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Property Crimes Hit Record Low

SANTA FE, N.M. – Santa Fe Police are proud to announce the city’s property crimes have hit an all-time record low. July saw 78 total burglaries. This is the lowest number of combined residential, auto and commercial burglaries since the department began its current record keeping system in 2003.

Residential burglaries dropped by 43 percent compared to July of 2013. Auto burglaries are down 41 percent and commercial burglaries declined by 38 percent in the same time period.

This July the city saw 33 residential burglaries which is a stark contrast from October of 2011 when there were 96 burglarized homes or even January of 2012 when there were 86.

Santa Fe Police Chief Eric Garcia credits the decline to a combination of increased morale within the department, the creation of a new standalone narcotics unit, scheduling changes and a shift in the way officers approach crime prevention.

“I am encouraging my officers to get out of their units, shake hands with business owners, walk neighborhoods and meet the residents whom they serve,” Santa Fe Police Chief Eric Garcia said. “Our new narcotics unit is going after midlevel offenders, known to commit property crimes, and it’s is very clear this tactic is working.”

The previous record low was set in April of 2013 with a total of 88 combined residential, commercial and auto burglaries.

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