Dedicated to teaching sustainable knowledge and practices, the Carbon Economy Series returns to Santa Fe Community College from October 2012 through June 2013. The monthly weekend workshops teach principles and practices for land, soil, water, waste, organic food production, and how to positively affect climate change from a local perspective. There will be opportunities to learn aboriginal living skills, regenerative agriculture, sustainable tourism, Permaculture site design, and creating edible food forests. There will also be a women’s symposium on ranching, gardening and farming.


A partial list of speakers includes: Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, who, without pesticides, fertilizers, tractors or oil, has produced more pounds of protein per acre then any other farmer; international Permaculture designer phenomenon Darren Doherty; Gunter Pauli-trained zero-waste guru Gary Liss, and author/ecologist David Jacke.


Organizer Iginia Boccalandro says, “The knowledge these workshops offer is vital to stabilize climate change, make our land more resilient, increase public health, create jobs, reduce waste, increase productivity, revitalize property and increase revenue.”


Local businesses, schools, nonprofits and community groups are sponsoring the series. They are helping make it possible to provide some discounts to deserving students. Sponsors include: Arete Consulting Group, Camino de Paz School and Farm, Ecological Living Center, Green Fire Times, Inn of the Governors, Joe’s Diner, La Montañita Food Co-op, Los Alamos National Bank, Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute and Soil Symbiotics.



Carbon Economy Series Schedule


Each weekend workshop is preceded by a public talk at 7 pm on Friday evening.


October 20–21: Aboriginal Living Skills with Matthew Brummett

November 10–11:Local Food Systems with Joel Salatin and Tom Delehanty

December 8–9: Regenerative Agriculture with Darren Doherty

January 12–13 Tourism and Sustainable Development with Daniel

Mirabal and Maria Boccalandro

February 23–24: No More Garbage: Zero-Waste with Gary Liss

March 16–17: Permaculture Boot Camp with Iginia Boccalandro

April 13–14: Women’s Gardener, Farmer, Rancher and Land Owner Training

May 25–26: Gardening Like the Forest with Dave Jacke


For details or to register, visit:,
call 505.819.3828 or 818.913.2877.




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