Future Memory… Revival of the Common Sense


In taking the liberty to stargaze into a future that currently poses more question marks than knowable answers regarding the wellbeing of Planet Earth and its countless inhabitants, a satisfying sensation is aroused when aligning with the potential that doomsday, as a prediction of our demise, is merely a fear-based program easily replaced with an uplifting picture of human and planetary evolution.

Given exploding population, the thrust of countless undeveloped countries longing to acquire the materialistic benchmarks of Western society, the maddening pace of resource exploitation and the accompanying greed at the cost of the environment, the future does appear incapable of sustaining such runaway demand.

So rather than perpetuating thoughts of uncertainty, or accepting the sensation that time may be running out for an expanding, unsustainable human lifestyle, let’s shift toward a more uplifting perspective. Humanity possesses the ability to rise above, and with a growing capacity to evolve a grander philosophy of unity awareness, which encompasses a true understanding of our interconnectedness with all of life, a shift toward cooperation, peace and harmony may very well define our future.

With humankind’s God-given capacity to create reality in direct correlation to our thoughts and accompanying feelings, let’s take this opportunity to visualize a future that fulfills the need for sustainability while also describing the fulfillment of our human potential. This future somehow avoids the predicted pitfalls and consequences of our current unsustainable pattern and highlights the possibilities based on a grander awakening. What a relief to be living in a world where consciousnesses of our rightful place as caretaker of the Earth and its ecology now dominates the thinking and actions of people everywhere. The bottom-line approach to most human motivation, previously defined by the unrelenting quest for profits at the expense of humans and the environment, has been replaced with the triple bottom line. Having gained the understanding that we must consider any and all repercussions of our actions… corporations, governments and individuals now live by the mantra that all actions are considerate of its impact on people and the Earth, as well as the obvious need to generate financial gain. This is the only approach that really makes sense.

The runaway money grab of the previous decades, whereby the extraction of fossil fuels at maximum profit—and driven by exploitation of everything other than the single bottom line—has been replaced by clean, renewable technologies that produce unlimited sources of energy that adhere to the accepted understanding of our ultimate goal… the wellbeing and benefit of all. Proper food production, water conservation and shelter are now considered based on the long haul, instead of merely the immediate, short-term needs. War and exploitation have been exposed as the inhuman and primitive blunders that they are, while peace, harmony and cooperation are now the dominant themes. These accomplishments have been achieved as a result of the resiliency of the human spirit, the expanded perception that power does reside in the hands of the people, and the acquired knowledge that we are each other’s, as well as the planet’s, keeper.

By maintaining the awareness that this envisioned future is not merely a fantasy, glorified projections of the unobtainable or an ill-advised exercise in futility, we see the actual outcomes as a direct result of our deepest knowing. This conscious perspective connects with our capacity to hold the vision, while we fashion the corresponding beliefs that align with that future we intend to manifest.

A quote that often comes to mind when the challenges of life tip the scales of that inner knowing, prompting the need for an energetic shift to a positive flowing of thoughts and feelings… “Attitude isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” Meaning that our capacity to generate solutions and desirable outcomes is in direct correlation to our ability to flow an upbeat perspective and demonstrate our ability to believe in and hold a positive vision for our world.

In this regard the power of numbers is not to be underestimated. As more of humanity gains the insight and knowledge that each individual possesses the power and ability to generate reality based on conscious and focused participation, the fear-based, lower vibrational tone of current mass thinking will be transmuted into an amplified force field that generates the desired future we wish to create.

So, let’s parlay this remembrance of our latent capacity to join in unity, bringing forth our collective might in a focused mission for the Earth and its inhabitants. How about we join in the knowingness of our individual and collective capacity for positive change? We can then look back as the future unfolds and remember how the revival of the common sense came to pass.


Faren Dancer is an award-winning designer, builder, educator and activist. His UNICOPIA GREEN RADIO show, each Saturday on KTRC (1260AM), is simulcast at santafe.com. The archived shows are available at www.unicopia.org. Email: Faren@unicopia.org



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