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December 2012

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BEYOND 2012: Wisdom from the Origins – The Mayan Calendar and the Future of Humanity, LUCA’s Dream, Saved in Time – Book Review, A Report from Greenbuild 2012, The Big Gorilla, Have Your Money Go Local This Holiday Season, Everyday Green : Gifting Local, The Río Grande Returns, Overcoming Greed, The Tesuque Pueblo Seed Bank, The Local Voice : Urban Farming in the Heart of Santa Fe, Declaration of Commitment to Indigenous Peoples, Nutrition and Wellness Tips, Newsbites, What’s Going On?
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November 2012

GFT Nov 2012 CoverClearing the Air Around Clean Energy, Op-Ed: Concerns About Our Water, Santa Fe’s Water Use, Slow the Flow, Spread the Nutrients, The Land Quilt, Feeding Nine Billion People without Destroying Nature, Southwest Women in Conservation, Fresh AIRE —The Energy of Agriculture: Calories and Community, New Solar Technology in New Mexico Rural Water Pumping, Santa Fe Indian School Programs Promote Native Sustainability, Battling Youth Nature Deficit Disorder, Converting Your Home to Solar, The Local Voice: Social Enterprise Gets Real, Book Profile: Scaling Your Social Venture, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: Future Memory…Revival of the Common Sense, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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October 2012

GFT Oct 2012 CoverBack to the Future: Old Ideas and Modern Technology to Solve the Energy Crisis, Los Alamos Smart Grid Powers-Up, The Extraordinary Technology Conference, Solar Newsbites, Carbon Economy Series Back in Santa Fe, Benchmarking Empowerment, Biomass Energy for a Hydrocarbon Earth, Building a Community Food System: IAIA’s Demonstration Garden, A Visit to China Opens Doors to North Korea through Sustainable Agriculture, Farming for a Sustainable South Valley Community, The Story Behind the Wildfires, Wildland Fire Science at Northern New Mexico College, Responding to Instability, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: The Prodigious Power of Our Beliefs, Start Today Before Tomorrow Is Gone, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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September 2012

GFT Sept 2012 CoverThe Northern Río Grande National Heritage Area, The Making of a National Heritage Area, Developing Partnerships for the Northern Río Grande National Heritage Area, Interviews with NRGNHA Board Members, ¡Sostenga! Where Community Defines Tradition as Sustainability, 2012 NRGNHA Grant Recipients, Decentralization and Coherence, Heritage Crops Still Grown After Centuries of Sustaining the People, The Women, Food and Literature Class at Northern New Mexico College, Reflections on Full Stomachs and Happy Hearts, Cultural Heritage Enterprises, Book Profiles, Land Water People Time – Documentary Film, Rivers Run Through Us, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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August 2012

Seeking Coherence, Native Public Media’s Digital Journalism and Storytelling, Santa Clara Pueblo: Reforestation and Recovery, Institute of American Indian Art’s Declaration of Interdependence, The Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative, Solar Projects Going Up on Tribal Lands, The Southwest Native Green Loan Fund: Building Green Economies in Indian Country, Strengthening Hopi Agricultural Traditions, The Pueblo Cotton and Weaving Project, The Navajo-Hopi Water Rights Settlement Act, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: Uniting as One Voice to Sustain our Native Cultures, Energy Newsbites, Everyday Green: Interdependence, Sustainability and Resilience, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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July 2012

World Renewable Energy Forum 2012, The Eden Gardens Project: Food and Energy Security,The Urban Store in Albuquerque, The Local Voice: Growing Green, Growing Local, THRIVE: An Interview with Foster and Kimberly Gamble, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: The Evolution of Consciousness, Sustainable Enterprises: Netroots Nation, Sostenga! It’s in the Water: Risk in Perspective, Toxic Chemicals Dumped into New Mexico’s Waterways, Commemoration of Historic Clean Water Act Settlement, Cultural Entrepreneurship: Santa Fe Walkabouts, Everyday Green: The Green Connection in Travel, Retire Your Way: After Working, What?, Newsbites, What’s Going On?

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June 2012

GreenBuilt Tour 2012, Affordable Passive House Construction, The Net-Zero-Energy Home, Calculate Your Home’s Energy Efficiency, The Southwest’s and the Planet’s Energy Future, A Solution at Our Fingertips, Ground Broken for the NM Consortium’s Biologica l Lab oratory at Los Alamos, One Out of Two New Mexicans Live in Areas Hit by Recent Weather Disasters, Firefighters in NM Connect Record Fires with Climate Change, Climate Change Newsbites, Importing Bees: High Demand Creates a Huge Dilemma, Everyday Green: Protecting Yourself from Pesticides, Is Rainwater Harvesting Worth It in a Desert?, Fifth Annual Celebrando las Acequias, A Tipping Point for Sustainable Business?, Green Money Journal Celebrates 20 Years of Sustainable Investing, What’s Going On?

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May 2012

Northern NM’s Solar Energy Future, My Solar Story… What’s Yours Going to Be?, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Homes and Businesses, Energy Efficient Buildings’ Benefits, Environmental Audit for Small Businesses and Community Centers, Solar Newsbites, 2012 and Beyond: Sustainable Systems and the Predicament of Water in NM, Fresh AIRE : Growing Season 2012, ¡Sostenga! Where Tradition Meets Sustainability – Eremita Campos, Del Are Llano: The Moorish Influence in New Mexico Agriculture, Goatscaping: Going Green by Going Goats, Homegrown Medicinal Herbs, Everyday Green: Eating Herbs for Health, A Visit to the Farmers’ Market to Learn about the Farm Bill, Ask the Bugman: Control Pests without Toxic Pesticides, The Center for Innovation and Sustainability, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: The Cultural Reemergence of Democracy, What’s Going On?

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April 2012

The Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Tourism Definitions, Everyday Green: Regional Tourism – A Potential Strategy, Zuni Mainstreet, Columbine Hondo: New Mexico’s Forgotten Wilderness, One of New Mexico’s Best-Kept Secrets, Green Living Project Film Documents NM Ecotourism Adventures, Ecotourism al Nuevo Mexicano, Agritourism: A Growing Business for Small Farms, Educational Travel: Without Books and Beyond Classrooms, Local Sustainability Program Explores Ecotourism Opportunities, Earth Week Events, The Local Voice: Imagine all the People…Eating New Mexico Food, Sustainable Enterprises: Española Community Market, Making the Food Connections: Las Vegas, New Mexico, Newsbites, Tours & Tourist Opportunities, New Mexico Centennial Commemorative Events, Historical Society of NM’s 2012 Statehood History Conference, Creative Santa Fe’s New Initiative: Imagined Futures, The Art of Change: Climate Change and Indigenous Solutions Conference, Design by Nature: Tularosa Basin Conference, Voluntourism, What’s Going On?!

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March 2012

In Praise of Restoration Ecology, Water, Air and Land: A Sacred Trust, New Map Documents Water Concerns in NM, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: The Real Cost of Santa Fe’s “Cheap” Energy and Clean Air, The End of Pretend, The Art of Change: Climate Justice and Indigenous Solutions Conference, Sustainable Enterprises: Where Profits and Values Meet, How Green Is Your Landscape?, Sostenga: Culturally Appropriate Food for a Resilient Community, Transition Albuquerque and Transition UNM, Responsibility, Sustainability and the Imagination, Affordable Energy Efficient Homes Have Arrived, Electric Vehicles Can Revolutionize America’s Energy Use, What is Compost?, The Local Voice: Local Economies – Happy, Healthy and Wise, Retire Your Way: Planning for Your Retirement, What’s Going On?

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February 2012

Prescription for Healing Our Bodies and Healing the Earth, Give Yourself the Greatest Gift: A Healthier You in 2012, Del Are Llano: Una Vida Buena y Sana (y Alegre)–A Sound, Healthy (and Cheerful) Life, Sostenga: Tradition of Nutrition and Culturally Appropriate Food, Everyday Green: Greening Your Brain, NEWSBITES, Healing and Transformation in 2012, Curanderismo Festival, Healing with Flowers, Reconnection Therapy, Symptoms: Your Body’s Secret Healing Messages, Healing through Horses, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: Planetary Healing, OP-ED: There is no Invisible Barrier that Separates Air, The Local Voice: Community Heal Theyself, Retire Your Way: The New Retirement, What’s Going On!

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January 2012

If I Had $16 Million, Here’s How I Would Spend It in NM to Help Change the World, Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green: Welcome to the Mythical Year… 2012, Tres Hermanas: Educating Women to Unite Communities, CODECE : Joining the Global Economy Using Ancient Systems, Congreso de las Acequias, Freedom to Farm: Genetic Engineering of NM’s Chile, New Mexico Traditional Chile Summit, Seed Saving to Ensure Local Food Security, Del Are Llano: La Milpa: A Sustainable Model, Where Trashy Meets Classy at IAIA, Pueblo Youth Leading Sustainability Efforts Visit the White House, Emmy Award-Winning TV Host Partners with Habitat for Humanity, A Response to the PRC’s Decision on PNM’s Renewable Energy Plan, Newsbites, Surfing the Crowd Funding Wave, Everyday Green: Veggie Protein and Sustainability, What’s Going On!

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