February 2014

Sustainable Healing


Amanda Hessel


Ever feel like you have been trying to heal the same symptom or condition in your body for years? Perhaps it comes and goes, but you know you aren’t 100 percent healed. Maybe you have even seen all types of practitioners and healers but feel like you haven’t reached the state of health you want in your body. These feelings are more common than you may think. Chronic disease is on the rise and is affecting us earlier in life. Despite advancing medical technologies and our efforts to change and be healthier, we often do not experience the amount of physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being we desire.


A primary reason our bodies break down and express symptoms and conditions is because we lose our ability to adapt to life’s circumstances. We all have a range of what we can handle. When we stretch beyond that range we start to feel stressed. Stress is defined as pressure or tension on a system (such as our body) that results from demanding or adverse circumstances. Over time this pressure can create a situation in the body called chronic stress. With chronic stress we begin to lose our ability to recover from sickness or injury, we feel tired, our muscles feel tense, we might have stomach upset, and we can feel irritable and not fully present in our life. We lose our innate ability to heal and our connection to ourselves and those things that are important to us because we don’t have the energy for them. Chronic stress puts our bodies into an energy-poor state. This is a survival condition in the body and it is incompatible with healing, growth, sustainability and greater well-being.


For full, sustainable healing to occur, the energy state of the body must change. We cannot expect greater health through simply alleviating symptoms with methods that remove or numb the pain or condition. Most people think that when they have a symptom, the symptom is the problem and they must get rid of it. Most also think that when they get rid of the symptom it means the body is all better and that they are healthier. This, however, is not necessarily the case. Symptoms and pains are often the expression of a situation in the body where there is not enough energy to maintain optimal function of all the organs, glands, muscles and cells. The body may malfunction, break down, and disease processes begin to show up. If you don’t change the energy-state of the body, it will continue to function poorly because the underlying state that set up the problem in the first place has not been addressed. In time, old symptoms will show up again or new ones will develop in their place.


Removal or alleviation of pains and symptoms merely buys a person time. People choose one of two paths to follow with that time. The first path is to go about life as they did before the symptom occurred, without making any changes. This allows a person to continue the same life and function in the world as he or she did before the symptom. However, this approach does not provide a higher energy state in the body. Typically what happens in this situation is that the body will continue to break down (even with the symptom removed) until a crisis point is reached where a person has to make a life-and-death health decision, which often involves taking drugs or having a lifesaving surgery. The other path is to undergo a healing process. In a healing process, people use symptoms and pains as energy to make changes in their life. Change gives us a new energy source and brings the body into an energy-rich state. In an energy-rich state the body can function better; it has more adaptability, flexibility and resilience, and it can heal sustainably.


Largely what we have done in our current healthcare system is to take away symptoms and conditions that contain the energy we need for change. With that we have taken away our opportunity to be even healthier and experience greater possibilities for our lives. We have valued comfort and sameness over change and growth. Stability and security have become the hallmarks to a good life, and when that becomes threatened, especially in our bodies, we look for certainty at all costs; we want to return to the life we had before the condition occurred, instead of moving into and creating something new. Moving into greater health and sustainable healing requires a radical shift in our perception of what symptoms and pains mean along with the tools to gain the messages our bodies are giving us through their expression.



Dr. Amanda Hessel, D.C., M.S., B.S., is a chiropractor and body-awareness facilitator. She is dedicated to shifting consciousness around health and helping people create energy-rich states in their body-mind so that greater levels of health are achieved. She utilizes a gentle system called Network Care to assist people in healing. For more information, contact the Scher Center for Well Being. 505.989.9373, www.HealingWithoutLimits.com




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