inviting Pollinators, The Wealth of Health: Oriental Medicine as a New Mexico Resource, Health and Wellness Tips, Earth Week Events, Gross National Happiness Comes to Santa Fe, What’s Going On? Download April 2013 PDF Edition View April 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

March 2013

GFT  March 2013 CoverIncubator Spawns Business Diversity, Focus on Entrepreneurship, The Velocity Project, Rules of Engagement, Powering New Mexico’s Economy with Peer Pressure, New Mexico’s Clean Energy Economy Today, The Promise of Bioenergy Development, THE LOCAL VOICE : Be a Localist, Sustain Your Place, The Greenest Home Is a Remodeled Home, Creating New Mexico Jobs in the Recycling Industry, The Flea… More Than a Place to Get a Used Cowboy Hat, From Green to Gold: Breakthrough Branding for Today’s Green Market, Dapwood Furniture: NMGCC ’s Business Recycler of the Year, EVERYDAY GREEN: Culture and Sustainable Economies, Native American-Advised Endowment Fund Provides Nonprofit Support, You Holler—We Haul It!, B Corp Legislation: A New Frontier in American Business, Growth for The Sake of Growth, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download March 2013 PDF Edition View March 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

February 2013

GFT  Feb 2013 CoverHealthcare in New Mexico – Con Alma Foundation Forums, Health Equity in New Mexico, FairCare: A New Paradigm of Healing in Healthcare, Green Hospice, Towards Authentic Healing, Five Simple Ways to Live Healthy in 2013, Health and Wellness: Snuggle In and Chow Down, Skin Care and Aging in New Mexico, Self-Care Revolution, BODY of Santa Fe, Ayurveda: Health, Wellness Healing and Medicine, Confessions of a Seimei Practitioner, Keeping Animals Healthy with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Everyday Green: Native American Integrative Healing, Healing Arts at Golden Acorns Summer Camp, The New Mexico Solar Energy Association’s 40th Anniversary, One Health: A New Vision for New Mexico’s State Trust Lands, Ongoing Research Illustrates Benefits of Acequias, OP-ED : Río Grande Restoration and Recreation Project Appeal, The Local Voice: Investing in Local Food = Celebrating Entrepreneurship, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download February 2013 PDF Edition View February 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

January 2013

GFT  Jan 2013 CoverFarm to Table: Solving the Food System Puzzle, Healthy Kids – Healthy Economy, Farm to Table Collaborations, Major Policy Accomplishments, Food Choices: Modernity and the Responsibility of Eaters, Cooperating Our Way to a Better Food System, Santa Fe Food Policy Council, Red Willow Farm, Project Feed the Hood, Fresh New Mexico Apples in School Lunches, Farm to School Solutions: The Power of a Local Pear, Statistics: The Bad and the Good, Local Fruits and Vegetables for Lunch in Our Schools — What It Takes, Getting NM Foods into NM Schools, The Farm to School Program, New Mexico FoodCorps, Farm to Restaurant, Farmers Teaching Farmers, Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute’s Micro-Loan Program, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download January 2013 PDF Edition View January 2013 Mobile/Text Edition Online

December 2012

GFT Dec 2012 CoverBEYOND 2012: Wisdom from the Origins – The Mayan Calendar and the Future of Humanity, LUCA’s Dream, Saved in Time – Book Review, A Report from Greenbuild 2012, The Big Gorilla, Have Your Money Go Local This Holiday Season, Everyday Green : Gifting Local, The Río Grande Returns, Overcoming Greed, The Tesuque Pueblo Seed Bank, The Local Voice : Urban Farming in the Heart of Santa Fe, Declaration of Commitment to Indigenous Peoples, Nutrition and Wellness Tips, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download December 2012 PDF Edition View December 2012 Mobile/Text Edition Online

November 2012

GFT Nov 2012 CoverClearing the Air Around Clean Energy, Op-Ed: Concerns About Our Water, Santa Fe’s Water Use, Slow the Flow, Spread the Nutrients, The Land Quilt, Feeding Nine Billion People without Destroying Nature, Southwest Women in Conservation, Fresh AIRE —The Energy of Agriculture: Calories and Community, New Solar Technology in New Mexico Rural Water Pumping, Santa Fe Indian School Programs Promote Native Sustainability, Battling Youth Nature Deficit Disorder, Converting Your Home to Solar, The Local Voice: Social Enterprise Gets Real, Book Profile: Scaling Your Social Venture, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: Future Memory…Revival of the Common Sense, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download November 2012 PDF Edition View November Mobile/Text Edition Online

October 2012

GFT Oct 2012 CoverBack to the Future: Old Ideas and Modern Technology to Solve the Energy Crisis, Los Alamos Smart Grid Powers-Up, The Extraordinary Technology Conference, Solar Newsbites, Carbon Economy Series Back in Santa Fe, Benchmarking Empowerment, Biomass Energy for a Hydrocarbon Earth, Building a Community Food System: IAIA’s Demonstration Garden, A Visit to China Opens Doors to North Korea through Sustainable Agriculture, Farming for a Sustainable South Valley Community, The Story Behind the Wildfires, Wildland Fire Science at Northern New Mexico College, Responding to Instability, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: The Prodigious Power of Our Beliefs, Start Today Before Tomorrow Is Gone, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download October 2012 PDF Edition View October Mobile/Text Edition Online

September 2012

GFT Sept 2012 CoverThe Northern Río Grande National Heritage Area, The Making of a National Heritage Area, Developing Partnerships for the Northern Río Grande National Heritage Area, Interviews with NRGNHA Board Members, ¡Sostenga! Where Community Defines Tradition as Sustainability, 2012 NRGNHA Grant Recipients, Decentralization and Coherence, Heritage Crops Still Grown After Centuries of Sustaining the People, The Women, Food and Literature Class at Northern New Mexico College, Reflections on Full Stomachs and Happy Hearts, Cultural Heritage Enterprises, Book Profiles, Land Water People Time – Documentary Film, Rivers Run Through Us, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download September 2012 PDF Edition View September Mobile/Text Edition Online

August 2012

Seeking Coherence, Native Public Media’s Digital Journalism and Storytelling, Santa Clara Pueblo: Reforestation and Recovery, Institute of American Indian Art’s Declaration of Interdependence, The Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative, Solar Projects Going Up on Tribal Lands, The Southwest Native Green Loan Fund: Building Green Economies in Indian Country, Strengthening Hopi Agricultural Traditions, The Pueblo Cotton and Weaving Project, The Navajo-Hopi Water Rights Settlement Act, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: Uniting as One Voice to Sustain our Native Cultures, Energy Newsbites, Everyday Green: Interdependence, Sustainability and Resilience, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download August 2012 PDF Edition View August Mobile/Text Edition Online

July 2012

World Renewable Energy Forum 2012, The Eden Gardens Project: Food and Energy Security,The Urban Store in Albuquerque, The Local Voice: Growing Green, Growing Local, THRIVE: An Interview with Foster and Kimberly Gamble, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: The Evolution of Consciousness, Sustainable Enterprises: Netroots Nation, Sostenga! It’s in the Water: Risk in Perspective, Toxic Chemicals Dumped into New Mexico’s Waterways, Commemoration of Historic Clean Water Act Settlement, Cultural Entrepreneurship: Santa Fe Walkabouts, Everyday Green: The Green Connection in Travel, Retire Your Way: After Working, What?, Newsbites, What’s Going On? Download July 2012 PDF Edition View July Mobile/Text Edition Online

June 2012

GreenBuilt Tour 2012, Affordable Passive House Construction, The Net-Zero-Energy Home, Calculate Your Home’s Energy Efficiency, The Southwest’s and the Planet’s Energy Future, A Solution at Our Fingertips, Ground Broken for the NM Consortium’s Biologica l Lab oratory at Los Alamos, One Out of Two New Mexicans Live in Areas Hit by Recent Weather Disasters, Firefighters in NM Connect Record Fires with Climate Change, Climate Change Newsbites, Importing Bees: High Demand Creates a Huge Dilemma, Everyday Green: Protecting Yourself from Pesticides, Is Rainwater Harvesting Worth It in a Desert?, Fifth Annual Celebrando las Acequias, A Tipping Point for Sustainable Business?, Green Money Journal Celebrates 20 Years of Sustainable Investing, What’s Going On? Download June 2012 PDF Edition View June Mobile/Text Edition Online

May 2012

Northern NM’s Solar Energy Future, My Solar Story… What’s Yours Going to Be?, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Homes and Businesses, Energy Efficient Buildings’ Benefits, Environmental Audit for Small Businesses and Community Centers, Solar Newsbites, 2012 and Beyond: Sustainable Systems and the Predicament of Water in NM, Fresh AIRE : Growing Season 2012, ¡Sostenga! Where Tradition Meets Sustainability – Eremita Campos, Del Are Llano: The Moorish Influence in New Mexico Agriculture, Goatscaping: Going Green by Going Goats, Homegrown Medicinal Herbs, Everyday Green: Eating Herbs for Health, A Visit to the Farmers’ Market to Learn about the Farm Bill, Ask the Bugman: Control Pests without Toxic Pesticides, The Center for Innovation and Sustainability, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: The Cultural Reemergence of Democracy, What’s Going On? Download May 2012 PDF Edition View May Mobile/Text Edition Online

April 2012

The Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Tourism Definitions, Everyday Green: Regional Tourism – A Potential Strategy, Zuni Mainstreet, Columbine Hondo: New Mexico’s Forgotten Wilderness, One of New Mexico’s Best-Kept Secrets, Green Living Project Film Documents NM Ecotourism Adventures, Ecotourism al Nuevo Mexicano, Agritourism: A Growing Business for Small Farms, Educational Travel: Without Books and Beyond Classrooms, Local Sustainability Program Explores Ecotourism Opportunities, Earth Week Events, The Local Voice: Imagine all the People…Eating New Mexico Food, Sustainable Enterprises: Española Community Market, Making the Food Connections: Las Vegas, New Mexico, Newsbites, Tours & Tourist Opportunities, New Mexico Centennial Commemorative Events, Historical Society of NM’s 2012 Statehood History Conference, Creative Santa Fe’s New Initiative: Imagined Futures, The Art of Change: Climate Change and Indigenous Solutions Conference, Design by Nature: Tularosa Basin Conference, Voluntourism, What’s Going On?! Download April 2012 PDF Edition View April Mobile/Text Edition Online

March 2012

In Praise of Restoration Ecology, Water, Air and Land: A Sacred Trust, New Map Documents Water Concerns in NM, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: The Real Cost of Santa Fe’s “Cheap” Energy and Clean Air, The End of Pretend, The Art of Change: Climate Justice and Indigenous Solutions Conference, Sustainable Enterprises: Where Profits and Values Meet, How Green Is Your Landscape?, Sostenga: Culturally Appropriate Food for a Resilient Community, Transition Albuquerque and Transition UNM, Responsibility, Sustainability and the Imagination, Affordable Energy Efficient Homes Have Arrived, Electric Vehicles Can Revolutionize America’s Energy Use, What is Compost?, The Local Voice: Local Economies – Happy, Healthy and Wise, Retire Your Way: Planning for Your Retirement, What’s Going On? Download March 2012 PDF Edition View March Mobile/Text Edition Online

February 2012

Prescription for Healing Our Bodies and Healing the Earth, Give Yourself the Greatest Gift: A Healthier You in 2012, Del Are Llano: Una Vida Buena y Sana (y Alegre)–A Sound, Healthy (and Cheerful) Life, Sostenga: Tradition of Nutrition and Culturally Appropriate Food, Everyday Green: Greening Your Brain, NEWSBITES, Healing and Transformation in 2012, Curanderismo Festival, Healing with Flowers, Reconnection Therapy, Symptoms: Your Body’s Secret Healing Messages, Healing through Horses, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: Planetary Healing, OP-ED: There is no Invisible Barrier that Separates Air, The Local Voice: Community Heal Theyself, Retire Your Way: The New Retirement, What’s Going On! Download February 2012 PDF Edition View February Mobile/Text Edition Online

January 2012

If I Had $16 Million, Here’s How I Would Spend It in NM to Help Change the World, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: Welcome to the Mythical Year… 2012, Tres Hermanas: Educating Women to Unite Communities, CODECE : Joining the Global Economy Using Ancient Systems, Congreso de las Acequias, Freedom to Farm: Genetic Engineering of NM’s Chile, New Mexico Traditional Chile Summit, Seed Saving to Ensure Local Food Security, Del Are Llano: La Milpa: A Sustainable Model, Where Trashy Meets Classy at IAIA, Pueblo Youth Leading Sustainability Efforts Visit the White House, Emmy Award-Winning TV Host Partners with Habitat for Humanity, A Response to the PRC’s Decision on PNM’s Renewable Energy Plan, Newsbites, Surfing the Crowd Funding Wave, Everyday Green: Veggie Protein and Sustainability, What’s Going On! Download January 2012 PDF Edition View January Mobile/Text Edition Online

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  • #1 written by James Lake
    about 5 months ago

    To whom this concerns,

    I am seeking a suitable publisher for the proceedings of a unique event that took place in February 2013 in Havana, Cuba. Thought leaders in integrative mental health care from the U.S. and Cuba convened for one week to discuss trends in integrative mental health care in both countries and brain storm about future collaborative research and training projects. The proceedings provide a detailed account of all presentations and discussions. A colleague who participated in this ‘intercambio’ suggested that your journal might be suitable for publishing the proceedings (approximately 20K words) or a concise summary.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    James Lake M.D.

  • #2 written by gary witherspoon
    about 8 months ago

    Greetings Albuquerque City Council:

    ​In no uncertain terms American society has a tiger by the tail. The police state in which American society finds itself is in flux and the natives are restless.

    Do the citizens of New Mexico understand that military grade weapons and technology are employed in the shooting and killing of a homeless man on a rocky knoll? Laser directed energy technology was employed in the death of James Boyd and the citizens of Albuquerque are in danger, as well as the citizens of America.

    Placing the perpetrators of the death of James Boyd on “paid administrative leave” is unacceptable and will not stand. Rethink this position immediately. Inform the Mayor and the Police Commissioner and the New Mexico US Attorney’ General to come forward with indictments and prosecution of the men involved.

    Do the citizens of Albuquerque understand that public funds are being used to militarize citizen police forces with military grade weapons, technology and tactics? Do the citizens of New Mexico understand that elected politicians are accepting of the militarization of American society by directing the necessary public funds to do so. All this while attacking society, neglecting society and militarizing local police organizations.

    Military fascism is on the rise. Fascism used to control the social and economic forces of this nation include the killing of homeless people and with military grade weapons and tactics. The video of the death of James Boyd explains this all.

    Gary Witherspoon ​

    CC: elected officials / media / public service announcements

  • #3 written by
    about 1 year ago

    Did you know that Geothermal involves hydraulic fracturing? Gets the water moving just like it gets oil and gas moving. Ask Mr Powell about that.
    Nick Sands

  • #4 written by Anonymous
    about 2 years ago

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say superb blog!

  • #5 written by Green Fire Times
    about 2 years ago


    I live in Socorro and would like to receive a “real” copy/subscription to your periodical. How do I do that?
    Techno hater….

    Sorry to report that hard copy subscriptions are not currently available. The hard copy issue of Green Fire Times is only available for free at newsstands throughout Northern New Mexico at present. The Burger King in Los Lunas would be the closest to you.

  • #6 written by pcg
    about 2 years ago

    I live in Socorro and would like to receive a “real” copy/subscription to your periodical. How do I do that?
    Techno hater….

  • #7 written by Ethelle Lord
    about 2 years ago

    Not a Cure for Alzheimer’s: Offering a Second Wind?

    In 1995 I was widowed. My husband had coronary disease and was near death when I was introduced to Pycnogenol®. After taking only two capsules, he was able to stay awake all day, do minor manual task such as a little painting of the walls, picking up in the yard, etc. Before taking Pycnogenol® (, he was only getting up to eat and then had to lay down on the couch during the day and go to bed rather early at night. So this experience came to mind when recently I noticed Alzheimer’s was robbing my husband physically and emotionally, unable to even express himself.
    My husband’s Alzheimer’s condition is rather advanced as he was diagnosed in 2003. I decided to purchase Pycnogenol® for my husband to boost his vascular system (whatever is left of it after Alzheimer’s). I wanted to see if Pycnogenol® could improve his general quality of life in the nursing center. Once my husband became established in a dementia unit in a nursing center after a year and a half, he exhibited several alarming behavioral changes such as sleeping almost all day and night, having numerous complaints about physical pain, an inability to hold the telephone properly to converse with me or other relatives and friends, and his speech became incomprehensible most of the time.
    After only two months of taking Pycnogenol®, he is up at least several hours a day in the morning and in the afternoon. His bedtime has been extended at least an extra hour which allows him to socialize with others in the center. He was able to watch the Super Bowl from beginning to end this year which he had not done for several years. Surprisingly he is able to have a conversation on the telephone and does not hesitate when responding to questions. The numerous physical complaints have disappeared. It is as if he has been given a second wind.
    The combination of the behavioral changes and general wellbeing in my husband has been not only surprising, but remarkable. It seems to me that introducing a powerful antioxidant for a person with dementia may in fact be worth investigating further. Now our visits are even more enjoyable than they have ever been for the couple of years.
    I take Pycnogenol® daily to boost my energy because as a part-time family caregiver now that my husband is in a nursing center, my energy is still not where it needs to be. The steady demands of providing care for him for 10 years was physically and emotionally depleting. I also sleep better at night and enjoy a much fuller life as a result of having the new found energy. I am highly recommending Pycnogenol® as a supplement for caregivers and individuals with Alzheimer’s. As always, everyone should consult with their physician before adding any supplement to their diet.

    About the author:
    Ethelle G. Lord has her Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix (2010). Dr. Lord is an adjunct Professor of Business and author. She has her own coaching business at Remembering for You (dot) Com and Teamwork Coaching (dot) Com. From 1992-1996 she had a private practice in mental health counseling; in the late 80s she was a paralegal for Legal Services for the Elderly and from 1992-1996 she was a two-term President of the Maine Gerontological Society of Maine. Ethelle is married to Maj. Larry S. Potter, USAF Retired and lives in Maine. Visit us today at and contact the author at

  • #8 written by Diana Matthews
    about 2 years ago

    I heard Melissa Nelson speak at Ks. University in Lawrence, Ks. Dec. 1st, 2011. I was so impressed with the talk she presented, and wanted to express how much I believe in what she and others are working toward in the battle for keeping our environment intact and healthy, both for humans, animals, plants, and our lands. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know. Thank you.

  • #9 written by Lael Sordahl
    about 3 years ago

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    about 3 years ago



    July 29th, 2011 – Asheville, N.C., USA … Announcing the launch of a rather ambitious new creative competition. To our knowledge, never before have six major genres of creative expression; songwriting, literature, photography, fine art, functional art and short video been positioned in the same competition. The tie that binds these six genres will be the strength of their inspired, edgy, re-invention of the meaning of ecology. What better way to catalyze more interest on this important topic, than to tap into one of our greatest resources, the creative mind?

    The prestigious jury panel can already boast a three time recommended Nobel Peace Prize author, Alan Combs; Author and Publisher, David Vaux; Mountain Xpress and Rotten Tomato movie critics, Ken Hanke and Justin Souther; creative director and graduate of fine arts from Cornell University, Maria Epes; former art director for McGraw Hill, Marsha Cohen; awarding winning environmental artist, John Dahlson, acclaimed functional artist, Charles Bazzell; Jurors for the songwriting category will be announced at a later date. Twenty finalists will be posted on website in the new year for a People’s Choice Award.

    There will be a first place $1,000 cash prize winner for each of the categories. We are even thinking of creating an overall grand prize winner from the first place winners of each category! This would be very interesting because that could mean a piece of jewelry could be up against a painting, song competing with a short video, etc. We are looking for original thematic inspiration, and will go to great lengths to judge all entries from that perspective, as well as the techniques and skills involved in the particular chosen art form. There is an early bird entry deadline of September 30th 2011, with the final entry deadline being November 30th 2011. It is anticipated that finalists and winners will all be announced in first half of the New Year, 2012. We are hoping to garner much attention from the media to promote the winning works.

    Entries can be accepted either online at or by downloading an entry form from the same site and snail mailing your artistic piece. The mailing address is also located on the website and on the entry form. We are very curious which creative genre will attract the most entries!

    Kathryn Edwards
    Managing Director
    224 Aurora Drive
    Asheville, N.C 28805
    828 575 3979

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    about 3 years ago

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