March 2015

Intersections of Archeology, Architecture, Culture and Place

Much of the Sustainable New Mexico Architecture focus of this edition of Green Fire Times was written by architect Rachel Preston Prinz. Rachel loves to share her passion for discovering the genius loci—the “Spirit of Place.” After having been a project manager in traditional architecture firms for more than 10 years, she founded the Albuquerque-based firm Archinia in 2007, and its nonprofit offshoot, Built for Life, in 2012. Rachel has given multiple TEDx and Pecha Kucha talks on sustainability and historic preservation and is a well-regarded designer and architectural researcher. She served as a preservation commissioner in Taos and has led groundbreaking research into traditional and modern means of earth sheltering. In 2014, she launched a television project, Built for Life, to celebrate New Mexico’s 1,000-year building tradition of no-tech sustainability.


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