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Good Jobs/Strong Economy & The Role of Sustainability

by Santa Fe Mayor Mayor David Coss

We must get Santa Feans back to work.

That is why I’ve come up with a blueprint for our economy to create 4,000 jobs over 4 years. Our target is for 18 percent of those jobs to be implicitly in green energy and sustainability. It’s going to take innovation, collaboration, and creativity; but I think we can do it.

Santa Fe, like the rest of the country, is being hit by a down-turned economy and a recession that is resulting in hard budget choices and job loss. National trends such as falling home prices, limping credit More >

January 2010 PDF Edition

The 2010 January Edition of Green Fire Times, “Expanding Green Vision,” is now available on newsstands throughout north central New Mexico (and online!)

The 2010 January edition of Green Fire Times includes the following articles:  Responses to the “Green Heretics” articles, The Lines and Circles Project, Environmental Justice – Dreaming New Mexico, Biofuels, One Day at the Climate Conference, Water: Why Care?, Congreso de las Acequias, 2012 and Beyond: The Imperfect Storm?, Container Gardening for Small Spaces, Sostenga: Tools for Sustainability, Newsbites, What’s Going On!, etc.  32 Pages, 18,000 copies printed. Download January 2010 Issue

December 2009 PDF Edition

“Greens Gone Wild!” On-line issue available!

The 2009 December edition of Green Fire Times includes the following articles: What Does the Mayan Calendar Have To Do With You?, LANL Contaminants Migrate Toward Water Sources, Environment NM “Too Much Pollution” Report Released, Bosque del Apache Festival of the Cranes, Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency in NM, Governing the Energy Commons, 2009 Solar Tax Credits, New Mexico’s Energy Governance, Santa Fe’s Rainwater Catchment Permitting Process, Greens Gone Wild, Green Building and LEED Residential, Green for Real: Remodeling, Renovations, & Retrofits, As Free as the Sun: Pruning Day, Wintertime Catalog Shopping, Sostenga: The Economics More >

November 2009 PDF Edition

The 2009 November edition of Green Fire Times includes the following articles: Thinking Like a Watershed by Jack Loeffler, Sustainable Food and Seed Sovereignty Conference photos and update, GMO Health Risks by Jeffrey M. Smith, Waste Not – Want Not by Kenny Ausubel and Peter Warshall, A Global Day of Climate Action, Petroglyph National Monument by Ann Euston, The Sembrando Semillas Program by Pilar Trujillo, Green House Growing in the Winter by Susan Waterman, Sostenga: Gregory Cajete and Natural Laws of Interdependence by Camilla Bustamante, Home Food Processing Certification by Joan E. Price, The Fight Between the Spoon and the More >

October 2009 PDF Edition

The October issue includes articles on Finding the Sources of Sustainability, Sostenga: Preserving Food for Winter, Seed Saving and Storage, Sustainable Biofuels Project, Architecture for Sustainability, Dreaming New Mexico’s Green Grid, the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce, and Only Diversity Adapts by Vandana Shiva as well as our Calendar and a wealth of information from our sponsors.

Download it here.

September 2009 PDF Edition

The September 2009 edition of Green Fire Times includes the following articles: Santa Fe 400: An Uncertain Founding (an article about the 400th. anniversary of the founding of Santa Fe); Dreaming NM: Micropowers, Microgrids, and Energy Parks; PNM Seeks to Maintain Control; An Inclusive Community; The Emerald Home; Green for Real; Slow Money Alliance, etc.

Download it here.

August 2009 PDF Edition

The August 2009 edition of Green Fire Times is now available throughout north central New Mexico as well as on the Internet.   This issue features many articles concerning Wind Energy in New Mexico, in addition to Green Career Pathways, Energy for Education, Sostenga: An Experiment in Sustainability, Zero Emissions Hydrogen Power, Transition to a 4-Season Harvest, Green Building and Design, Wind Powered Santa Fe Home, etc!

Download the edition here.

July 2009 PDF Edition

New Mexico’s Emerging Biofuels Industry, SFCC Sustainable Technologies Center,Geothermal Dreaming, The Age of Renewables — Solar / Hydro-Biofuels,Green Remodeling 101,Green for Real Sostenga: Community Conversations, Newsbites, Solar Newsbites, Something Puzzling, Feeding the Soil to Feed the Garden,Humates Demystified, What’s Going On! Events / Announce ments

Download it here.

June 2009 PDF Edition

American Recovery and Reinvestment Stimulates NM, New Mexico Sustainable Building Tax Credit, New Energy Economy: Global Warming Solutions, The Age of Renewables – Dreaming New Mexico, Affordable Solar Electricity Systems for NM, Newsbites, Sostenga, Buy Recyled Products, Ecotourism Assists Hispano Farmers, Celebrate Sustainable Santa Fe Festival, My Own Garde – Plant Selection, Beneficial Farms CSA Teaches the Community, State to Regulate Unlicensed Alternative Medical Practitioners, What’s Going On! Events & Announcements.

Download June 2009 Edition

May 2009 PDF Edition (Premier Issue)

The Dreaming New Mexico Project, NM Energy Facts, NM Green Collaborative Forms, Green Jobs, Newsbites, Sostenga, The Importance of Seeds, Vegan Organic – Not Just for Vegans, My Own Garden – Four Season Harvest, The First Nine Steps to Greening Your Home, What’s in a Gene, Roundhouse Grapples with Healthcare Reform, Bills Signed into Law by Governor Richardson, What’s Going On? Dancing Awake the Fifth World.

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