Rebekah Azen passed away on October 20. Her multi-part Green Fire Times series, “Kidnapped by the House,” was extensively researched and produced as a well-written solutions-based approach to current housing challenges (which presaged some of the content we’re seeing in the democratically-based “Occupy” movement).

Rebekah was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She began her career working in tribal libraries. Her love of the Southwest and Native American cultures brought her to New Mexico 27 years ago. She had many friends at San Felipe Pueblo. Most recently, she was an employee of the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper, working as both a consultant and a librarian for 15 years.

She was involved with progressive causes throughout her life, with the hope of contributing to positive change in our society and economy. Her ideals were part of her daily life. She had a passion for doing the right thing for the environment and for human and animal rights. She was a great lover of the outdoors and spent much time hiking with her dog, Napoleon.

She founded and chaired the Millennial Light Library to address the scarcity of resources available to the public through mainstream libraries regarding issues of pressing social and ecological concerns, especially in the areas of sustainability and homeopathic medicine.

In 2007, Rebekah resigned from a college library after inadequate response from administrators to her concerns about the health hazards of WiFi exposure.

Rebekah’s “Kidnapped by the House” series may be accessed at

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