January 2014

Book Profile – Acequia Culture: Water, Land, and Community in the Southwest

By José A. Rivera, University of New Mexico Press, 1998

La de la Acequia, Spanish translation of Acequia Culture

Universidad de Valencia, Spain, 2009


This book delineates an acequia culture based on a reciprocal relationship between irrigation and community. The acequia experience grows out of a conservation ethic and a tradition of sharing that should be recognized and preserved in an age of increasing demand for scarce water resources. Rivera lays out the legal and administrative status of these communal institutions, from their Old World roots to the contemporary period, and recommends a number of public policy actions to sustain the acequia communities into the future.


The Historical Role of Acequias and Agriculture in New Mexico

By José A. Rivera, in Water Policy in New Mexico: Addressing the challenges of an uncertain future, David S. Brookshire, Hoshin V. Gupta and Olen Paul Matthews, editors, Resources for the Future Press, 2012


This book by a group of academics from multiple disciplines addresses water policy and management issues in New Mexico, including specific topics such as water quality, endangered species, and the evolution of new water-management institutions.




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