February 2013



Douglas Cohen

To navigate the health and wellness marketplace for our families and our selves is an exercise in nearly endless choice making. Among the many challenges accompanying us is reconciling the conventional assumptions and external messages about healthcare in our culture with the natural, inner guidance system operating deep within us.

I believe that when we can get quiet enough and listen within, we know what is good for us and what it not. Unfortunately, there are many barriers in our society to cultivating that inner quietude and access to self-derived knowing. Staying alert and increasing consciousness in our personal and family path making is an ongoing responsibility if we value true well-being in ourselves and our community.

Having lived in several regions in North America before settling in New Mexico, I appreciate the diversity of the traditional health and mind-body based resources within arm’s reach in several of the more populous areas. This includes the ready access for poor and otherwise challenged families available through the Community Healthcare Assistance Programs and the Indigent Funds (Sandovalcountynm.gov) as well as the array of Complementary and Alternative medical approaches.

Many of the articles in this addition of Green Fire Times are about bridging inner and outer ways of knowing when it comes to healthcare. These are personal and informative essays from practitioners of long-standing approaches to healing illness and preventive, wellness and longevity-based medicine. Relationship-based wellness complements the dominance of impersonal and Western science-driven treatment. Remember: It’s your choice.

Douglas Cohen – Corrales, NM


Douglas Cohen serves as the membership manager of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (AyurvedaNama.org), co-leads the NM Outdoor Coalition (ActivateNewMexico.org) and is chair of the National Youth Initiatives for the Inspired Futures Campaign (USPartnership.org). Email: dacohen77@gmail.com



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