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The Evolution of Consciousness


As we peruse the current world landscape, it is evident that there are several noticeable trends occurring that pose considerable concern in relation to a necessary long-range view of sustainability. Exploding population growth is placing an ever-increasing strain on world resources and regional quality of life. This leads to humankind’s ever-expanding intrusion into nature and the impact placed on the delicate interconnectedness of all the diverse life forms. Coupled with this expansion of humanity’s noticeable presence is the Third World thrust toward market capitalism, fueled by the idealized promise of a better life, to include all the modern conveniences associated with material prosperity and comfort, such as individualized transportation, readily available energy, the constant flow of a commercial food supply and the numerous technological advances that have placed an affordable cell phone in the hands of even those who lack most everything else material. Of course, ultimately this consumer-based model isn’t something to be envied, but the goodies offered motivate the have-nots across the globe.

The good news is that much of humanity, as a result of technological advances, now has the capacity to access information instantly, along with the rather unbelievable ability to connect with other humans around the planet wherever cell towers or Internet service exists. These locations are growing rapidly, with the potential to cover the globe and link all of humanity with the touch of a button. In essence, humankind, having moved out of the phone booth, is now equipped with previously unimagined power to access communication and information from almost anywhere. Though there remain extreme differences among the various cultures, religions and languages, the technological potential for instant translation and bridging cultural gaps through the immediate exchange of information poses a potential for unity consciousness like never before.

The problem with technology as the means of expanding human awareness, however, is that it still can’t install the necessary thought forms that broaden our personal and collective consciousness. This evolves from our capacity to control our thoughts and flow the appropriate vibration into the unified field that is the energetic connector of all life. The inner knowingness of our common source, and how, through our thoughts, we create the reality we live, is a far cry from the currently held concept that life is completely random, some people are lucky and some are not, and that life is essentially happening to us. This perspective leaves most persons with a sense of powerlessness and the subsequent willingness to accept limitation as a fundamental basis of existence. On top of this is the age-old fear factor. Fear continues to sit at the foundation of most people’s mental outlook—the fear of being without or not having enough, fear of disease, fear for one’s personal safety, fear of the IRS, fear of unseen enemies, and many more. Finally, this turbulent journey of perils and predicaments ends with the ultimate fear of the unknown…death.

Fear exists as a basic motivating factor in our human genetics. The classic fight-or-flight mechanism built into our chemical makeup expresses constantly even when there isn’t a real threat. And, to this end, the powers that be utilize this knowledge to activate an inherent sense of discomfort, lack of trust and a fundamental acceptance of danger as the underlying premise of what physical life entails. We are constantly bombarded with images and thought forms that reinforce this ongoing sense of discomfort. It’s largely accepted that secret enemies are perpetually plotting to destroy us; whether they be terrorists or aliens, it hardly matters. Humans who lack faith in positive outcomes are easily manipulated and kept powerless by their constant focus on what could go wrong.

The elitist group that oversees the world’s financial systems holds the reins toward their own mission of accumulating more of the planet’s wealth and resources, and it serves them to supply fear as humanity’s main course. Through state-controlled media, most of the world’s population is spoon-fed news of doom and gloom, inherent danger and a never-ending download of human suffering. Why is good news not sexy enough for primetime? It’s well known that there are countless good deeds for every disaster or injustice. The answer they’ll often tell you is that “feel good” doesn’t sell. There may be a little truth to this, as persons who’ve become addicted to fear and negativity aren’t typically interested in much more than quenching an insatiable thirst for more negativity. This, interestingly, becomes physiological as our neural networks become hooked on these base emotions, and the result is the craving for more fear-based, depressing reality. Thus, we see ever-growing numbers of news junkies who luxuriate in a constant feast of humanity’s peril, inadequacy and suffering.

So here’s a concept that provides the antidote toward breaking out of the negative spin… something I like to refer to as ”Sustainable Thought.” We’ve seen repeatedly in recent years that the grandest gains in the realms of community, sustainability, environmental justice and human evolution have come from the grassroots. Persons finding their voice, while identifying the issues, focus their attention on the positive, remembering to find the perspective that fosters gratitude, appreciation and cooperation—because you know what? There are so many blessings and marvelous aspects of this life that are often denied by those floating in the pool of what’s wrong. We may not find instant cures for overpopulation and the environmental/human exploitation, but by staying positively proactive, solutions will, ultimately, become known. Many prolific teachers throughout the centuries concur that it is a “thought universe,” meaning that the place where we put our attention determines the ultimate reality we experience.

So, the evolution of consciousness starts with each person becoming aware of where his or her attention is from moment to moment, and making a conscious effort toward staying positive, optimistic and consciously flowing the thought forms toward the future we wish to create, individually and collectively. Breathe in the day, tune in to a child’s laughter, pet your devoted dog, listen to the rustle of the wind in the leaves, and attempt to remember that we are all extensions of a grander oneness and have each been given the godlike ability to create reality in alignment with our heart’s desire.


Faren Dancer is an award-winning designer, builder, educator and activist. His UNICOPIA GREEN RADIO show, each Saturday at 4 pm on KTRC (1260AM), is simulcast at santafe.com. The archived shows are available at www.unicopia.org. Email: Faren@unicopia.org



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