Dr. Stephen Weiss


Today while driving home after adding an acutely ill patient to my schedule at the end of a busy day, I happened to eye a bumper sticker on the back of a car which my whole being emphatically embraced: “When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power, the World Will Know Peace” (William Gladstone). This ranks up there with some of the best quotes I’ve ever seen. Profound. Simple. True. With this kind of wisdom so freely available, why is it that our nation is reeling from yet another mass shooting, this time involving precious young children at an elementary school? The causes of such tragedies are obviously multifactorial, but they point to a deep imbalance in our society as a whole and in many individuals. The primary goal of all authentic healing is to reestablish inner homeostasis or balance. The body-mind-spirit is exquisite in its capacity to self-regulate. How often do we stop and marvel at its complexity and the undeniable intelligence that governs it? Classical Homeopathy, one of the primary modalities I use in my Integrative Medical Practice, has a name for that intelligent healing force within us—the Vital Force.


This Force can get deranged by a number of factors or insults, rendering it incapable of performing its supreme function—maintaining vibrant health. Examples of such insults include improper diet and pesticides in non-organic foods, emotional stress and trauma, environmental toxins, and the Western (“allopathic”) medical emphasis on suppressing symptoms rather than uncovering and addressing the root cause of a person’s dis-ease.


Back in 1980, George Vithoulkas, the father of modern-day homeopathy and a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize, predicted a surge in violence in our society from allopathic medical practice. According to homeopathic theory, suppressing a symptom rather than treating the whole person drives the disease deeper within, resulting in more serious imbalances and diseases. Did you know that many of the mass murderers of recent times, including the Newtown killer, the Aurora, Colo. theater murderer, the shooters at Columbine High School and the Unabomber, among many others, were on psychiatric medications when they committed their crimes? Many of these drugs have been linked to violent behavior, including suicide and homicide. All but one of the medications in a recently published “Top 10 Legal Drugs Linked to Violence” list are psychiatric medications: seven antidepressants (mostly SSRIs), two stimulants used to treat ADD/ADHD, and one sleeping pill no longer available in the US. Of course, all these killers were mentally deranged before they started their psychiatric meds. How many would have committed atrocities if they had been treated holistically is, of course, not known, but it seems likely that their meds did directly contribute to the blood spilled.


Homeopaths around the globe, including myself, witness the validity of this theory of suppression regularly in our practices. When the correct constitutional homeopathic remedy is given that most closely matches the totality of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state, the patient’s psyche and spirit are the first to improve, while certain physical symptoms that they used to have, which were suppressed by drugs, particularly skin eruptions, may temporarily reappear as part of the healing process. This is known as Hering’s Law of Cure : the body-mind-spirit literally extrudes or “spits out” the disease from its deepest recesses to the surface, exactly the opposite of suppression.


I do have a healthy respect for pharmaceuticals when used judiciously. Steroids, the most suppressive of drugs, and even antidepressants, have saved countless lives. Except in emergencies, suppressive therapies should be used as a last resort and only after more holistic therapies such as Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda have been tried. The breadth and scope of homeopathy is vast. I have seen it positively impact patients with a very wide range of both acute and chronic diseases. In the last week alone I have had the pleasure of seeing several patients with chronic ailments turn their health around using homeopathy. Please see articles I have written about patients on my website.


In Ayurveda, which is derived from the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism, spirituality plays a central role. The great Rishis, seers who received the sacred knowledge that forms the basis of Ayurveda, understood that a human birth is a very precious and rare phenomenon. They taught that the purpose of our human life, and of the healing of our bodies and minds, is to grow spiritually and to know God intimately, indeed to become one with God. In order to do this, we must all make the pilgrimage from our egos to the infinite, unconditionally loving Land of the Soul and Conscious Awareness.



Dr. Stephen P. Weiss is a board-certified family physician with a private practice in Holistic Integrative Medicine in Albuquerque, and over 25 years of experience. Dr. Weiss also graduated from two schools of homeopathy (graduate and post graduate), a school of herbology, and the Ayurvedic Institute. Voted one of Albuquerque’s Top Docs in 2006, Dr. Weiss treats children and adults with a wide range of medical conditions. He has appeared on national television and radio discussing Alternative Medicine. Weiss is known for his heartfelt compassion and ability to seamlessly combine cutting-edge high-tech medicine with numerous effective and safe alternative healing modalities. His website is holisticmedicineheals.com




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