April 27-28, Santa Fe Community College


Kids of all ages will have the opportunity to see and touch the future as the New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA) and the Solar Club at Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) join forces with Affordable Solar to present the 2013 Solar Fiesta on April 27 and 28.


Founded in 1972, the NMSEA is one of the oldest organizations in the country devoted to renewable energy (RE) education. NMSEA’s Solar Fiesta is now the only RE fair in the Southwest. “The consumer trade shows that have helped the industry develop to this point are now fewer and farther between,” said NMSEA President Gary Vaughn. “But we’re proud to carry on with a great new location and new partners,” he said. “We’re closing the loop between RE training programs and the purchase of systems by homeowners. This alignment gives Solar Fiesta a powerful new way to bring the public together with trusted sources of information.”


The free fiesta will offer a wide range of demonstrations and exhibitors. There will be family-friendly workshops sponsored by Positive Energy Solar. Experts at the forefront of sustainable technologies will offer tours of SFCC’s biofuels lab, green building, energy efficiency and solar energy teaching facilities, as well as the renewable energy installations in SFCC’s Trades and Advanced Technologies building. SFCC has one of the few fully operational training programs for commercial biofuels, including algae. The fiesta will also showcase electric cars and a solar car-charging station.


Workshop tracks will include:

Renewable Energy in New Mexico: Meet Your New PRC Commissioner, Valerie Espinoza; What’s REnew in Santa Fe?; RE & Energy Efficiency at NM’s Electric Co-ops; and Community Solar in NM.


Energy, $$ and You: Energy Myths, Schemes & Scams; Energy Efficiency in Japan; and Efficiency Upgrades on a Budget.


Climate Change & You: Global Warming—The Moral & Ethical Issues; Adios Coal; and Making a Difference—Your Actions Count; plus The Architecture 2030 Palette, Ed Mazria’s latest innovations.


State of the Renewable Art: The Los Alamos Smart Grid Project; Off-grid Photovoltaic Systems; NM’s Passive Solar Architecture; Active Solar Heating; and Alternative Summer Cooling.


There will also be screenings of NMSEA’s new Renewable New Mexico TV series, which features 26 interviews with some of NM’s eclectic entrepreneurs, educators and inventors; and the 2012 award-winning film Chasing Ice.


For more information, visit www.nmsea.org and www.NMSolarFiesta.org




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