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I have a confession to make… I can’t stop using Seimei. I use it on everything and everyone, never ceasing to be astounded at the results. But more about that later.

First, some background. I’m a Mind-Body Integrative Therapist with dual licensure in Clinical Counseling and Bodywork, in private practice for 26 years. I’m also a Naturopathic Doctor. Over the years, I’ve acquired a huge toolbox of specialized modalities that address issues ranging from emotional and psychological distress to trauma and physical pain. These tools have proven quite effective in meeting my clients’ needs.

I reluctantly agreed to study Seimei, a Japanese natural healing method, two years ago, at the continual urging of a friend. I felt I already had adequate tools to take away pain and so on… Why not just deepen the tools I already had? Quite frankly, I was more intrigued by the idea of going to Japan to experience living and studying in a Buddhist temple than anything else.

Well, the rest, as they say, is history. I was immediately struck by the depth of Seimei. It was not just another healing modality, although it certainly did the trick in that department. It turns out Seimei is a form of applied contemporary Buddhism, and can be used in virtually any situation to good result. Seimei means life-force or Buddha Nature, and in order to use it, we first undergo a Buddhist ceremony to “unbind” our Seimei and give it the power to move. For me, life has never been the same since.

Immediately afterwards, one can change the taste of physical substances like juice or wine, and take away pain from others. All this without touch, I might add. Seimei is a hands-off modality. No previous experience or special gifts are required–anybody can do it. Continued study allows us to clear viruses, toxicity and other forms of stagnation, work directly with organ systems, and work long distance–all with verifiable results. Seimei is immediate, with deeper-acting results easily transcending the laws, as we know them, of time, space and mass.

Did I mention that results achieved are often almost instantaneous? Quite fequently, someone gets relief from pain, even chronic pain, within a few minutes. I regularly hear the words, “That’s amazing! The pain is gone!” People always feel lighter and more balanced, with results continuing to integrate and develop overnight. And results are not limited to the physical. Seimei is equally effective for the mental-emotional realm as well, addressing states such as anxiety, overwhelm and depression.

Seimei has a cumulative effect: Repeated sessions go deeper, ultimately helping to shift and resolve chronic conditions. And it is not just the client who benefits. While lots of modalities have a “kickback” effect to the practitioners, Seimei’s kickback is instant. The more I practice using Seimei, the better I feel; pain and problems dissolve as I work. Wow!

But next comes the reason I am seemingly addicted to Seimei. Seimei doesn’t just work on physical issues or mental-emotional well-being; my experience has shown me that Seimei actually changes the nature of physical reality. Remember what I said about the ability to change the taste or nature of a beverage… pretty amazing. More amazing still is the virtually unlimited nature of applications. I’ve used Seimei for just about everything from computer and electronics problems to broken communication links between a phone and a car’s Bluetooth; I’ve even used Seimei on a clogged toilet (why call a plumber?!). My dogs got skunked one unfortunate night, the horrendous smell permeating every corner of the house. Seimei to the rescue–dogs and house free from odor. I use it to find things that are lost (including kitties); and even cured severe separation-anxiety and other behavior issues in my rescue dog. The possibilities are endless, ranging from the tangible to the intangible.

The Center for the Practice and Study of Seimei is hosting a unique opportunity to live and study inside a Buddhist Temple in Saga, Japan, October 23-29, 2013. You can undergo a special Awarding of Power Ceremony facilitated by Seimei’s Founder, Toshihisa Hiraki. Once your “Awakened Buddha Nature” is unbound, you’ll partake in powerful healing baths and explore Seimei’s power and potential through practice, ceremonies and unique applications researched and practiced by thousands of Japanese over the years.

Many allopathic and alternative healthcare practitioners have now incorporated it into their work. Santa Fe is one of two centers in the US for the study and practive of Seimei. (Hawthorne, New Jersey is the other.) Classes continue in Santa Fe for 10 weeks, where you can learn how to use your awakened Seimei. The Center also sponsors a public clinic, Thursday evenings at Santa Fe Budokan,1360 Vegas Verde Drive. Individualized sessions are available by donation starting at 6:55 pm. It is requested that people arrive between 6:30 and 6:45.

For more information, call Beverly Kune: 505.690.5524 or visit


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