MoGro, is a mobile grocery. Its mission is to provide healthy, affordable food to underserved communities, sometimes referred to as food deserts, where healthy food isn’t readily available.


The new initiative is a collaboration between founders Beth and Rick Schnieders, Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, and La Montanita Co-op. It is a holistic attempt to reduce epidemics –obesity, diabetes, heart disease – related to poor diet and lack of exercise. MoGro offers community exercise programs, free samples, food preparation classes and scheduled visits by the mobile grocery to each participating community.


Curently, MoGro serves four Pueblo communities in northern New Mexico – Kewa, Cochiti, San Felipe and Jemez. The response has been enthusiastic and the operation may expand to other sites.


This project may be the first of its kind in the world, in that the giant, walk-in truck is large enough (49 feet) to accommodate temperature requirements for a wide range of products – fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen meats, dairy and a wide assortment of staple items.


MoGro aspires to become a for-profit business. The founders hope that investment by participating communities will drive demand.




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