March 2014

Española – A Microcosm Of Our Region


Española is a microcosm of the wide border region of Mexico and the United States. It is the quintessential meeting place, albeit a chaotic and embattled one, of Latin American and Anglo civilizations. It is also the traditional homeland of the Tewa Pueblo people and their millennial civilization, which continues to honor the earth, its plants and animals, as well as the seen and unseen forces of the universe.


No landscape could be more beautiful or befitting of this epic intersection. The valley is flanked by the reposing blue mountains of the Jémez and the towering grey stone Truchas Peaks. The Río Chama and Río Grande come together here to irrigate the valley and quicken it to life.


In Española these civilizations coexist, merge or clash and retreat. Its earth, buildings and people bear the bruises and scars of the collision of worlds, the huge social changes and economic disparities. Not withstanding, Española’s greatest treasure is its towa, gente, people. In a world of perpetual cycles, the seed of their future is just now beginning to germinate,soon to flower. This is indeed cause for the continued cultivation of its soul and its soil.


Alejandro López, associate editor


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