February 2012

Reconnection Therapy: Sustainable Health for Our Times


Erin Sanborn


Throughout time, throughout cultures, there are always those born with the ability to heal, those who study how to heal, and those who, as they go through their lives, discover that they have the gift. That was what happened to Eric Pearl, a well-known chiropractor, when he began to wave his hands over a client’s body after a chiropractic adjustment and spontaneous healing began to occur. After years of exploration and scientific research into the phenomenon, Pearl began to teach others how to do the work of what he calls Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

I am a Reconnective Healing practitioner here in New Mexico. I also work in the realm of sustainable business. Reconnective Healing is a unique form of healing that can shift the way one sees health into a paradigm of sustainability. As we consider making adjustments in our lives to live and work in ways more aligned with nature, our experiences of health and healing shift too.

So what is Reconnective Healing? The official literature states:

Reconnective Healing not only includes, but also expands beyond all known forms of “energy” healing. The Reconnective Healing spectrum is comprised of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information, and has brought about unparalleled world reports of healings from serious inflictions such as: cancer, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy, and many mental and emotional afflictions.

Reconnective Healing allows for healings that are not just physical, not just mental, not just emotional… it goes beyond that to bring you healing that includes the evolution of your very being and essence.

The Reconnection brings in “new” axiatonal lines that enable us to standardize unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing, and ultimately, for our evolution. These axiatonal lines are part of a timeless network of intelligence, a parallel dimensional circulatory system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body. The Reconnection brings in and activates these new lines, allowing for the exchange of energy, light and information, or the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of “strings.”

In simpler words, a client comes to a practitioner for his or her first Reconnective Healing session. Ideally, the client does not tell the practitioner why he or she is there. The practitioner follows his/her hands in spontaneous motions over the client’s body, never touching it. Both the client and the practitioner enter into the realm of incredible possibility.

As a practitioner, I experience this work as very palpable, strong and directive. It is real. It is about regeneration. It works with light, energy and information beyond our limited conscious mind. It allows all results. It is unique. It works with people, animals and the Earth.

The very first Reconnective Healing session I did was with a goat—a goat less than a week old that had been trampled by a horse and left to die. On the second day without nourishment from its mother, the daughter of the household had her mom bring the goat to me. It appeared to have muscular and neurological damage, for its eyes rolled and it could not hold its head up nor stand. As my hands went over the goat, the goat began to respond with twitching and movement. On the second day, the goat had what appeared to be epileptic seizures. It would begin to roll its eyes back in its head, the head pulled back towards its rear, and then the goat would do uncontrollable back flips. Within the second day, as its head began to pull backwards, the goat would respond to my hands in the air by moving its head back to a normal position and walk forward. Within a week, the goat was completely normal. Today, she appears to be somewhat blind in one eye, but can run, jump, play, eat, and is the sweetest goat you will ever meet. She is now 10 months old.

I worked on a woman who was having a problem with her knee. It had been years, and no doctor of any kind had been able to strengthen the knee or cure the pain and discomfort. This woman had heard stories of the phenomenological experiences on the Reconnective Healing table. She wanted to see lights, hear voices, feel the tingling and more in her session. Alas, all she felt was warmth and a few odd thoughts float by. She was disappointed.

A couple of weeks later she had to talk with the team of doctors who are taking care of her father, who has Parkinson’s. She saw herself from outside herself talking to the doctors. She was present with them while observing herself at the same time. She gave them permission to let him die the next time a severe episode occurred. The next morning she woke up and called. She said, “My knee is healed! I can’t believe it. It was because of what happened yesterday with my father.” I worked on her father and he has not had an episode since and is still here going strong.

I chose to become a practitioner in part because I knew this was the next step in my evolution, and because of the following elements:

  • Anyone in the world can become a practitioner. This work is not limited to a special class of people. All people can receive the evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information and then work with others. This means that millions of people can spontaneously improve many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments.
  • A practitioner only gives two-four Reconnective Healing sessions to any client and only two Reconnection sessions. Once one is reconnected, one is reconnected. This means that each individual can access the evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information on their own. It changes the paradigm of dependency on those in the medical profession or the dependency on the expert/patient relationship. Health is co-creative and sustainable.
  • The cost is quite reasonable.
  • A session encourages both the practitioner and the client to walk into the unknown, share an experience and rejoice in what may occur.

This is sustainable health! It is incredibly empowering for all, with potentially awe-inspiring results. Instantaneous health is possible. All a Reconnective Healing practitioner can do is invite clients into the mystery and discover what happens. Both the client and practitioner must be open to outcomes. The healing process may not be linear, nor may the outcome be what one asks for. And no one can claim to cure anything. We all still get colds and may still die of an incurable disease, yet with Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection we do see many miracles.

Here are a couple of testimonials:

During my Reconnective Healing session, it felt as if every cell was activated. I could not lay still as tingling, warm power coursed through my body. I have since been more attuned to my energy field.”

– CB

When I did Reconnective Healing work I wasn’t sure what to expect. The session was comfortable and relaxing and very subtle. It wasn’t until after the session, that evening and into weeks later, that I felt uplifted and energized. That feeling of a sort of ‘quiet power’ has stayed with me till the present time, months later.”

– MS

I’ve seen illnesses that have been diagnosed to take months to heal, leave the body in a week. I’ve seen people become clear in one session about a career direction they have struggled with for months. If you ask other practitioners about their experiences, the stories they can tell will astound you, make you shed tears of joy, and make you wonder if it is really possible. If you go to a seminar or training you will hear the stories of people who have had severe illnesses that are now gone. They can show the medical test reports and the x-rays of the before and after results. Hopefully then, your curiosity will peak, your heart will open and your mind expand.

Reconnecitve Healing and The Reconnection is an amazing healing opportunity for our time. It sustains the mind, body and soul in ways many experience as completely new. And it changes the seemingly impossible into the possible.

Resources to Investigate

There are currently about a dozen practitioners between Albuquerque and Taos to speak with about this work. They are listed online at http://www.thereconnection.com/practitioner-directory. Seventy-thousand people all over the world are currently involved in Reconnective Healing, and the numbers are growing.

Founder Eric Pearl’s book is called The Reconnection. His website: http://www.thereconnection.com/. You can watch the DVD, The Living Matrix, at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne-I7JTXCbo and see a young boy’s life change.

Enjoy the journey!


Erin Sanborn is a Reconnecting Healing practitioner. She has studied healing modalities since 1980. Her simultaneous professions are Alternative Healing and Organization Development. Erin lives in Taos, NM, and provides Executive Coaching and consulting services through Collaborative Green. 575.770.2991, erin@collaborativegreen.com



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2 thoughts on “Reconnection Therapy: Sustainable Health for Our Times”

  1. Wow! This is a fascinating article. Reconnection Therapy sounds truly amazing. Most subjective bio energy healing modalaties are good for removing energy blockages, but lack the element of sustained vitality.

    However, when it comes to chronic conditions, which require allot of bio energy (chi energy) to facilitate the healing process, a sustained bio energy flow is needed usually over a protracted period of time. This presents a problem for both the healer and the patient.

    Based upon this post, Reconnective Therapy allows you to connect with energies of a higher order that actually enhance vitality and move the healing process into top speed.

    The reported success with healing chronic conditions is encouraging. I’ll be looking into this wonderful therapy.

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