April 2014

Green Fire Times – 60 Months


This is the 60th monthly edition of Green Fire Times. Though GFT has been pigeonholed by some as an “environmental” publication, this edition is actually the first time we have focused almost entirely on current environmental issues at play in New Mexico. When I use terms like “environment” or “bioregional sustainability,” I include people as part of that. Throughout the past five years, GFT has sought to present a mix of articles that reflects our region’s communities, cultures, economy and the environment in ways that show how interdependent all of those elements are.

In time for Earth Day and related events throughout the month, at a time when 40 percent of the public does not believe that humans are changing the planet (according to a Pew poll), this edition of GFT highlights some of the key contentious environmental issues in the state and some of the dedicated organizations engaged with the impacts of energy production, industrial agriculture, waste management, pollution of water, air and land; and the fight for wilderness preservation and biodiversity.

As we said in the first issue of GFT, our intention is to provide useful information, along with a timely and inspired vision of our region’s transformation to a diverse and sustainable green economy. Deterioration of our environment, health, relationships and established economic policies compel us to come up with solutions that we couldn’t even conceive of 25 years ago. Sustainable practices and techniques, some age-old and some new and innovative, can provide reliable long-term solutions that support and replenish our environment and our communities for future generations.


Seth Roffman, Editor-in-Chief



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