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December 2017

Green Fire Times: New Publisher, Structure and Management in Jan. 2018 — Seth Roffman, Getting a Grip on Christmas — Alejandro López. Envy, the Devil and Our Lady of Remedies — Anita Rodríguez, Prophecy of the Seventh Fire: The Time is Now — Ann Filemyr, This Woman — Poem by Sunny Dooley, Reflections on Historias / Histories of New Mexico Conference — Patricia Marina Trujillo, Learning from the Land: Agricultural Continuation and Innovation in Taos — Miguel Santistevan, New Mexico Acequia Association 2017 Photo Contest Winners, Making the Cibolero Shirt — Juanita J. Lavadie, Everyday Green: Child Hunger in New Mexico — Susan Guyette, 2017 Santa Fe Mayor’s Sustainability Award Winners, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
GFT December 2017 Cover

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November 2017

GFT November 2017 Cover
OP-ED: Raising Consciousness and Imagining Reconciliation — Estevan Rael-Gálvez, Tewa Women United’s 21st Gathering for Mother Earth Waters and an Update on the Española Healing Foods Oasis — Beata Tsosie-Peña, A New Mural on the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center — Ana Malinalli X Gutiérrez Sisneros, Española Lowrider Museum in the Works — Don J. Usner, Eran en los Días de los Héroes — Levi Romero, Moving Arts Española Healthy Meals Program, Book Review: The Working Life of an Hispano Patriarch — Alejandro López, The Sun Shines in Denver — Mark Chalom, New Mexico Ranks in the Bottom Third Nationally in Energy Efficiency — Tammy Fiebelkorn, Arboles (The Cottonwoods) — Sylvia Ernestina Vergara, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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October 2017

GFT October 2017 Cover
Nourishment in Every Form and In Every Season — Alejandro López, Fertilizing the Future of Acequia Farmers: La Cosecha de los Sembradores — Nicanor Ortega, Staying Power: Foodcorps—New Mexico — Leiloni Begaye, Red Willow Center: 1st Annual Indigenous Foods Experience, Rooted In Love: A Film, A Farmer, A Movement, Albuquerque Public Schools: 80 Gardens — Mallory García, The Most Important Word in “Community Gardening” is not ‘Gardening!’ — Mark Winne, Growing a Resilient Regional Food System — Julie Sullivan, New Research on the Power of Food System Investments to Boost Regional Economies, What Are Food Policy Councils? — Pam Roy, Bread Winners and Bread Makers: Santa Fe Women and Food, Ideas for Cooking and Nutrition/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs — Cyndey Martin, When An Apple A Day Is Not Enough — Juan López, The Agri-Cultura Network, Healthy Here Mobile Farmers’ Market, Bernalillo County and Kids Cook! Launch “Füdrr” Healthy Lifestyle Competition, Hospital Program Offers Kids Free Healthy Meals, Grow the Growers in Bernalillo County, Book Profile: Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Cookbook, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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September 2017

GFT September 2017 Cover
Restoring Relationship: Creativity in the Age of Climate Change — Molly Sturges, OP-ED: A Tewa Woman’s Reflection on Urgency — Beata Tsosie–Peña, Only Story Will Save Us — Michelle Otero, Why Poetry? Why Now? — Anne Haven McDonnell, Lead Like a Leaf — Joel Glanzberg, Biomimicry: The Practice of Emulating Nature’s Genus — Toby Herzlich, Firerock: Pass the Spark — Molly Sturges and The Firerock Team, Creative Muscles for Creative Leadership — Molly Sturges and Chrissie Orr, The Jémez Principles Applied to Climate Justice, Teaching Students to Think by Creating — Catherine Page Harris, Seed Broadcast: Presenting Voices, Dance of the Bees — Adelma Aurora Hnasko, Dancing Earth Explores Renewable Energy, Poem: Sol Not Coal — Hakim Bellamy, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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August 2017

GFT August 2017 Cover
Op-Ed: Seventh Generation Youth Gathering for the Protection of Greater Chaco — Kayleigh Warren, Op-Ed: Threats to Our Sacred Lands and Cultural Patrimony — Carlyjo Chavarria And Keshaun Shendo, Voices from a Chaco Community — Teresa Seamster, We Too Have a History! (A Tribute To Herman Agoyo) — Matthew J. Martínez, Book Profile: An Indigenous Peoples’ History
of the United States By Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Debra Haaland Continues the Legacy of Native Women Leaders, Santa Clara Pueblo’s Reserved Treaty Rights Lands Program — Talavai Denipah-Cook, Reimagining the Buffalo Commons — Stephen Wall, Remembering Our Sacred Place in Nature: A Message from Tribal Elders of Colombia, S.A. — Erica Ohliger And Nelson Caraballo, Op-Ed: Extractive Energy Addiction is Killing the Planet— Chili Yazzie, Native Entrepreneur in Residence: New Mexico Community Capital, First Nations Development Institute Native Agriculture and Food System Grants, Dancing Butterfly Naturals, Running Medicine, Ten Years of Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects at the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute — Nader Vadie, Sipi Students–National Leaders in Robotics and Engineering — Seth Roffman, Santa Fe Indian Market Images, 100th Issue Letter From The Editor –— Seth Roffman, Native Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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July 2017

GFT July 2017 Cover
Essential Steps in Preparing Chile con Cariño or TLC — Alejandro López, The Magnet of Spanish Market — Alejandro López, Book Review: Sisters in Blue by Anna M. Nogar and Enrique R. Lamadrid, Community Conversations on Santa Fe’s 25-Year Sustainability Plan — John Alejandro, Santa Fe’s Inaugural Verde Fund Investments, Buildings that Conserve Resources — Katherine Mortimer, Report on the First Annual Next Generation Water Summit — Nancy Grace, OP-ED: Augustín Plains Water Mining Case Update — Carol Pittman, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction — Virginia Cervantes, 14th Annual International Folk Art Market — Santa Fe, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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June 2017

GFT June 2017 Cover
The History of La Bajada Village(1929–2017) – Hilario E. Romero, OP-ED: The Path, The Road and the Superhighway – Alejandro Lopez; Lisa Law and Ray Belcher: Vintage New Mexico Photographs; NNMC: Embracing the Future to Preserve the Past – Mohammad Ali Musawi; Espanola Community Market – Andy Salazar, The Rio Chama Watershed Congreso – Rosemary Romero, Native Medicines for New Mexico Pollinators – Melanie Margarita Kirby; OP-ED: War on Forests – Boyer, Firstenberg, Gunst, Hummel, Koponin, Moses; The Forest Steward Guild’s Response – Eytan Krasilovsky; 516 Arts: Fires of Change and Landscapes of Life and Death; What Does it Mean to Work for Gender Justice in New Mexico? – Fatima Van Hattum and Sarah Ghiorse; OP-ED: Soda Tax and Health: The Work Continues – Pam Roy; Newsbites; What’s Going On?

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May 2017

GFT May 2017 Cover
“Planning for a Secure Water Future Means Everyone Is at the Table” The New Mexico Water Dialogue’s 23rd Annual Conference – Lucy Moore, New Mexico Water Newsbites, Next Generation Water Summit — Seth Roffman, An Introduction to the Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS®) — Mike Collignon, Next Generation Green Building Codes: Modeled Performance — Katherine Mortimer, What Water Is Right? — Doug Pushard, Profile of the Santa Fe Watershed Association on its 20th Anniversary — Kristina G. Fisher, Journey Santa Fe’s 10 Years of Weekly Community Dialogues — Seth Roffman, Acequia Madre Spring Cleaning — Phil Bové, OP-ED: The President’s Budget and Executive Order / Rolling Back the Clean Water Rule — Rachel Conn, OP-ED: The Counterculture: A Great Underground — Jack Loeffler, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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April 2017

GFT April 2017 Cover
Decolonizing Nature: Resistance, Resilience, Revitalization — Subhankar Banerjee, An Interdisciplinary Environmental Justice Conference Hosted by UNM Earth Day Events, Northern New Mexico College’s Renewable Energy Festival, Seeking True North: Realigning Northern New Mexico College with a Quest for Excellence, Education as Offering: Braiding Community, College and Plant Stories — Patricia Trujillo and NNMC Students, Heritage Seeds in Community Life — Greg Schoen, Farm to School Awards Celebrate Local Food — Kendal Chávez, Agua es Vida: A Youth Experiential Learning Program – John Wright, Everyday Green: Being a Locavore – Susan Guyette, Spring Cooking with Vegetables – Japa K. Khalsa, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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March 2017

GFT March 2017 Cover
New Mexicans Need Fire-Adapted Communities — Eytan Krasilovsky, Meadow Magic, A Tool for Water Management and Increasing Biodiversity — Paul Paryski, La Bajada: From Territorial and Statehood Periods to the 1920s (1848–1929) — Hilario E. Romero, A Short History of the World with Immigrants in Mind — Alejandro López, Una Historia Breve del Mundo con Respecto a los Immigrantes New Mexico’s Solar Industry: Job Growth from the Sky — Seth Roffman, Meditation Is the Ultimate Resistance — Japa K. Khalsa, GrayWatch: The Road to Better Health in New Mexico — Janet Bailey, St. Vincent Hospital Foundation, Santa Fe Neighbors / Vecinos de Santa Fe — Terri Jerry, Everyday Green: Cleaning Green – Susan Guyette, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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February 2017

GFT February 2017 CoverEnlivened Aging in New Mexico and in Our World — Sedena C. Cappannelli, Conscious Aging through Quigong — Master Mingtong Gu and Betsy McDonald, Op-Ed: Healthcare vs. Health — George Cappannelli, Health Efficacy: Winding One’s Way through a Health Crisis — Japa K. Khalsa, The 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention — Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., Your Microbiome: Making Friends with Your Colonies — Erica M. Elliott, M.D., Green Dentistry and Your Health — Curtis Brookover, DDS, Chase the Bugs Away — Marcie Martínez, Food as Medicine: Dora Pacias Is Proof of It — Alejandro López, The Herb-Gatherer’s Agreements — Ann Filemyr, Ph.D., Transformational Eco-Psychology — Ann Filemyr, Ph.D., New Mexico Health Equity Partnership’s Health Impact Assessment Training, Santa Fe Indian Health Service Hospital – Emily Haozous, Ph.D., Wage Theft Impacts Workers’ Health, Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium – Tina Cordova, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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January 2017

GFT January 2017 CoverOP-ED: Community Resilience in the Face of Adversity — Earth Care-New Mexico, OP-ED: Don’t Go Back to Bed — Tomás Rivera, OP-ED: Immigrant Activists Defeat Fear with Collective Action — Somos Un Pueblo Unido, Santa Fe Dreamers Project Photo Portraits, OP-ED: Threats from the President-Elect — Samia Assed, The Santa Fe Refugee Collaborative, Not Afraid to Look — Charles Rencountre, OP-ED: The New Mexico Environmental Law Center’s Top Ten Environmental Issues to Watch in 2017 — Douglas Meiklejohn, OP-ED: Conflicting Ideologies — Jack Loeffler, OP-ED: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Plan for New Mexico — David Van Winkle, La Bajada from Early Settlement to the Dawn of the 20th Century — Hilario E. Romero, The Culture of La Leña or Firewood — Alejandro López, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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December 2016

GFT December 2016 CoverHigher Ground — Responses and Reflections Post-Election 2016, OP-EDs: Seeking Higher Ground — Sedena C. Cappannelli, Post-Election 2016 — Dr. Erica Elliott, It’s Not the End of the World — Joan Borysenko, The Power of One… How to Preserve Our Democracy in Troubled Times — George Cappannelli, A Positive Path between Anger and Disbelief — Alan Webber, Reflections on 11/9/2016 — Heidi Sparkes Guber; Everyday Green: Ecopreneurs and the New Economy — Susan Guyette, Local Purchasing Powerhouses = Localism 2.0 — Vicki Pozzebon and Alan Webber, Hey New Mexico, It’s Time to Try an “Hour of Code” — Jennifer Nevárez, Wintertime Recipe and Health Tips. — Japa K. Khalsa, Tiaso Artist Cooperative Mixes Art and Community, In Praise of the Cultivation of Maiz: A New Mural in Española — Alejandro López, The Moon Rises Over Hernandez Again and Again — Patricia Marina Trujillo, Luminarias or Farolitos? A Vignette from Elvis Romero and the Cosmic White Corvette — Andrew Lovato, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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November 2016

GFT November 2016 CoverIntersections of Water, Science and Indigenous Knowledge — Seth Roffman, Stirring Indigenous Mind Back into the Commons of Human Consciousness — Jack Loeffler, Ritual, Ceremony and Thanksgiving — Alejandro López, In Gratitude for Vegetables.— Japa K. Khalsa, Gathering Liquid Starlight from Many Flowers — Melanie Margarita Kirby, Picki ng Piñón — Andrew Lovato, Curanderismo and Curanderas of Northern New Mexico — Hilario E. Romero, Healing Our World with Curanderismo — Athena Wolf, Ratón is Envisioning a Sustainable Future — John Davidson, Early College Opportunities School: A Student’s Perspective — Irie Charity, Renewable Energy Outpaces Nuclear, in New Mexico and the Nation, Energy Newsbites, Standing Rock Strong — Chili Yazzie, Op-Ed: Standing Rock Pipeline — Chili Yazzie, Architects Slam Cuts to State’s Green Building Incentives, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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October 2016

GFT October 2016 CoverA Regional Food And Farming System in New Mexico — Pam Roy, Santa Fe County’s Agriculture and Ranching implementation Plan, Shopping Local with Squash Blossom, Acequia Culture and the Regional Food System — Miguel Santistevan, A Postcard View of the Española Farmers’ Market’S Contests — Sabra Moore, Española Healing Foods Oasis Garden Sparks a Community Revival, The New Wave oF Agricultores — Alejandro López, The Buena para Todos Farmers’ Cooperative — Nazca A Warren, Closing the Food Gap – The Agri-Cultura Network — Katherine Michalske, The Growing Health And Justice Coalition — TraviS McKenzie, Mobile Farmers’ Market Expands Reach in Year Two, Healthy Food is Key to Improving Health — Leigh Caswell, Con Alma Health Foundation Initiatives — Deborah Busemeyer, La Familia Medical Center’s Healthy C.E.N.A. Program, New Mexico Celebrates Farm to School Month — Pam Roy, Celebrating Healthy Kids And Healthy Communities in NM — Anna Mullen, Kids Cook! — Celebrating 15 Years — Mary Meyer, Foodcorps–New Mexico — Leiloni Begaye, Celebrating World Food Day In New Mexico — Tony McCarty, Food Policy Amnesia — Mark Winne, Book Profile: Building A Healthy Economy From The Bottom Up, New Mexico Food And Agriculture Event Announcements, Sacred Space Pollinator Garden, River Restoration — Sylvia Ernestina Vergara, 2016 North American Biodynamic Conference, Santa Fe Community College’s Greenhouse Management Program, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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September 2016

GFT September 2016 CoverOur Stories, Our Lives: New Mexico’s Women and Girls • Sarah Ghiorse, Fatima van Hattum and Antoinette Villamil; Excerpts from Las Mujeres Hablan Declaration for New Mexico; Sembrando Salud: The Kalpulli Izkalli’s Cihuaphatli Project • Sylvia Ledesma; Breath of My Heart — A Birth Story • Jessica Frenchette-Gutfreund; What Would Jesusita Do? • Connie Trujillo and Pat Leahan; Breaking the Cycle of Violence • Deleana OtherBull; Tewa Women United’s Butterfly Wings Program • Michelle Martinez; Brave Girls at the Santa Fe Indian School • Dalene Coriz; Raising Powerful Girls through the Alchemy of Adolescence • Arina M. Pittman; Girls Inc. of Santa Fe • Kim Brown; Hildago Tog ether: The Hidalgo Wom en’s Coo perative • Cory Sprott; Immigrant Women Raise the Floor for Workers in New Mexico • Emmanuelle Leal Santillan; Women Benefit from the Creative Economy in Southern New Mexico • Teresa Guerra; WESST – Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency Team • Bette Bradbury; Our Lived Experience, Our Solutions • Tannia Esparza; Southwest Organizing Project’s New Mexico con Mujeres • Beva Sanchez-Padilla; The Roots Summer Leadership Academy • Cathryn McGill; Newsbites and Sidebars; What’s Going On?

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August 2016

GFT August 2016 CoverRebuilding Sustainable Communities in the Southwest: Hopi Tutskwa Building Program • Lillian Hill; Santo Domingo Village Housing Project Underway • Seth Roffman; UNM’s Indigenous Design and Planning Institute Forges Its Role in Placemaking • Ted Jojola and Michaela Shirley; Our Climate, Our Health • Val Wrangler, True to Earth • Chili Yazzie, The Paolo Soleri Amphitheater • Conrad Skinner; Native Roots & Rhythms Festival; Flower Hill Institute to Help Build Stable Tribal Communities • Seth Roffman; Back to Mother Earth • Jon Naranjo; Native Food Sovereignty: Growing a Food System at Taos Pueblo • Addelina Lucero; Everyday Green: The Oo-Oo-Nah Art–Cultural Center at Taos Pueblo • Susan Guyette; Navajo Summer Youth Programs; Sheep Is Life Celebration; Fannie Lucero in “She Sings to the Stars” • Harlan Mckosato; Native Newsbites; Book Profile: Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country; The Santa Fe Indian Center; Newsbites; What’s Going On?

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July 2016

GFT July 2016 CoverThe 10 Microeconomies of New Mexico • Alan M. Webber; New Mexico Taxes and Economic Development • Brian McDonald, Jim Peach, Lee Reynis, Chuck Wellborn; Excerpts from a Statement about New Mexico’s Economy • Jim Peach; Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Growing a 21st Century Economy in New Mexico • Marie Longserre; Small Is Beautiful for Local Economies • Vicki Pozzebon; Op-Ed: Energy Choice That Could Create the Change We Need • Mariel Nanasi; Gary Goodman’s Big Idea: Reboot New Mexico as World Water and Energy Expert • Tami Brunk; Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation • Dale Gannaway; Key Opportunities along New Mexico’s Southern Border • Ken Miyagishima; Agricultural Development Products; Op-Ed: Industrial Hemp in New Mexico • Gloria Castillo; Op-Ed: The Demographic Revolution • George Cappannelli; Newsbites and Sidebars; What ’s Going On?

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June 2016

GFT June 2016 CoverThe Revealing New Mexican Landscape along the Rail Runner Line, Profiles in Innovation – A Community of Creatives in Action: Littleglobe’s Transmedia Team and the City of Dreamers Project, Workforce Development for an Innovative Future, Mentoring: Real-Life Learning that Works, Creative Educators Take Learning to the Streets, Business Profile: Simply Social Media, The Maker Movement: “Learn. Build. Thrive.”, Building Foundations, Bridges and Futures: The Arts + Creativity Center, Stories Are Important, So, What Is Coding, Anyway?, Start up Santa Fe – Creating an Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship, Op-Ed: A Green Economy Is a Fair Economy, PNM’s Rate Case, Book Profile: Wild Guide: Passport to New Mexico’s Wilderness, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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May 2016

GFT May 2016 CoverDeep Seeds and First Foods, Fresh AIRE: From Seeds to Landraces, A Talk by Ken Greene of the Hudson Valley Seed Library, Germplasm: The Centralization of Seed and Efforts to Conserve Seed Diversity, Promoting Food Sovereignty through Seed Saving, Owingeh Ta Pueblos y Semillas Seed Exchange, Preserving Indigenous Seeds and Food Crops, Reflections on Seed Sovereignty, The Land Is the Source of our Identidad, Survival, Health, Strength and Happiness, Plants: Our Loyal Companions, Life-Givers and Teachers, Partners Join to Strengthen Local Food Supply Chains, Investing in New Mexico Grown, Growing Health and Justice, Super Seeds: What Is All the Excitement About?, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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April 2016

GFT April 2016 CoverDetermining the Future of New Mexico’s Watersheds – Steve Harris, Joanne Hilton, Rosemary Romero, Forest Health and Landscape Resiliency in the San Juan-Chama Watershed – Monique DiGiorgio, Minding the Chama – Jack Loeffler, Federal Agreement on Gila River Triggers Review, Op-Ed: Water in New Mexico – Sanders Moore, From Survival and Sustainable Agriculture to Río Grande Diversion: The History of Santa Fe’s Water Supply – Hilario E. Romero and Michael Aune, The Aamodt Settlement Conundrum, Linking Santa Fe’s Local Food Demand to Urban Water Demand Management – Quita Ortiz, Op-Ed: El Agua Bendita / Sacred Water – Alejandro López, Self-Healing and the Water Pathways of the Body – Japa K. Khalsa, Could Rainwater Harvesting Solve Flint’s Water Crisis? – Nate Downey, Water Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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March 2016

GFT March 2016 CoverThe Magic of Simple Vernacular Building in the Context of New Mexico’s Long History of Building – Alejandro López, Keeping Our Heritage – The Francisca Hinojos House – Seth Roffman, Belmont del Norte: A Solar Straw Bale House, Radiant New Mexico. – Bob Dunsmore, Solar Newsbites, New School Combines Sustainability, Closing the Achievement Gap and Free College for Santa Fe Public School Students – Dana Richards, Go Green and Get Outside – .Kelly Phillips, Love Where We Live – The Youth Ambassadors Program and Community Learning Network – Serina Padgett, Op-Ed: Living Feminism: Leading with our Values – Sarah Ghiorse and Fatima van Hattum, Celebration of the Life and Art of Lloyd Kiva New, Indigenous Climate Justice at the Institute of American Indian Arts – Bineshi Albert and Jaida Grey Eagle, The Longest Walk 2016, Protecting New Mexico’s Wetland Gems – Rachel Conn, Healing Allergies from the Inside Out – Japa K. Khalsa, Op-Ed: A Public Bank for Santa Fe – Nichoe Lichen, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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February 2016

GFT February 2016 CoverHealth Is Wealth – Camilla Trujillo, Denes Antonio Luján – Montserrat Valles Albesa, The Ten Elements of Great Health – Daniel Gagnon, Self-Care for New Mexicans – Japa K. Khalsa, “Healer, Know Thyself” – Camille Adair, UNM to Study Native American Health Impacts of Abandoned Mines, The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership: An Update, Undoing the Web of Addiction and Reweaving the Mantle of Caring y Amor – Alejandro López, A Proposed Root Cause of Northern New Mexico’s Opiate Problem – Juan Blea, La Semilla Food Center, Las Cruces, New Mexico – Dolores E. Roybal, The FARMacy and Food Is Medicine Workshops – Travis McKenzie, Healing with Honey – Erica Elliott, Everyday Green: Preventing Environmental Illness – Susan Guyette, Houses That Heal – Catherine Wanek, Book Profile: The EcoNest Home, New Nature Movement – Maureen Eich VanWalleghan, Op-Ed: Protect the Río Chama Watershed Now – William Clark, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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January 2016

GFT January 2016 CoverNew Mexico Can Do Better – Fred Harris, Book Profile: New Mexico 2050, Excerpts from New Mexico 2050, Visions for New Mexico – Alan Webber, New Mexico Visions for the Future – Paula García, Creative Programs and Policies Encourage Farming into the Future – Pam Roy, The New Mexico Environmental Law Center’s Top 10 Issues to Watch in 2016, Averting Dystopia – Jack Loeff ler, An Unprecedented Future – Courtney White, Book Profile: Two Percent Solutions for the Planet, A Vision of Intense Engagement with the World and with One Another – Alejandro López, My Hopes for the Future of My Community – Juanita Jaramillo Lavadie, Everyday Green: “Blessings” – A Spiritual Business – Susan Guyette, Breaking Big Money’s Grip on New Mexico and the Country – Bruce Berlin, Book Profile: Breaking Big Money’s Grip on America, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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  • #1 written by David Henkel
    about 8 months ago

    I appreciated Kendal Chávez’ article in the April edition. Just a note to readers: both the hoophouse at Jemez Pueblo and the La Plazita Organic Gardens were supported by the American Friends Service Committee’s New Mexico program.

  • #2 written by chris licking
    about 10 months ago

    do you know the status of the 2014 plans to store and transport crude oil using the rail line and county road CR33 in Lamy, NM. your original post was:

  • #3 written by Inessa Mil'berg
    about 1 year ago

    Dear Green Fire Times, do you have older versions of your newspaper that have not been picked up at the stands?

  • #4 written by Winifred Cherry
    about 2 years ago

    Real GREEN BUILDING is straw clay.
    This is not straw bale.
    Please look into it.

  • #5 written by James Lake
    about 3 years ago

    To whom this concerns,

    I am seeking a suitable publisher for the proceedings of a unique event that took place in February 2013 in Havana, Cuba. Thought leaders in integrative mental health care from the U.S. and Cuba convened for one week to discuss trends in integrative mental health care in both countries and brain storm about future collaborative research and training projects. The proceedings provide a detailed account of all presentations and discussions. A colleague who participated in this ‘intercambio’ suggested that your journal might be suitable for publishing the proceedings (approximately 20K words) or a concise summary.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    James Lake M.D.

  • #6 written by gary witherspoon
    about 3 years ago

    Greetings Albuquerque City Council:

    ​In no uncertain terms American society has a tiger by the tail. The police state in which American society finds itself is in flux and the natives are restless.

    Do the citizens of New Mexico understand that military grade weapons and technology are employed in the shooting and killing of a homeless man on a rocky knoll? Laser directed energy technology was employed in the death of James Boyd and the citizens of Albuquerque are in danger, as well as the citizens of America.

    Placing the perpetrators of the death of James Boyd on “paid administrative leave” is unacceptable and will not stand. Rethink this position immediately. Inform the Mayor and the Police Commissioner and the New Mexico US Attorney’ General to come forward with indictments and prosecution of the men involved.

    Do the citizens of Albuquerque understand that public funds are being used to militarize citizen police forces with military grade weapons, technology and tactics? Do the citizens of New Mexico understand that elected politicians are accepting of the militarization of American society by directing the necessary public funds to do so. All this while attacking society, neglecting society and militarizing local police organizations.

    Military fascism is on the rise. Fascism used to control the social and economic forces of this nation include the killing of homeless people and with military grade weapons and tactics. The video of the death of James Boyd explains this all.

    Gary Witherspoon ​

    CC: elected officials / media / public service announcements

  • #7 written by
    about 4 years ago

    Did you know that Geothermal involves hydraulic fracturing? Gets the water moving just like it gets oil and gas moving. Ask Mr Powell about that.
    Nick Sands

  • #8 written by Anonymous
    about 5 years ago

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say superb blog!

  • #9 written by Green Fire Times
    about 5 years ago


    I live in Socorro and would like to receive a “real” copy/subscription to your periodical. How do I do that?
    Techno hater….

    Sorry to report that hard copy subscriptions are not currently available. The hard copy issue of Green Fire Times is only available for free at newsstands throughout Northern New Mexico at present. The Burger King in Los Lunas would be the closest to you.

  • #10 written by pcg
    about 5 years ago

    I live in Socorro and would like to receive a “real” copy/subscription to your periodical. How do I do that?
    Techno hater….

  • #11 written by Ethelle Lord
    about 5 years ago

    Not a Cure for Alzheimer’s: Offering a Second Wind?

    In 1995 I was widowed. My husband had coronary disease and was near death when I was introduced to Pycnogenol®. After taking only two capsules, he was able to stay awake all day, do minor manual task such as a little painting of the walls, picking up in the yard, etc. Before taking Pycnogenol® (, he was only getting up to eat and then had to lay down on the couch during the day and go to bed rather early at night. So this experience came to mind when recently I noticed Alzheimer’s was robbing my husband physically and emotionally, unable to even express himself.
    My husband’s Alzheimer’s condition is rather advanced as he was diagnosed in 2003. I decided to purchase Pycnogenol® for my husband to boost his vascular system (whatever is left of it after Alzheimer’s). I wanted to see if Pycnogenol® could improve his general quality of life in the nursing center. Once my husband became established in a dementia unit in a nursing center after a year and a half, he exhibited several alarming behavioral changes such as sleeping almost all day and night, having numerous complaints about physical pain, an inability to hold the telephone properly to converse with me or other relatives and friends, and his speech became incomprehensible most of the time.
    After only two months of taking Pycnogenol®, he is up at least several hours a day in the morning and in the afternoon. His bedtime has been extended at least an extra hour which allows him to socialize with others in the center. He was able to watch the Super Bowl from beginning to end this year which he had not done for several years. Surprisingly he is able to have a conversation on the telephone and does not hesitate when responding to questions. The numerous physical complaints have disappeared. It is as if he has been given a second wind.
    The combination of the behavioral changes and general wellbeing in my husband has been not only surprising, but remarkable. It seems to me that introducing a powerful antioxidant for a person with dementia may in fact be worth investigating further. Now our visits are even more enjoyable than they have ever been for the couple of years.
    I take Pycnogenol® daily to boost my energy because as a part-time family caregiver now that my husband is in a nursing center, my energy is still not where it needs to be. The steady demands of providing care for him for 10 years was physically and emotionally depleting. I also sleep better at night and enjoy a much fuller life as a result of having the new found energy. I am highly recommending Pycnogenol® as a supplement for caregivers and individuals with Alzheimer’s. As always, everyone should consult with their physician before adding any supplement to their diet.

    About the author:
    Ethelle G. Lord has her Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix (2010). Dr. Lord is an adjunct Professor of Business and author. She has her own coaching business at Remembering for You (dot) Com and Teamwork Coaching (dot) Com. From 1992-1996 she had a private practice in mental health counseling; in the late 80s she was a paralegal for Legal Services for the Elderly and from 1992-1996 she was a two-term President of the Maine Gerontological Society of Maine. Ethelle is married to Maj. Larry S. Potter, USAF Retired and lives in Maine. Visit us today at and contact the author at

  • #12 written by Diana Matthews
    about 5 years ago

    I heard Melissa Nelson speak at Ks. University in Lawrence, Ks. Dec. 1st, 2011. I was so impressed with the talk she presented, and wanted to express how much I believe in what she and others are working toward in the battle for keeping our environment intact and healthy, both for humans, animals, plants, and our lands. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know. Thank you.

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    about 6 years ago

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    about 6 years ago



    July 29th, 2011 – Asheville, N.C., USA … Announcing the launch of a rather ambitious new creative competition. To our knowledge, never before have six major genres of creative expression; songwriting, literature, photography, fine art, functional art and short video been positioned in the same competition. The tie that binds these six genres will be the strength of their inspired, edgy, re-invention of the meaning of ecology. What better way to catalyze more interest on this important topic, than to tap into one of our greatest resources, the creative mind?

    The prestigious jury panel can already boast a three time recommended Nobel Peace Prize author, Alan Combs; Author and Publisher, David Vaux; Mountain Xpress and Rotten Tomato movie critics, Ken Hanke and Justin Souther; creative director and graduate of fine arts from Cornell University, Maria Epes; former art director for McGraw Hill, Marsha Cohen; awarding winning environmental artist, John Dahlson, acclaimed functional artist, Charles Bazzell; Jurors for the songwriting category will be announced at a later date. Twenty finalists will be posted on website in the new year for a People’s Choice Award.

    There will be a first place $1,000 cash prize winner for each of the categories. We are even thinking of creating an overall grand prize winner from the first place winners of each category! This would be very interesting because that could mean a piece of jewelry could be up against a painting, song competing with a short video, etc. We are looking for original thematic inspiration, and will go to great lengths to judge all entries from that perspective, as well as the techniques and skills involved in the particular chosen art form. There is an early bird entry deadline of September 30th 2011, with the final entry deadline being November 30th 2011. It is anticipated that finalists and winners will all be announced in first half of the New Year, 2012. We are hoping to garner much attention from the media to promote the winning works.

    Entries can be accepted either online at or by downloading an entry form from the same site and snail mailing your artistic piece. The mailing address is also located on the website and on the entry form. We are very curious which creative genre will attract the most entries!

    Kathryn Edwards
    Managing Director
    224 Aurora Drive
    Asheville, N.C 28805
    828 575 3979

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