June 2015

Op-Ed: Dear Santa Fe Neighbors


Tony Quilico and Mike Connolly


Where there is a problem, there is an opportunity. Drought is the problem, has been for years and is not going away. With the water table dropping, we cannot afford to waste this vital resource, but we are doing just that by using coal- and nuclear-powered plants to produce electricity.


Not only do these plants waste water, they pose other problems for the environment, the economy and human life. Nuclear plants are sitting time bombs; their waste is costly to store and, even in storage, it is dangerous. Coal is inefficient as a fuel and pollutes the air and water. Strip-mining of coal is destroying mountains and results in miners suffering black lung disease and, worse, killing people who live in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and New Mexico.


New Mexico has a great opportunity to use the natural resources we have in abundance: sun and wind. Great strides have been made in solar and wind production of electricity, making their use economically feasible and long-lasting.


We believe we citizens can come together to begin changing how our public schools get their electricity. Schools are the place to begin because they would provide the students with a solid example of the power of the people and how nature, used intelligently, can provide a higher quality of life. The idea is to install solar panels on all the county’s public schools, sufficient to provide all the schools’ current and future electrical needs. We need people who will join us in forming an organization to bring this to reality.


If this interests you and you want to be a part of this effort, please contact Wayne Tony Quilico at 505.603.5341, tonyqyul@gmail.com or Mike Connolly at 505.660.9047, user970159@aol.com. We look forward to hearing from you.



Tony Quilico is a retired, longtime resident of Santa Fe County who believes our highest priority is to respect all of nature’s freely given gifts.


Michael Connolly, owner of Q, S, and V Electro/Mechanical, is a longtime Santa Fe County resident. He is active in solar design and installation and has been involved with renewable energy development since 1974.




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