November 2013

New Mexico Health Connections’ Commitment to the Triple Bottom Line


It’s probably not all that common to see a health insurance company committed to the triple bottom line, but New Mexico Health Connections (NMHC) is not your common health insurance company. NMHC was created to shake things up in health care. The company sees itself as an agent of change.

NMHC was created by the Affordable Care Act as a nonprofit, consumer-operated and -oriented (co-op) health plan. The company’s mission is to provide New Mexico individuals and small businesses with an affordable nonprofit option for their health coverage. This means that any profits must be driven back either into expanded benefits or lower costs for members.



New Mexico Health Connections is focused on keeping New Mexican communities healthy. Its mission is to make sure every New Mexican has access to affordable health coverage. NMHC has worked hard to make its health plan available throughout the state—especially in rural areas where it might be hard to find health coverage options.

No one should go without the security of health coverage. Experience can testify that having it available makes communities healthier. Doctors are able to see more patients early, before minor problems become chronic conditions. This keeps people healthy and active and helps reduce the need for hospitalizations and costly procedures.

In the end, putting people first is the job of any consumer-operated plan. Like other co-op models, members will make up a majority of the board of directors, putting health plan members squarely in charge of the health plan.



As a nonprofit co-op, any profits must be shared with members in the form of lower costs or expanded benefits, but this doesn’t mean NMHC isn’t committed to a healthy business model.

NMHS is based on a strong investment in New Mexico’s primary-care system, especially community health workers who will help doctors reach out to patients and ensure they are doing the simple things like taking their necessary medications, living in healthy environments and focusing on wellness. This investment in community health will allow doctors to better care for their patients and reduce the need for acute interventions such as emergency room visits and procedures.

Over time, this brand of care will lead to a much healthier population. Profits will likely be lower, but our communities will be much stronger.



Since New Mexico Health Connections was created in 2012, it has a unique perspective that the older health plans lack. The organization was created in a digital age, and from day one it has focused on creating a nearly paperless experience for its members. This means being an innovator in leveraging technology for communications and being conscientious and thoughtful about its footprint. NMHC believes that this is one of the many ways it can serve its members best.

A healthy planet is essential for healthy communities, and healthy communities facilitate health in people and families. NM Health Connections is passionate about its commitment to a healthy triple bottom line.


New Mexico Health Connections

2440 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Suite 601, Albuquerque, NM 87110





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