We find this truth to be self-evident: that we and the Earth are interdependent. That our Mother Earth has furnished us with livelihood, and many have taken her gifts and left her behind; that we have hurt her, and all beings, with our neglect.


We recognize that we need to acknowledge Mother Earth’s right to our respect and reverence.


We recognize the rights of plants and animals to our respect and reverence because they are our older brothers and sisters.


We recognize that we all contribute to the balance of life; that all beings in this miraculous world are valuable and worthy of care and protection.


We recognize that we, as humans, need to be responsible. We need to change here, so we may inspire change when we go elsewhere.


We recognize that we need to let go of the things that hurt Mother Earth and her children, and begin to love, respect and care for our family again.


We vow to go outside, to walk, to commune, to play, to be present, to give thanks.


We vow to turn off lights and faucets, to reduce, reuse, recycle, to be responsible.


We vow to make our own change, our own commitment, our own promise to Mother Earth. That intention will grow with this garden, will be nourished by the Earth like this garden, and will bring beauty and kindness back to the Earth.




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