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In a world beset by increasingly dire news, I found the presentations and demonstrations featured at the 2013 Extraordinary Technology Conference stunningly refreshing and hopeful. The presenters were fully aware of the extraordinary challenges we all face as we make our way deeper into the 21st century. Indeed, nearly every speaker recounted how either a personal health crisis or a deeply felt sense of overwhelming planetary urgency led them to search for alternatives to the inadequacies of the mainstream health care system and the crippling myopia of the traditional scientific paradigm.

The Marriott Pyramid North in Albuquerque, NM served as the conference venue. From July 24 to July 28 a steady stream of speakers covered three basic topic areas: water, plasma physics and magnetic energies. The primary areas of application for the described new technologies were personal healing and energy generation. The following are brief summaries of selected conference presentations.

Tracy Tucker started off the presentations devoted to personal healing with a persuasive talk regarding the importance of lifesaving antioxidant enzymes that assist our body with the elimination of heavy metals, chemicals and radiation. Due to our polluted air, water and soil, she argued,  regular detox should be a lifelong commitment. She stressed that “the beginning, middle and end of healing is detoxification.” Detoxification reduces free radical damage, which she claims is the core of all disease. She cited raw broccoli as one commonly available detoxifier. Major antioxidant enzymes include glutathione, superoxide dismutase and methionin reductases. These are critical to our body’s protective mechanisms.

Robin Benson, DOM, owner and founder of Santa Fe Soul (, promoted what she termed The Self-Care Revolution. Key to this was her suggestion that we all ask ourselves the fundamental life questions that Mark Twain posed: “Why were you born, and what did you come here to do?” Benson stressed that once we get clear on our answers we can move vigorously to realize our destiny. And in order to live most productively, we need to achieve maximum health. Key to optimum health, she said, is minimizing our exposure to electromagnetic radiation (from cell towers and cell phones) and poor air and water quality, while ensuring that our bodies receive essential minerals. In addition, we need to reconnect with the healthy natural energies of the Earth. She recommended going barefoot, jumping on the ground to stimulate our immune system and making sure we’re ingesting lots of good oxygen and clean water. She also noted that Santa Fe Soul offers several advanced oxidative therapies that can rejuvenate worn discs and arthritic joints, and in many cases enable the patient to avoid surgery. “Oxygen is the key,” she said. “Get it into your cells on a regular basis.” And she reminded us that “good thoughts are medicine; find and live your passion and pass it on.”

Dr. Charles Crosby underscored Benson’s discussion regarding the importance of natural energy fields and body health. He said that the Earth’s resonant frequency, often termed the Schumann Resonance, is what keeps us healthy and disease-free. It was originally calculated at 7.8 Hz to 8 Hz but is now somewhat higher due to the prevalence of our artificially charged electromagnetic environment. According to Crosby, we need to bring our body back to 8 Hz so it can do its job correctly. To help accomplish this, he’s invented the TensCam technology that combines Tesla or scalar waves with quartz crystals vibrating at 8 Hz. Some describe Scalar waves as the underlying and unifying force of the universe, which can move through solid objects and are immune to distance. Scalar waves are longitudinal waves as opposed to the common electromagnetic, transverse or fluctuating waveforms we commonly see described in scientific texts. When combined with intention to heal, scalar waves can apparently reset the proper functions of the body. Dr. Crosby’s website is

Lucien Ionescu further explained that scalar or Tesla waves do not disperse like Herzian or transverse electromagnetic waves. “Distance is not a problem,” he said. Scalar waves can alternately be described as what some call chi or the magnetic field of beneficial energy that links all life forms together through their five senses. Maintaining high levels of chi is the key to staying healthy. It’s as if “humans are connected wirelessly through an etheric linking system of bioloops and biolinks.” And there’s enormous amounts of energy stored in matter as expressed by the formula E=mc2. This dynamically fluctuating network of energy Ionescu termed plasma, which new energy researchers believe will serve as the foundation for the next generation of energy technologies.

Dr. John Milewski warned that our whole civilization is dangerously dependent on electricity or the flow of electrons to function. If this system would fail, our civilization would be completely crippled. Dr. Milewski proposed that we develop a backup system to replace the electricity-based system. This power force he called magnetricity. Magnetricity, he explained, is what Nikola Tesla described as a radiant energy field in which we are all living. An example of radiant energy on a galactic scale can be seen in recent photos of black holes in space that display huge jets of light energy emanating from their cores. Milewski describes these energy jets as Superlight, vast amounts of energy traveling at the speed of light. He spoke about how the world around us is based on magnetic polarities. For example, trees are basically power plants. Tree leaves serve as north poles, roots as south poles. The core of a tree is a waveguide. Chlorophyll (in plants) and hemoglobin (in human blood) are key energy storage molecules and serve as the source of our vital food and life energy. He proposed that we build this alternative power system based on magnetic energy principles. He noted that diagrams and designs for a universal magnetic energy technology are available on the website

Taking us further into the concept of vast pools of unacknowledged energy was physicist and electrical systems engineer, Dr. Moray King, one of the most respected new energy researchers. King is the author of several books on Zero Point Energy. He began his lecture by happily pointing out that the extraordinarily intense lightning storm the previous night that knocked out electricity for some 10,000 people in Albuquerque served as an exceptionally appropriate backdrop for a Tesla conference. He then proceeded to describe his work on Zero Point Energy—that point which science describes as a complete absence of energy—absolute zero, or zero degrees Kelvin. This is supposed to be a point of completely empty space. The trouble is: energy seems to pulse in and out of this space. Where does it come from? It’s sometimes described as “a turbulent plasma or a higher dimensional flux,” according to King. He, like many others studying this phenomenon, believes that ZPE can be harvested to produce heat, electricity and force or torque. ZPE may in fact, offer humanity the alternative it needs to completely replace fossil fuels with an unlimited, pollution-free source of energy.

As a follow-up to Dr. King, Mike Hingle described his work with Plasmatic Magnetic Energy, which he thinks could replace most of our conventional energy systems. He noted that China is already marketing plasma induction lighting devices. Hingle feels the urgency of the times requires that those working on these new forms of energy need to “make everything open-source” so civilization can move forward quickly to utilize plasma energy for widespread energy production.

Jeffery Hays of the Tesla Engine Builders Association remarked that, “a whole field of physics is being kept from us.” In addition, he claimed to have had discussions with engineers privy to secret military technology—that “Star Trek is totally real. The stuff is at Area 51” (a secret US military base in the Nevada desert).

Clayton Nolte presented his work on Structured Water. Structuring water “energetically erases the toxic memory that accumulates from everything that water passed by or through. Water remembers everything. Even though water is processed to remove contaminants, the negative vibrational imprint is still in the water’s memory.” According to Nolte, the benefits of structured water include increasing its tension and viscosity, making it denser and enabling it to more quickly enter our cells and hydrate our body. Nolte also claimed that food grown in structured water requires 30 percent less water for proper hydration and exhibits increased Brix (sugar content) values—from four to 16 times greater than non-structured water. How does water become structured? The devices that Nolte’s company manufactures mimic the way water flows in its natural state by recreating water’s natural vortex flow. His website is

Daniel Gonzales explained and demonstrated GEET, Global Environmental Engine Technology. Invented by Paul Pantone 30 years ago, GEET involves a relatively simple modification to an internal combustion or diesel engine that accomplishes a molecular breakdown of the heavier liquid elements normally used as fuel in an engine. An amount of hydrocarbon fuel; i.e. gasoline, diesel or crude oil, can be blended with virtually any other liquid such as water, tea, coffee, soda, etc. The modifications to the engine include a vaporizer and a reactor that transfers the exhaust heat of the engine to the incoming fuel vapor, which must be maintained in a vacuum. The resulting vortex creates a plasma that is then introduced to the engine and combusted. An operating GEET-modified engine exhibits a number of anomalies such as cooler running and the generation of magnetic fields around the reactor. In the demonstration, a two-horsepower engine was run successfully on a blend of gasoline and tea. See

Most impressive was a demonstration of a recent Marco Rodin Coil design by Rolan Gregg. Gregg spoke about how “technologies that work really well mimic nature.” More specifically, the vortex design offers the least amount of resistance to energy flow. Thus the Rodin Coil attempts to imitate toroidal geometry, which is found throughout nature as expressed by the Earth’s magnetosphere vortex, tornadoes, waterspouts and other natural movements and flows. The human body also creates a toroidal field. “It’s all about the geometry that unites all things,” said Gregg.

It seems the Rodin Coil, a device about the size of a toaster that looks like a very large donut wound carefully and artfully with radial copper wire, is able to tap into the Earth’s plasmatic radiant energy. To demonstrate this phenomenon, a frequency generator fed a signal into an audio amplifier, which then charged the Rodin Coil. Two volt/amp meters were placed on the input side and two on the output side of the coil. When energized the input meters read 5.2 amps and 25 volts in, and when measured on the output side the meters registered 5.2 amps and 416 volts out. This would suggest an overunity effect. Also, when large ball-bearings were placed in the donut hole of the coil they moved about extremely rapidly, suggesting that a powerful magnetic field had been created. More strangely, no north pole could be found anywhere about the coil, only a south pole. A video was also shown that depicted three Rodin coils lighting 576 LED lights using only one watt of current, instead of the normal 28 watts. More info can be found and Rodin Coils purchased on the website: or

A notable side workshop was held by Stephen Venczel, who presented his initiative called the Technology Senate. Venczel is a charismatic individual who expressed a deep personal determination “to bring together business and technical professionals who represent intellectual properties and technology, products and inventions that can have an immediate impact on a global scale for positive change.” The Technology Senate would serve as a launch pad for an effective deployment of new technologies and human creativity directed towards solving the world’s most urgent problems, i.e., ocean cleanup, production of cleaner energy and more efficient use of food and water resources. He criticized the US Patent Office for sequestering over 5,000 patents, many of which could address the planet’s urgent needs. Such sequestration not only prevents our collective creativity from finding expression, but it also stifles the cross-pollination of technologies. One of Venczel’s goals is to facilitate large-scale global remediation projects. He stressed that he has access to major international funding sources that have been earmarked for the development and deployment of the new technologies that could address the planet’s most pressing needs. The WTS is soliciting appropriate project submissions by email at

Susan Price entitled her presentation “Science and Spirituality.” She explained how what she termed Qualar Physics was at work in the movement of energy through the body’s meridians. She proposed that spiritual forms of light and sound emanated from a primordial source that she termed the Zero Point Energy. According to Price, ZPE can be described as prana, chi, dark light, subtle energy, photos, quantum foam, vacuum, ether or plasma. “The secret of life lies in creative wave motion; matter is concentrated light; consciousness is the fundamental reality,” she said. “We are reflections of refracted light.” Price concluded her masterful and comprehensive PowerPoint presentation with the admonition that we need to return to the ancient models of sacred geometry and natural harmonics. “These will comprise the technologies of the future,” she informed us.

Walking the halls of the conference, listening in on conversations and attending the presentations, my take-away, aside from the technical information, was that this was an unusual gathering of people with a passionate desire to create a better world—people who want to make a difference, people who want to know what’s possible and want to take action—now—not in 10 or 20 years.

At the conclusion of the conference I interviewed the moderator, John Fiala. He said the conference’s uniqueness lies in its ability to serve as the one of the only places in the world where such cutting-edge technology can be openly showcased and the research expressed to the public. Many first-time rollouts have occurred at the annual conference. Here were described powerful healing technologies that could dramatically benefit the human body and rehabilitate our waters and air. Moreover, the new physics and technology demonstrations appeared to be moving us closer to clean, unlimited and natural non-fossil energy systems—powered by the stuff that powers the universe.

TeslaTech founder and publisher Steve Elswick has worked tirelessly over the years to provide a physical venue and media outlets for scientists and inventors to present their groundbreaking work to the world. He believes it’s very important to encourage young people to study science. To help make this possible, teens are admitted without charge to the conferences. The 2014 Extraordinary Technology Conference will be held in Albuquerque at the Embassy Suites, July 30 through Aug. 3. DVDs from 2013 and prior conferences can be ordered from

Coming up next is the three-day Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, scheduled for Oct. 10-12 in Boulder, Colo. It will feature 30 speakers discussing the range of new energy technologies. More info can be found at


Charles Bensinger is the former director of the Santa Fe Community College Alternative Fuels Program and the Biofuels Center of Excellence. He is now working to commercialize the next generation of new energy technologies.




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