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Solar PV Array Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Solar PV Array Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
1 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 18

See how 5 acres and more than 2,000 solar panels generates 1.5 megawatts of energy to fuel SFCC. While the panels are busy converting the sunlight into electricity, they also serve as teaching tools for SFCC students.

Santa Fe Community College’s Solar Photovoltaic Installation Project will reduce the costs of energy consumption and provide hands-on learning opportunities for Solar Program students, faculty and staff. This year, the college will install solar photovoltaic panels at two locations.

SFCC’s Main Campus

The installation at SFCC’s Richards Avenue campus will consist of two photovoltaic systems:

·   A 1.5-megawatt system will be installed on 5.4 acres on the southeast side of the campus, south of the main access road, near Kids Campus.

·   This array consists of 4,620 SunPower 327-Watt photovoltaic modules mounted on fixed racking and will be enclosed by a security fence.

·   This system will generate approximately 43% of the college’s electricity demands, saving the college more than $200,000 annually.

·   A 11.8-kilowatt demonstration array designed for teaching purposes, it will consist of three different types of tracking systems, will use 36 SunPower 327-Watt photovoltaic modules.

·   The systems will provide sophisticated monitoring data that will allow students, faculty and staff to maintain and study the arrays.

·   The demonstration array will be located on the north side of the main access road near the Trades and Advanced Technology Center.

·   These two systems are currently under review by PNM (Feb. 2014). Once approved, they will be installed within approximately six months.

SFCC’s Santa Fe Higher Education Center

The installation at the Higher Education Center, currently under construction across from Santa Fe High School, will have two solar photovoltaic mounting systems:

·   A roof mounted 141-kilowatt system that consists of 432 SunPower 327 Watt photovoltaic modules

·   A 16-kilowatt carport array that provides parking for six cars

·   These systems will have data monitoring accessible to the public online

·   These arrays will generate about 70% of the electricity needs of the building

·   The new facility for the Higher Education Center has an anticipated completion date of early 2015, including installation of the solar photovoltaic arrays.

The general contractor for installation of the photovoltaic arrays is Bradbury Stamm / Positive Energy.

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