November 2014

2014 Quivira Conference: “Back to the Future”


Nov. 12-14 in Albuquerque


The 2014 Quivira Conference will focus on concepts and practices that are old and yet new. “Back to the Future” is part of the burgeoning regenerative agriculture movement, whose aim is to restore soil, land, ourselves and our communities to health and happiness via naturally renewing processes. In some cases, this means reviving or expanding time-tested practices; in others it means adopting new technologies and ideas appropriate for regenerative goals.

The conference reflects the larger global celebration of the International Year of Family Farming and Ranching. Its goal is to help raise the profile of family farmers and ranchers and the significant role they play in alleviating hunger and poverty, providing food security and nutrition, improving livelihoods, managing natural resources and protecting the environment. The conference’s speakers represent the diversity of the regenerative agriculture movement around the globe.

The two workshops on the first day, Wetlands Restoration in Working Landscapes, and How to Build Soil through Planned Grazing, will be followed by a Conversation about Carbon, Climate and Cattle. Six esteemed speakers will present diverse topics on each of the following two days. The event concludes with an awards banquet. For details, call 505.820.2544, x 2 or visit




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