September 2012

Land Water People Time—A Documentary Film


Land Water People Time is a 54-minute documentary film that explores the themes of cultural loss and preservation in northern New Mexico. Created from over 45 interviews with Pueblo, Apache, Hispanic and Anglo people throughout Rio Arriba, Taos and Santa Fe counties, the film is an educational journey across 10,000 square miles that encompass the Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area.


The faces and voices of the people here reflect a vivid past. The interviewees are descendants of generations whose histories involve tribal, international and civil wars, droughts and intercultural raiding. And while diverging perspectives are presented, LWPT also shows that in some ways, these heritages and traditions have taken on influences from each other. Of course, the beautiful landscapes and waterways of the region, some of which are exhibited in the film, also continue to exert a strong influence.


Director David Lindblom, who teaches filmmaking at Northern New Mexico College, explains, “We live at the epicenter of extraordinary history, culture and natural beauty. I think sometimes people are bashful about expressing their feelings about all of this. So, I think, in our film people drop their guard a little. It was our intent to offer a stage on which many kinds of people could express themselves.”


The music, written and performed by Ronald Roybal and Veronica Ortiz is particularly important to the film.


The NRGNHA provided a matching grant for LWPT and is co-sponsoring showings and local premieres at key venues throughout the Heritage Area. One is planned for Taos in the fall, after which, the producers, Water in Motion’s Cynthia Jeanette Gomez and Daniel Valerio, plan to show it on walls in villages in Spain as well as at an old drive-in movie theater back in NM. Wider distribution through schools and media outlets is also planned.


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