July 2014

Sustainable Santa Fe – Monthly Update


The Sustainable Santa Fe Commission’s current efforts are focused on projects that integrate sustainability practices into all city operations and increase awareness and understanding of these practices among city employees. The targeted projects involve improvements in public accountability, updates to the city’s sustainability and climate adaptation plan and the creation of training resources for facility managers. When sustainable practices are integrated throughout all municipal operations, and each department is held accountable for progress, larger-scale improvements can follow, and the city can serve as a model for the private sector.


The following projects are high priorities for the SSF Commission from June through August, 2014:


  • The Sustainable Santa Fe Plan Revision. Revisions will include an adaptation plan based on current climate-projection science and a training package for city facility managers. The revised plan will be presented in a digestible form for use by city staff to set annual sustainability objectives specific to each department.


  • Identify Existing Sustainability Measures. The Commission is working with city facility managers to identify current sustainability measures and define specific implementation plans.


  • Community Scorecard. This report will measure and track progress over time, providing annual, trackable indicators for citywide greenhouse gas emissions, energy- and water consumption, green economic development, and other areas of sustainability. Baseline data, national averages and comparisons between Santa Fe’s current status and stated objectives will be included.


  • Environmental Impact Questions. Three questions will be proposed as additions to the financial impact statement required for city resolutions and ordinances. Mandatory evaluation and reporting of environmental impact, prior to approval of new city policies and laws, will prevent unintended negative impacts and assist with integrating sustainability into all city actions.


Santa Fe residents are encouraged to participate in SSFC projects on subcommittees. The commission meets on the third Tuesday of every month, from 2:30–4:30 p.m. in the Council Conference Room in City Hall. Interested community members should contact the commission staff, Katherine Mortimer, at kemortimer@ci.santa-fe.nm.us. Other information can be found at http://sustainablesantafe.wordpress.com





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