The 2009 November edition of Green Fire Times includes the following articles: Thinking Like a Watershed by Jack Loeffler, Sustainable Food and Seed Sovereignty Conference photos and update, GMO Health Risks by Jeffrey M. Smith, Waste Not – Want Not by Kenny Ausubel and Peter Warshall, A Global Day of Climate Action, Petroglyph National Monument by Ann Euston, The Sembrando Semillas Program by Pilar Trujillo, Green House Growing in the Winter by Susan Waterman, Sostenga: Gregory Cajete and Natural Laws of Interdependence by Camilla Bustamante, Home Food Processing Certification by Joan E. Price, The Fight Between the Spoon and the Feet by Warren Peary, Empowering Your Immune System by Karen Rae Ferreira, An Integrated Approach to Design by Doug McDowell, The Importance of Ceiling Insulation by Nan Fischer, Newsbites, What’s Going On, etc!  —  32 pages, 18,000 copies.

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