November 2011

Green Business Cluster of Northern New Mexico

Businesses and Organizations Invited to Join Network

Seth Roffman

The Northern New Mexico Green Business Cluster is a new program of the Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI), a long-term economic development strategy for north-central New Mexico implemented by the Regional Development Corporation in Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe and Taos counties. REDI’s goals are to diversify the economy, develop a high-quality workforce, increase the number of higher paying jobs, retain and attract youth and families, and help make rural communities vibrant. Partners include tribal governments and private sector entities. Currently, REDI is implementing several aspects of the plan, including Regional Broadband, Economic Development Services, Cluster Strategies, and a Public-Private Partnership to sustain the effort.

The Green Business Cluster initiative is working to identify, support and highlight green businesses and related organizations in the region. The intention is to promote a self-sustaining network of regional (and some statewide) green businesses from many disciplines, including green building, energy efficiency and clean technology. The network will bolster communication between cluster members, promote members to internal and external markets, and work together to further northern New Mexico’s green economy. Interested businesses and allied organizations are invited to join.

Clusters, defined as interdependent groups of companies and institutions in a specific region that work closely with each other, share many advantages, including access to specialized resources, an experienced workforce, local suppliers, networking and mentoring, and knowledgeable markets. A significantly higher level of innovation is possible with a cluster, particularly when research institutions are involved. Entrepreneurial initiatives are enhanced by virtue of the fact that suppliers, partners, mentors and other services are available to start-up companies.

The Cluster implementation is being administered for REDI by the Santa Fe Business Incubator (Marie Longserre, President/CEO) and coordinated by David Breecker. Current business and education members include: Paul Laur of Eldorado Biofuels (Santa Fe), Robert Hockaday of eQsolaris (Los Alamos), Larry Mapes of Valverde Energy (Taos), Liana Sanchez of Avanyu Construction (San Ildefonso Pueblo), Faren Dancer of Sundancer Creations (Santa Fe), Michael Roach of CleanAIR Systems (Santa Fe), Eric Whitmore of Santa Fe Community College, Camilla Bustamante of Northern NM College (Espanola) and Jim Gilroy of UNM Taos.

The REDI Green Business Cluster, NM Technology Council North and the Taos Chapter of the NM Green Chamber of Commerce are having a business mixer on November 14th in Taos (venue tbd) from 5-7 pm. The event will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs, small and green business owners, and tech-oriented people to mingle, compare notes and share ideas. There will also be some informal discussion on the uses of social media for small businesses.

For more information about the REDI plan, call 505.989.8004 or visit

For more information about the Cluster, visit or contact David Breecker at

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