September 2017

Restoring Relationship: Creativity in the Age of Climate Change


Molly Sturges


To talk about creativity and climate is to talk about restoring and strengthening relationships. Climate is a highly abstract concept. Having worked with hundreds of people around the globe on arts, social and environmental healing projects, I can honestly say I believe we are first and foremost beings that grow, learn and expand through many kinds of relationships. Some relationships are much more comfortable or familiar for us to engage with than others. Again and again, I have seen that we find and make ourselves in relationship to ourselves, each other, our living natural world and the larger mystery.  


In my work with More >

OP-ED: A Tewa Woman’s Reflection on Urgency


Beata Tsosie-Peña


In my ancestral homelands of northern New Mexico there resides knowledge that is held within Tewa deserts and forested landscapes, where mountains are elders, and our rivers are alive with a spirit that has sustained us since time immemorial with traditional knowledge that continues to guide us to be caretakers of this place. Countless prayers of First Nations are recorded here within shared memory of all that exists, and so is an act of violence so great that it will forever be recorded in sacred time. For in the western region of our Tewa world, in our beloved Jemez More >

Only Story Will Save Us


Michelle Otero


When I was seven I dug a hole in our front yard. My plan was to dig until I could hear the screams of hell, until flames knocked against the shovel. A week earlier, Sister Rosalie had separated our catechism class into lambs and goats. She kept a tally on the chalkboard as she fired questions at us: Do you say bad words? Do you disobey your parents? Do you go to mass every Sunday? The wrong answer, or even hesitation, cast us into the fiery pit. In the end, all but three of us were condemned as goats, sentenced to an More >

Why Poetry? Why Now?


Anne Haven McDonnell


As we spin and hurl in an age of ecological collapse, staggering injustice and political mendacity and absurdity, why turn to poetry? Even as I write this, I see the training of my mind to categorize and justify, to argue one thing at the expense of another. But poetry, to me, is about blowing open this kind of thinking to experience, to a different kind of knowing, and to penetrate to a kind of feeling and experience that resists this kind of categorization. We are trained to value what is “measurable,” and yet the most important experiences of More >

Lead Like a Leaf


Joel Glanzberg


“Cells rely heavily on the code of DNA for development, but they also need a sense of place to do their work. Indeed, the code is utterly worthless without the cell’s ability to determine its place in the overall organism, a feat that is accomplished by the elegant strategy of paying attention to one’s neighbors. As [Matt] Ridley writes, ‘the great beauty of embryo development, the bit that human beings find so hard to grasp, is that it is a totally decentralized process.’” (from Emergence by Steven Johnson)


Life is by nature creative. Unlike mechanical systems, this is how she di-solves her More >

Biomimicry: The Practice of Emulating Nature’s Genius


Toby Herzlich


Life creates conditions conducive to life. From the first single cell that split into two, life has been expressing itself as a creative force—constantly wriggling, pulsing, joining, dividing, breathing, dying, decaying and morphing into new and ongoing expressions of matter and energy. This vitality happens in a context and through co-evolving relationships in the practice of taking care of the place that will take care of the next generation. Nature builds soil, opens new niches, coaxes mutually beneficial relationships, adapts toward emergent new possibilities. Success for an organism is not so much about how large it grows or how More >

Firerock: Pass the Spark Inspiring Change Heart to Heart


Molly Sturges and The Firerock Team


Firerock is a project that catalyzes community engagement with climate change through the ancient practices of song and story. At its core it is a mythical, warm-hearted, family-friendly musical production that illuminates humankind’s disconnection from the destructive social, spiritual and economic impacts of extractive energy. Performances are integrated with engagement activities to build community, create spaces for dialogue and foster sustained collective action. Ultimately, Firerock focuses on what we can do to adapt to combat the worst impacts of climate change and join together with dignity and care to create a truly just and compassionate More >

Creative Muscles for Creative Leadership


Molly Sturges and Chrissie Orr


Combined, Molly Sturges and Chrissie Orr have developed and executed creative participatory projects around the world for over 80 years. They have collaborated on many arts and social and environmental healing projects. They love to stir things up enough to shake off the old junk that makes everyone unhappy. They like to welcome in expressions that provide inspiration and vitality. Here are some “creative muscles” they focus upon in their projects:


Listening: Dancing Belly to Belly With The Mystery

Listening is fundamental to coming into relationship with ourselves, each other, the living world and the greater mystery. What we listen to and More >

The Jemez Principles Applied to Climate Justice


Twenty years ago, 40 people at a meeting on globalization and trade agreed on a set of six principles for democratic organizing. The group was a combination of environmental justice and environmental health advocates that included many people of color and community organizers. Their intent was to help people coming from different cultures, politics, and organizations build a movement together. What they came up with are now known as the Jémez Principles, after the small pueblo in New Mexico where the meeting was held.


Addressing climate from any angle requires us to support communities at risk of racism, gender violence, More >

Teaching Students to Think by Creating

Climate Change as a Challenge Calling for Action 


Catherine Page Harris


I enjoin students to begin the process of learning by making. I usually mention the analogy of Athena springing fully formed from the head of Zeus and the observation that if you aren’t an Olympian god, likely you aren’t going to be able to pull off that kind of (pro) creation.


I think we all share a basic fear of having to see our mistakes. Yet, those mistakes and sketches and half-baked ideas are the stuff that moves us forward. Sometimes, I will sit down and try to offer the internal More >

SeedBroadcast Presenting Voices


Seedbroadcast is an artist collective that has been operating since 2011. It was started by Jeanette Hart-Mann and Chrissie Orr and expanded with additional member Ruben Olguín. Their mission is to present voices of agriculture—from industrial farms to urban gardens. Seedbroadcast records people who work with seeds and plants and those who nurture communities. The project disseminates knowledge gleaned from those people’s experiences to the communities they impact and beyond.


Hart-Mann, Orr and Olguín talk about culture through regional, personal and socio-economic contexts. Over the last two years, they have been working among indigenous and rural communities that are trying to More >

Dance of the Bees


Adelma Aurora Hnasko


 Each spring when the snows melt and the ground thaws, I carry a chair out to the orchard and position it close to the entrances of my honeybee hives. With cup of tea, I sit quietly, waiting for sunrays to crest the mountain and hit the metal roofs of the hives. In this moment of warmth, bees crowd the doorways of their homes and begin, one by one, to fly out into the morning glow in search of nectar and pollen.


The bees are nimble when they exit: Thousands dart out in straight vectors on their foraging journeys. More >

Dancing Earth Explores Renewable Energy


Dancing Earth—an intertribal dance ensemble based in Santa Fe and San Francisco—continues to reflect vital contemporary expressions from the heart of indigenous cultures related to climate change. After a decade of creating dance theater work that interpreted themes of water, seeds and Native foods from indigenous perspectives, the troupe has begun a multi-year project to explore the concept of renewable energy from cultural, spiritual and practical perspectives. With indigenous people on front lines of climate change everywhere, the topic is particularly relevant.


Starting with a gathering in June of intertribal elders and culture carriers, Dancing Earth, led by Rulan Tangen, continued More >

Sol Not Coal


Hakim Bellamy


The biggest trick

your utility company has ever pulled

was getting you to believe

that the sun didn’t exist.


Reduced it to a forecast

instead of fuel.

Sold you a 20 gallon

top down road trip …


Instead of Energy Independence Day

and a straight line from your electric car

straight to the source.


What if you could plug

your whole entire house

into the sun?


What if we let sleeping coal lie?

What if we let the fossils bury their dead?

What if PNM got its head out of the ground,

and led?

What if New Mexico stopped looking back

and looked up?


Realized that while they are mining our pockets dry,

money is literally falling from More >

Newsbites – September 2017


SFCC Granted $351,000 for Building Energy Automation and Microgrid Training Center


The U.S. Economic Development Administration has granted Santa Fe Community College $351,000 to purchase equipment for a Building Energy Automation and Microgrid Training Center (BEAMTC). Two labs will provide specialized hands-on training. The college is leveraging an additional $326,000 in state appropriations and $111,661 in donated equipment and engineering expertise from Siemens Industries and other industry partners. This investment will create a research environment to support product development, testing, workforce training and business attraction and is projected to support up to 750 jobs in the next 10 years.


BEAMTC will More >

What’s Going On? – Albuquerque – September 2017


Sept. 7– 17

New Mexico State Fair

Louisiana and Lomas


Sept. 9, 1–6 pm


Kiva Auditorium, ABQ Convention Center

TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion on innovative ideas. $50/$25 students.


Sept. 9, 6–9 pm

IPCC 8th Annual Gala

IPCC, 2401 12th NW

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center’s Season’s of Growth Gala. Art, food, dance and history. Live and silent auctions. Fundraiser supports IPCC’s library and archives.


Sept. 13–16

MetaECHO 2017

ABQ Convention Center and Hyatt Regency

Conference will bring together health policy experts, government officials, academic leaders, funders and Project ECHO’s global partners. Poster sessions, panel discussions, TED-like talks, workshops.,


Sept. 14, 9 am–1 pm

UNM Health Sciences More >

What’s Going On? – Santa Fe – September 2017


Sept. 1–3

EQUUS Film Fest

35 movies, trailers and shorts about human-equine interaction, tribal traditions and the romance of the horse. 9/2: kids’ movie block. Tickets: $10/block or $75/weekend. Benefits the Horse Shelter.


Sept. 1–4

Unify Fest

Chi Center, Galisteo, NM

Co-create community and through art, ceremony, health, sustainability, music and unification of a global tribe. $70–$399, 12 & under free.,


Sept. 5

Renesan Classes Begin

St. John’s United Methodist Church

1200 Old Pecos Tr.

Institute for Lifelong Learning. 60+ daytime classes, lectures and trips in the arts, culture, current events, film, history, literature, music, science & technology and social sciences. 505.982.9274,


Sept. 6, 6–8 pm

Wildlife Talks

Unitarian Universalist More >

What’s Going On? – Taos – September 2017


Sept. 9, 2 pm

Route 66 in New Mexico

Kit Carson Electric Co-op Boardroom

118 Cruz Alta Rd.

Illustrated lecture by historian Baldwin Burr. Presented by the Taos County Historical Society. 575.779.8579,,


Sept. 11–Dec. 8

Conservation Crew

Hiring young men and women 18–25 for trail maintenance and/or forestry/fuels reduction projects. Americorps members receive personal and professional development training. 575.751.1420,


Sept. 22–Oct. 1

Taos Fall Arts Festival

Showcase for emerging and established artists in Taos County. Taos Open Exhibition reception/awards ceremony 9/22, 5–8 pm. Open daily, 10 am–6 pm at Guadalupe Parish Gymnasium, 205 Don Fernando St.


Through Oct. 27

Earth Bag Building Workshop

Learn to build a sustainable, More >

What’s Going On? – Here & There – September 2017


Sept. 1, 6–9 pm

Stories from the Earth

Center for the Arts, Northern NM College, 921 Paseo de Oñate, Española, NM

Art opening by Roger Montoya, Sabra Moore and Roxanne Swentzell plus Holy Faith Break Dancers, Coco Daco Dance Project and Mina Fajardo Flamenco. Presented by Moving Arts Española and NNMC. Free.


Sept. 2, 10 am–4 pm

5th Anniversary Open House

Española Community Market

312 Paseo de Oñate, Española, NM

Cooking demos, food sampling. Free.


Sept. 2, 2–6 pm

Regeneration Festival

Española Healing Foods Oasis, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Rd., Española, NM

Tree planting, solar oven. Near Valdez Park. Free. Presented by Tewa Women United.


Sept. 2–3, 10 am–5 pm

Cleveland Millfest

Hwy. 518, More >