By the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce

and the Partnership for Responsible Business


Green Jobs are Supporting New Mexico’s Families

New Mexico has 35,800 private sector jobs. According to the state of New Mexico, 5.9 percent of private sector employment is in energy efficiency, clean manufacturing, renewable-energy research and development. In 2009 workers in green occupations made on average $22 an hour, versus a $19-an-hour average for all occupations in New Mexico.


New Mexico Leads the Nation in Renewable-Energy Potential

According to the Western Governors’ Association, New Mexico has over 27,000 megawatts of solar, wind and geothermal energy potential—higher than any other state. New Mexico can continue to export energy to other states and create thousands of jobs for our citizens.


Renewable Energy Is Competitively Priced

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory projects that solar energy will be cost-competitive with traditional energy in New Mexico in less than four years. Wind energy and biofuels are cost-competitive today. And the smart-grid technologies that allow us to harness these resources exist today.

The Green Economy Is Growing Fast

Green jobs in New Mexico grew 50 percent in a 10-year period. This is 25 times the growth of jobs in the same overall economy, which grew at 2 percent over the same timeframe.


Green Jobs Are Being Created in Rural and Urban Areas

Green jobs are growing in every corner of the state. Solar- and wind-energy projects are locating on ranches, while new transmission projects are under development across the state. In 2009 there were approximately:

21,500 green jobs in Central New Mexico

8,300 green jobs in Northern New Mexico

3,400 green jobs in Eastern New Mexico

2,200 green jobs in Southwestern New Mexico


Protect New Mexico’s Renewable Energy Standard

The state of New Mexico has set targets for minimum renewable energy usage by public utilities: 10 percent by 2011, 15 percents by 2015, 20 percent by 2020. Utilities must meet those targets and should do so in an open and transparent way.

Keep New Mexico’s Incentives to Attract New Companies and Grow Local Businesses

New Mexico must not rollback incentives to expand homegrown solar-, wind-, biofuels-, geothermal-, biomass- and clean-tech businesses. These incentives have helped attract new businesses such as Schott Solar, CFV and Gestamp Solar, and have helped homegrown New Mexico companies like Emcore, Sapphire and Positive Energy Solar to grow.


Speak Up, Speak Out, Get Involved

If you want to make your voice heard in support of moving New Mexico toward a clean economy, contact:



New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce

The New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce is a non-partisan association with over 1,200 business members dedicated to advocating on behalf of clean energy, seizing the green-business advantage, and supporting local economies. 505.859.3433,,


New Mexico’s Partnership for Responsible Business

The Partnership for Responsible Business is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to educating business and community leaders about opportunities for fostering responsible entrepreneurship. 505.819.3772




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