February 2012

Editor’s Note: The Second Annual Healthy Living Edition of Green Fire Times


The articles in this, the second annual Healthy Living edition of Green Fire Times, represent a variety of perspectives related to health and the healing arts. We invited our readers to submit articles, and by presenting these perspectives, we are not necessarily endorsing particular modalities or approaches; rather, we are providing a forum that, to some extent, reflects the unique multicultural and philosophical makeup of our region.


You will find here age-old traditional cultural approaches, such as Indo-Hispano curanderismo, a metaphysical perspective, as well as a contemporary, holistic medical view. The thread that connects most of them is the relationship between our personal health and the health of the Earth. Environmental degradation has a direct impact on the health of our population, which in turn places demands on our healthcare resources.


Each dimension of health – physical, social, emotional, mental/intellectual, spiritual and environmental requires balance.



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