December 2013

Luminaria Awards – A Brief History

The Luminaria Awards are a proud NMCF tradition that pays tribute to outstanding individuals throughout the state who make a profound difference in their communities. Luminarias motivate, inspire, protect and support the dreams of others, promote diversity and equity and build community strength through their leadership and vision. Alongside these Luminarias, the NMCF shares a commitment to help build community, grow charitable assets and help those most in need.


In 1996, the NMCF Board of Directors conceived of the Luminaria awards. Jaune Evans, NMCF’s executive director at that time, initiated the first Luminaria event, which was celebrated in December of that year. Close to 500 people attended, an indication of support, love and gratitude for the vision and leadership demonstrated by the honorees. In its 30th year, the NMCF is proud to once again not only honor the outstanding individuals that embody the mission and values of NMCF, but also to honor the commitment of the Foundation’s partners, donors, grantees, past and present board members, community leaders and friends.



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