November 2014

Giving Love and Thanks in Times of Contradictions


Kathy Sanchez


Predawn Tewa prayers sing of the wonder of spiritfulness and joy in life. In the beginnings of new light, one sees with the eyes of the heart. Such joy is found in the songs of the birds. It is found in the sounds of wind in the trees. We give love and thanks for these things and for the predawn dew, one of water’s many forms. We give thanks for the healing herbs growing on the mountain slopes and the plateaus. Such joy it is to see and smell the beauty of nature undisturbed. We continue to honor our relationship with Mother Earth, mother for all, who expresses herself in eco-sustaining lifeways.


We also want to acknowledge our connectedness to all brothers and sisters of earthly kinship. We give love and thanks for humans whose hearts still listen to the wisdom of time immemorial.


How can we acknowledge the gratitude we experienced at the 25th annual Gathering for Mother Earth at the Pojoaque Gathering Grounds, where we renewed our commitment to Turtle Island? Many creative people made the gathering of peoples possible. There was generous support from afar and from those who came to share so generously in mind, heart and spirit. We particularly want to thank our sheroe, Betty Tsosie, of Tewa Tees, Paula Tsosie, who designed the beautiful turtle on those shirts, and Sean Hughes, who designed the 25th celebration logo. The gathering would not have been possible without the contributions from local farmers and from Cid’s Market in Taos, La Montañita Co-op in Santa Fe, Whole Foods, Local Collective 18 and others who donated food for the meals.


Putting it all into perspective, as reflected in the new friendships created and in learning the true meaning of sustainable reciprocity, it is clear that the Gathering for Mother Earth was a tremendous success.



Kathy Sanchez (Wan Povi) is a founding member and former executive director of Tewa Women United, based in Española, N.M. The group works with indigenous women to create stronger communities. 505.747.3259,,




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