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Teaching Students to Think by Creating

Climate Change as a Challenge Calling for Action 


Catherine Page Harris


I enjoin students to begin the process of learning by making. I usually mention the analogy of Athena springing fully formed from the head of Zeus and the observation that if you aren’t an Olympian god, likely you aren’t going to be able to pull off that kind of (pro) creation.


I think we all share a basic fear of having to see our mistakes. Yet, those mistakes and sketches and half-baked ideas are the stuff that moves us forward. Sometimes, I will sit down and try to offer the internal More >

SeedBroadcast Presenting Voices


Seedbroadcast is an artist collective that has been operating since 2011. It was started by Jeanette Hart-Mann and Chrissie Orr and expanded with additional member Ruben Olguín. Their mission is to present voices of agriculture—from industrial farms to urban gardens. Seedbroadcast records people who work with seeds and plants and those who nurture communities. The project disseminates knowledge gleaned from those people’s experiences to the communities they impact and beyond.


Hart-Mann, Orr and Olguín talk about culture through regional, personal and socio-economic contexts. Over the last two years, they have been working among indigenous and rural communities that are trying to More >

Dance of the Bees


Adelma Aurora Hnasko


 Each spring when the snows melt and the ground thaws, I carry a chair out to the orchard and position it close to the entrances of my honeybee hives. With cup of tea, I sit quietly, waiting for sunrays to crest the mountain and hit the metal roofs of the hives. In this moment of warmth, bees crowd the doorways of their homes and begin, one by one, to fly out into the morning glow in search of nectar and pollen.


The bees are nimble when they exit: Thousands dart out in straight vectors on their foraging journeys. More >

Dancing Earth Explores Renewable Energy


Dancing Earth—an intertribal dance ensemble based in Santa Fe and San Francisco—continues to reflect vital contemporary expressions from the heart of indigenous cultures related to climate change. After a decade of creating dance theater work that interpreted themes of water, seeds and Native foods from indigenous perspectives, the troupe has begun a multi-year project to explore the concept of renewable energy from cultural, spiritual and practical perspectives. With indigenous people on front lines of climate change everywhere, the topic is particularly relevant.


Starting with a gathering in June of intertribal elders and culture carriers, Dancing Earth, led by Rulan Tangen, continued More >

Sol Not Coal


Hakim Bellamy


The biggest trick

your utility company has ever pulled

was getting you to believe

that the sun didn’t exist.


Reduced it to a forecast

instead of fuel.

Sold you a 20 gallon

top down road trip …


Instead of Energy Independence Day

and a straight line from your electric car

straight to the source.


What if you could plug

your whole entire house

into the sun?


What if we let sleeping coal lie?

What if we let the fossils bury their dead?

What if PNM got its head out of the ground,

and led?

What if New Mexico stopped looking back

and looked up?


Realized that while they are mining our pockets dry,

money is literally falling from More >

Newsbites – September 2017


SFCC Granted $351,000 for Building Energy Automation and Microgrid Training Center


The U.S. Economic Development Administration has granted Santa Fe Community College $351,000 to purchase equipment for a Building Energy Automation and Microgrid Training Center (BEAMTC). Two labs will provide specialized hands-on training. The college is leveraging an additional $326,000 in state appropriations and $111,661 in donated equipment and engineering expertise from Siemens Industries and other industry partners. This investment will create a research environment to support product development, testing, workforce training and business attraction and is projected to support up to 750 jobs in the next 10 years.


BEAMTC will More >

What’s Going On? – Albuquerque – September 2017


Sept. 7– 17

New Mexico State Fair

Louisiana and Lomas


Sept. 9, 1–6 pm


Kiva Auditorium, ABQ Convention Center

TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion on innovative ideas. $50/$25 students.


Sept. 9, 6–9 pm

IPCC 8th Annual Gala

IPCC, 2401 12th NW

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center’s Season’s of Growth Gala. Art, food, dance and history. Live and silent auctions. Fundraiser supports IPCC’s library and archives.


Sept. 13–16

MetaECHO 2017

ABQ Convention Center and Hyatt Regency

Conference will bring together health policy experts, government officials, academic leaders, funders and Project ECHO’s global partners. Poster sessions, panel discussions, TED-like talks, workshops.,


Sept. 14, 9 am–1 pm

UNM Health Sciences More >

What’s Going On? – Santa Fe – September 2017


Sept. 1–3

EQUUS Film Fest

35 movies, trailers and shorts about human-equine interaction, tribal traditions and the romance of the horse. 9/2: kids’ movie block. Tickets: $10/block or $75/weekend. Benefits the Horse Shelter.


Sept. 1–4

Unify Fest

Chi Center, Galisteo, NM

Co-create community and through art, ceremony, health, sustainability, music and unification of a global tribe. $70–$399, 12 & under free.,


Sept. 5

Renesan Classes Begin

St. John’s United Methodist Church

1200 Old Pecos Tr.

Institute for Lifelong Learning. 60+ daytime classes, lectures and trips in the arts, culture, current events, film, history, literature, music, science & technology and social sciences. 505.982.9274,


Sept. 6, 6–8 pm

Wildlife Talks

Unitarian Universalist More >

What’s Going On? – Taos – September 2017


Sept. 9, 2 pm

Route 66 in New Mexico

Kit Carson Electric Co-op Boardroom

118 Cruz Alta Rd.

Illustrated lecture by historian Baldwin Burr. Presented by the Taos County Historical Society. 575.779.8579,,


Sept. 11–Dec. 8

Conservation Crew

Hiring young men and women 18–25 for trail maintenance and/or forestry/fuels reduction projects. Americorps members receive personal and professional development training. 575.751.1420,


Sept. 22–Oct. 1

Taos Fall Arts Festival

Showcase for emerging and established artists in Taos County. Taos Open Exhibition reception/awards ceremony 9/22, 5–8 pm. Open daily, 10 am–6 pm at Guadalupe Parish Gymnasium, 205 Don Fernando St.


Through Oct. 27

Earth Bag Building Workshop

Learn to build a sustainable, More >

What’s Going On? – Here & There – September 2017


Sept. 1, 6–9 pm

Stories from the Earth

Center for the Arts, Northern NM College, 921 Paseo de Oñate, Española, NM

Art opening by Roger Montoya, Sabra Moore and Roxanne Swentzell plus Holy Faith Break Dancers, Coco Daco Dance Project and Mina Fajardo Flamenco. Presented by Moving Arts Española and NNMC. Free.


Sept. 2, 10 am–4 pm

5th Anniversary Open House

Española Community Market

312 Paseo de Oñate, Española, NM

Cooking demos, food sampling. Free.


Sept. 2, 2–6 pm

Regeneration Festival

Española Healing Foods Oasis, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Rd., Española, NM

Tree planting, solar oven. Near Valdez Park. Free. Presented by Tewa Women United.


Sept. 2–3, 10 am–5 pm

Cleveland Millfest

Hwy. 518, More >

ABQ Center for Peace and Justice schedules Peace Day Forum and Block Party

A number of groups, including the Albuquerque Center4 for Peace and Justice, have scheduled a Peace Day Forum on Thursday, Sept. 21 from 5:30pm to 8pm (includes Frito Pie) and the Peace Day Block Party on Saturday, Sept. 23 from 3pm to 7pm (includes live music, poetry, dance, food trucks, face painting, drumming, social justice info tables). For more information call 505.268.9557. Sponsored by: Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, United Nations Association Albuquerque Chapter, UNM Peace Studies Program, Power Through Peace, Campaign Nonviolence NM, and NM Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice.

Journey Santa Fe: Author Phil Connors On Fire Season—Field Notes From A Wilderness Look-Out

Journey Santa Fe sponsors Sunday morning gatherings of progressive thinkers who explore, through presentations, issues that influence our daily lives and the lives of future generations. All conversations are FREE and OPEN to the public and take place at 11 am at Collected Works Bookstore & Iconik Coffee House (202 Galisteo St. in Santa Fe, NM).



August 20, 2017 – Sunday, 11 am

Collected Works Bookstore & Iconik Coffeehouse


Author Phil Connors On Fire Season—Field Notes From A Wilderness Look-Out

With The NM Wilderness Alliance

Journey Hosts: Alan Webber & James Burbank



“In the tradition of Desert Solitaire and Shop Class as Soulcraft, a remarkable debut More >

Indigenous Resurgence lecture Aug. 17

“Resurgence” Free lecture, Thursday, August 17th 7:30pm-9:00pm at MIAC

Indigenous Peoples, Settlers and Decolonization. Indigenous Resurgence is a movement of Indigenous people to remake ourselves, as people and as nations, guided by ancient knowledge and organic principles from within our cultures. It is a regeneration of our identities, our cultures and ourselves in terms of the way we relate to the earth, each other and ourselves.


Join us for an evening with Taiaiake Alfred, Ph.D. from the Kahnawáke Nation in Canada. Taiaiake is an internationally recognized Kanien’kehaka professor at the University of Victoria.

When: Thursday, August 17th Time: 7:30pm-9:00pm Where: Museum of Indian More >

Journey Santa Fe: Renee Athay on Taking Political Action with Indivisible Santa Fe

Journey Santa Fe sponsors Sunday morning gatherings of progressive thinkers who explore, through presentations, issues that influence our daily lives and the lives of future generations. All conversations are FREE and OPEN to the public and take place at 11 am at Collected Works Bookstore & Iconik Coffee House (202 Galisteo St. in Santa Fe, NM).


August 13, 2017 – Sunday, 11 am At Collected Works Bookstore & Iconik Coffeehouse

Renee Athay: Taking Political Action with Indivisible Santa Fe Journey Hosts: Alan Webber & Bill Dupuy


Activist Renee Athay identifies issues where people can engage democracy by making an enhanced impact as a More >

Statewide conference on climate solutions slated for late October

Citizens’ Climate Education – NM (CCE-NM) is hosting a statewide conference: Getting Beyond the Climate Argument: Plugging into Solutions. Live presentations will be skyped among conference locations in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Taos. CCE-NM is an educational arm of the national organization, Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). This weekend of events includes:

 Thursday, Oct.  26: A screening and discussion of “Tomorrow.” This film offers communities from around the world local solutions that have global effects, and it gives encouragement to change the way we live for the sake of our planet.

 Saturday, Oct. 28: A day-long symposium of speakers More >

Journey Santa Fe: Senator Bill O’Neill: On Poetry and Politics

Journey Santa Fe sponsors Sunday morning gatherings of progressive thinkers who explore, through presentations, issues that influence our daily lives and the lives of future generations. All conversations are FREE and OPEN to the public and take place at 11 am at Collected Works Bookstore & Iconik Coffee House (202 Galisteo St. in Santa Fe, NM).

August 6, 2017 – Sunday, 11 am Collected Works Bookstore & Iconik Coffeehouse

Senator Bill O’Neill: On Poetry and Politics With Red Mountain Press Editor/Publisher Susan Gardner on The Freedom of the Ignored, the Author’s Debut Poetry Book. Journey Hosts: James Burbank, Alan Webber & Bill More >

OP-ED: Kayleigh Warren

Seventh Generation Youth Gathering for the Protection of Greater Chaco


On July 8, youth, elders and community members from the 18 Pueblo villages, the Hopi tribe, Navajo Nation, Comanche, Gila River, Jicarilla Apache, Mescalero Apache, Ute, Yaqui, Cheyenne, Lakota, Arapaho, Choctaw and Shawnee Nations came together at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the Seventh Generation Youth Gathering for the Protection of Greater Chaco. This event, hosted by Diné-Pueblo Youth Solidarity, the All Pueblo Council of Governors, Tewa Women United, and Communities for Clean Water, was held specifically for tribal youth, tribal youth councils of Pueblo and More >

OP-ED: CarlyJo Chavarría and KeShaun Shendo

Threats to Our Sacred Lands and Cultural Patrimony


Dear Honorable Senator Heinrich,


Thank you for taking the time to meet with us.


As you know, Pueblos in New Mexico are faced with increased threats to our sacred lands that are no longer part of our reservations. This is exemplified by the concern of the Pueblos with proposed fracking near Chaco Canyon that is to be addressed in the 2017 Resource Management Plan Amendment by the Bureau of Land Management. The New Mexico House of Representatives underscored the need for our communities to have tribal input in discussions about the protection of Chaco More >

Voices from a Chaco Community


Teresa Seamster


Chaco Canyon is one of the most unchanged ancient landscapes in the entire world. Chacoan architecture provides an unparalleled example of an ancient scientific ability to measure the Earth’s relationship to the heavens by recoråding solar cycles, lunar phases and the exact hours of darkness and light during the spring and fall equinoxes. Chaco was the astronomical center of the ancient Pueblo world. It unleashed the power of predictability and knowledge of time and seasons that governed, and still govern, human activity, availability of food and the success or failure of a subsistence culture.


Much has been written and researched More >

We Too Have a History!

Reflections on Kaafedeh (Blowing Leaf) – Herman Agoyo


Matthew J. Martínez


To the Pueblo people here, Po’pay is our hero. Tribes were on the verge of losing their cultural identity when the Pueblo Revolt brought everything back on track for our people. – Herman Agoyo


This past April, our respected elder, educator and councilman, Herman Agoyo, walked on with all those who came before. At Ohkay Owingeh, he was known as a former governor, religious leader, farmer, father and friend. He built a lifelong legacy of bringing the stories and experiences of Native people to the forefront. I’m honored to be one of More >