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Editor’s Note: The Second Annual Healthy Living Edition of Green Fire Times


The articles in this, the second annual Healthy Living edition of Green Fire Times, represent a variety of perspectives related to health and the healing arts. We invited our readers to submit articles, and by presenting these perspectives, we are not necessarily endorsing particular modalities or approaches; rather, we are providing a forum that, to some extent, reflects the unique multicultural and philosophical makeup of our region.


You will find here age-old traditional cultural approaches, such as Indo-Hispano curanderismo, a metaphysical perspective, as well as a contemporary, holistic medical view. The thread that connects most of them is the relationship between More >

Prescription for Healing our Bodies and Healing the Earth


Jan-Willem Jansens


Eat wholesome food in moderate amounts; do frequent, aerobic exercises but don’t over-exert the body; get enough sleep, rest and relaxation; think good thoughts and approach life with imagination and a positive attitude.”


This prescription for health and healing is rather universal. You can find all or parts of it in any popular magazine at your supermarket’s check-out lane, remember it from the wisdom your grandparent may have taught you, or receive it as advice from a healing arts practitioner or family physician.


Would this prescription also serve us to bring healing to the Earth and to our relation with the More >

Give Yourself the Greatest Gift: A Healthier You in 2012!


Anthony Fleg, MD


Happy February to our Green Fire Times readers. With the holidays now a distant memory, most of you are back to work, working for a cleaner, greener planet. Beyond our work and activism, you probably spend time doing all you can for your partners, children, and family members.

A simple question remains – how much time and energy do you spend on your health? Does it even make it on the top ten of your priority list? And if the answer is “no,” are you willing to change that to a “yes” in 2012?

As a family physician, one thing More >

School-Based Health Centers


The US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has announced another round of grants to expand School-Based Health Centers in rural New Mexico communities. Centers funded include: Ben Archer Health Center, Hatch ($500,000), Las Clinicas Del Norte, Inc., El Rito ($300,000) and the NM Department of Health, Santa Fe ($112,000).


“School-Based Health Clinics (SBHCs) provide students with medical attention when they need it, catching problems early on and preventing bigger problems later in life. They keep NM students healthy and learning,” says Beth Hamilton, Executive Director of the NM Alliance for School-Based Health Care.


New Mexico has more than 80 school-based More >

Una Vida Buena y Sana (y Alegre) – A Sound, Healthy (and Cheerful) Life


Juan Estévan Arellano

When we talk about traditional healing arts we usually think of the “sobador,” masseuse; “curandera,” traditional healer; “partera,” midwife or the different types of medicinal herbs that people consume, from osha to “hierbabuena,” peppermint; or any of the many plants used for medicine by traditional cultures.

But rarely do we think about the philosophy of the people and how it relates to health, because most don’t think of uneducated people as having philosophy. But in the Indo-Hispano culture, when talking to traditional people about health or life, they always talk about “una vida buena y sana,” a sound and healthy life, to which More >

¡Sostenga! Tradition of Nutrition and Culturally Appropriate Food


Camilla Bustamante


Effective public health promotion and education requires a genuine approach and understanding that the power of healthy choice rests with the individual—an individual who is likely culturally influenced. Whitney and Rolfes (2011) identified that the strongest influences on food choice are personal preference, habit, ethnic heritage and tradition. Secondary influences are social interactions, availability and economy, positive and negative associations, emotions, values, body weight image and nutritional value. Personal preference and habit are strongly influenced by ethnic heritage and tradition. Nutritional value is reported among the least influential reasons a person would eat a certain food, and availability and More >



Susan Guyette


We all value our brains, but do we know how to take really good care of them? With all of the news about increases in Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory problems, acceptance of a likely fate is easy to slip into. A total of 5.4 million Americans now have Alzheimer’s disease (doubled since1980) and this number is expected to be as high as 16 million by 2050 (Centers for Disease Control 2012, Clogged arteries can cause dementia. Contributing factors are deficient diet, lack of exercise and environmental factors such as pollution and heavy metals.


The better news is the improvement More >

Healing and Transformation in 2012


Michele Rozbitsky


Humanity is in the midst of a great evolutionary time. We are nearing the end of 25 years of purification that began in 1987 during what is known as the Harmonic Convergence. It is a chance to evolve to the more conscious way of living spoken of by the Hopi, Maya and many other indigenous cultures. We have been experiencing a great amplification of the polarities of the dark and the light, the negative and positive, and the great energies of destruction and creation.


Many have been experiencing being pushed to the edge of their sanity to deal with the More >

Curanderismo Festival: Healing the Planet, Healing Ourselves


Tori Lee


Blasts from the conch shell still reverberate in the ears. Copal smoke used in energy cleansings and healing wafts upwards, carrying the intentions of healers and learners who strive to impart and receive knowledge from nature. A soft drumbeat accompanies the sweet aroma of the smoke as it finds its way to the spirits of Earth and sky.

The planet cannot wait any longer,” says Dr. Arturo Ornelas, Director of La Tranca Institute of Healing in Cuernavaca, Mexico. “We must begin to address environmental and human health problems holistically, not piecemeal. We must look to the natural world More >

Healing with Flowers


Susan Waterman


One of the greatest gifts of a garden and from nature is the healing power of flowers. Flower essences, imbued with the gentle subtle energies of the flowers and Mother Earth, are a readily accessible form of nature’s healing potency. Flower essences are a portal from nature into feeling comfortable with oneself and with others. They are made from freshly harvested blossoms, and the “active” element is the energetic imprint infused into pure water.

Flower essences help harmonize a wide of range disturbing energy patterns and sustain emotional and physical well-being. For example, there are particular essences that help More >

Reconnection Therapy: Sustainable Health for Our Times


Erin Sanborn


Throughout time, throughout cultures, there are always those born with the ability to heal, those who study how to heal, and those who, as they go through their lives, discover that they have the gift. That was what happened to Eric Pearl, a well-known chiropractor, when he began to wave his hands over a client’s body after a chiropractic adjustment and spontaneous healing began to occur. After years of exploration and scientific research into the phenomenon, Pearl began to teach others how to do the work of what he calls Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

I am a Reconnective Healing practitioner More >

Symptoms: Your Body’s Secret Healing Messages

Reorganizational Healing

Dr. Amanda Hessel


What does healing mean to you? Perhaps it is removal of a symptom, alleviation of pain or being cured of a disease or condition. Many people believe that this is what healing means. But, what if your symptom, pain, disease or condition is the answer you have been looking for and could be used to get you where you want to be in life? What if your symptom or condition has a message for you that could help you grow, gain deeper meaning and help you connect more to who you really are? There is a healing More >

Healing Through Horses


Seth Roffman


Healing Through Horses (HTH) is an Abiquiu, New Mexico-based program dedicated to healing the human spirit through the horse. “Horses have the ability to read you without saying a word,” says Judith Schneider, HTH’s director. “The horse has a way of deeply touching people’s hearts and spirits. The experience can have a profound effect on one’s healing process.” HTH offers a collaborative and alternative approach for those who have a desire to resolve past traumas, are willing to take an honest look at limiting beliefs, wish to embrace their mental and spiritual health in courageous manner, and are ready More >

Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: Planetary Healing Begins with Each One of Us


With an expanding sense of urgency resultant from so many important issues that are present in this time and space, each person needs to take a step back and determine the most efficient use of their energy and effort. If we choose a course of personal activism as a means of adding our voice to the exploding dynamic of public outcry, we are aligning in purpose with the need for cultural transformation. Still, many believe that nothing short of a paradigm shift in how we think, live and act, will bring about the necessary changes that will insure sustainability for More >

Op-Ed – Ingrid Lane: There is no Invisible Barrier that Separates Air


Climate change is at the forefront of our global political dialogues. It is difficult to confront the overwhelming amount of data and the abstract nature of climate change. The effects are observable on the large scale, but human sensory perception is too limited to observe the sheer magnitude of the problem. Air quality offers one tangible indicator.


The Environmental Protection Agency, with Lisa Jackson at its helm, has taken on a new angle in its battle against air pollution: haze. Now air quality is a matter of national aesthetics. What politician can argue that the pristine sight of the Grand More >

NEWSBITES February 2012



EPA Report Lists NM’s Major Polluters


New Mexico appears to be just like the rest of the nation when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The Environmental Protection Agency’s first-ever list of high-polluting industries nationwide shows that 77 percent of pollution comes from power plants. In NM, the 16 power plants put out a total of 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in 2010. The highest producer of greenhouse gas emissions was the coal-fired Four Corners Power Plant, which released 13 million metric tons. That plant is operated More >

Community, Heal Thyself

  Vicki Pozzebon


We’re well into 2012 now, and I hope I’m not the first to say that everyone, everywhere seems to going through major transformation. In December, 2011, I made a huge leap and decided that, based on my own interests, knowledge and skills, I would jump into the world of freelance, independent consulting on local economy issues. Since 2006, the economy was my head-on, my rock-up-a-hill, my cross, my work, my duty. Little did any of us know that the bottom would drop in 2008, and pushing the rock up the hill would only become more difficult. But what I More >

Retire Your Way: The New Retirement

Bruce Poster

This is the first in a series of articles on “The New Retirement” and how to prepare yourself for this major life transition. While many retirement advisors focus solely on financial planning, I will address 15 factors (including finances) important to a successful retirement. Having recently “retired” from my former life work as a research and planning consultant and business coach, I am eager to help others create their own retirement plans and find personal meaning in retirement.

According to Dr. Richard P. Johnson, a nationally recognized sociologist who has specialized in the field of retirement, “The New Retirement is not More >


  Feb. 1, 5:30-7:30 pm

Green Drinks

Hotel Andaluz

NM Green Chamber of Commerce hosts its monthly networking,


Feb. 2, 7 pm

Protecting NM: Elevating Community Rights Above Corporate Rights

UNM Student Union Bldg.

A presentation by Thomas Linzey, senior counsel for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. Info: 575.666.2529, or visit

Feb. 3, 17, 7:30-11 am

Urban Shaman: Gathering the Healers of ABQ. A group for shamanic practitioners and healers of all varieties. Patricio Dominguez offers ceremony and teachings to support higher consciousness for healing.


Feb. 4, 9 am-4 pm

Intro to Sustainable Green Business Practices

CNM Workforce Training Center, 5600 Eagle Rock Ave. NE

What does More >



Through March 27

Business Assistance Classes for Artists

SF Community Gallery, SF Community Convention Center, 201 W. Marcy

A series of evening classes and one-on-one consultations by appointment for artists, artisans and craftsmen interested in working with the Creative Tourism program. Offered by the city of SF Arts Commission and SF Creative Tourism. 608.792.5746, RSVP:


Feb. 4, 9 am-4:30 pm

American Rainwater Catchment Systems Assn. Workshop

Genoveva Chavez Community Center

Accredited level 100 class. $35 includes lunch. Vendor open house 1-5 pm. 505.577.8899,, To register:


Feb. 4, 3 pm

A 20-Year Perspective on Monogolia

Tipton Hall, SF University of Art & Design, 1600 St. Michael’s Dr.

Speakers: Dr. More >