November 2013

What Are Triple-Bottom-Line Businesses?

The New Mexico Green Chamber Seizes the Green Business Advantage


Lindsay Laine


The New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce (NMGCC) and its local chapters are a coalition of businesses and organizations dedicated to building healthy economies in New Mexico’s diverse communities.

NMGCC businesses are guided by the triple bottom line. That means investing in people, protecting our air, land and water, and creating long-term profits. These are not mutually exclusive goals. This is where profits and values meet.

Through programs such as Think Local First, the NMGCC promotes locally owned, independent businesses. Compared to chain stores, these businesses recycle a higher percentage of profits back into the local economy, supporting a wide range of jobs and enriching the whole community. The tax revenue from local business stays in our communities to support schools, parks, police, fire departments, etc.

The NMGCC is also a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and innovative small businesses. Each year NMGCC chapters produce a Think Local First guide that features information on shopping in their area, as well as a directory of local Green Chamber members. Buying local helps grow small business. In a survey released last year by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, 75 percent of small companies across the country said that buy-local campaigns have a significant impact on their business.

Green business practices contribute to a sustainable future. The NMGCC is working to provide businesses with resources and steps to become more energy efficient, thus reducing expenses, as well as a business’s carbon footprint. Being more energy efficient and practices such as reducing or reusing waste can ultimately improve the quality of life in our communities. The Green Chamber’s annual Recycling Recognition Awards are held in each region around America Recycles Day, Nov 15.

Green Business Practices can be a marketing tool for businesses. The NMGCC offers extensive advertising and promotional opportunities to member businesses. The Chamber’s online directory serves as a clearinghouse of information for consumers.

The New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce also promotes economic development through renewable energy and seeks to position New Mexico as a leader in job creation and investment in the industry. Clean Edge 2012 ranks New Mexico’s Clean Energy Economy as eighth in the nation, based on advanced technology, policy innovation and capital investment. The state is ranked second for solar potential, 12th for wind potential, and has vast largely untapped geothermal and biomass resources.


To learn more about triple-bottom-line businesses and the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce: 505.244.3700,,


Lindsay Laine is the statewide project coordinator for the Green Chamber and began as an intern in 2011. She has an MBA in Management of Technology from the Anderson School of Management.




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