February 2011

Holistic Spanish Helps Health Professionals Learn Spanish

Holistic Spanish is a new audio-based Spanish course for intermediate and advanced

Spanish speakers based on a two-hour lecture about holistic health and nutrition. Holistic Spanish can be used by health practitioners in any field to improve their communication with Spanish speakers.

The first of three volumes is currently available as a digital download that come with a full transcript and instructional notes. The hard copy version and Volumes 2 and 3 will be released soon. Volume 1 contains 24 lessons with over 19 hours of audio content. The audios feature native Spanish speakers from Mexico, Spain, Guatemala and Venezuela.

Holistic Spanish is the first product of its kind to use the important issues of health and nutrition as the basis for learning a language.

Some of the topics covered:

Correct breathing, Diet, Alkaline and acid-forming foods, Various pH levels of blood and cells, Calcium, gallstones and kidney stones, Lifestyle, Exercise, Blood health, bone marrow and white blood cells, Oxygen, lack of oxygen, Importance of water and hydration, Negatively ionized air, Cleansing reactions, Candida, Improving arthritis, Causes of Alzheimer’s, dementia, fatigue, Digesting proteins and pancreatic enzymes, Proper rest, Problems with cooking oils, Historical development of vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry, Pasteur’s germ theory versus Bechamp’s terrain theory, The problems of sugar, caffeine and alcohol in the body, Prevention and cause of cancer, Mercury and aluminum poisoning, Sunlight and Vitamin D, Having a positive outlook and attitude, Function of the pineal gland, Human growth hormone, Importance of moderation

Holistic Spanish was created by Scott Shell, author of the book Teaching Yourself Spanish. Scott has spent many years studying nutrition, biochemistry and digestive anatomy. Holistic Spanish is available at http://www.TeachingYourselfSpanish.com. For questions, contact scott@advancedlanguagelearning.com.

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