August 2015

The Warrior Project


Photos by Tailinh Agoyo


The Warrior Project 1The Warrior Project is a collection of images that portray indigenous children in a world where resources are becoming depleted, pollution is high and the Earth is threatened. The children photographed are nurtured in a culture where the importance of honoring and protecting the earth is part of their DNA. They are not passive victims; they are The Warrior Project 2

budding change makers, activists and empowered leaders. They are warriors of strength, knowledge and ancestral power.


Tailinh Agoyo is in the first phase of the project. She has visited the Navajo in Arizona, the Narragansett in Rhode Island and the Mohawk in upstate New York. She has engaged in discussions with local communitiesThe Warrior Project 3 about environmental concerns and how they are taking steps toward positive change. Through photographs of children, she shares stories about people and land, as well as testimonials from the children about their concerns and desire for environmental justice. 


Tailinh’s mission is to photograph indigenous children from tribes around the world, each facing unique environmental concerns. The Warrior Project 4By drawing upon traditional beliefs and creation stories, she is represents indigenous people as a thriving, evolving people committed to positive change. The images and accompanying testimonials emphasize the urgency of taking action to ensure the Earth is sustainable for the future generations.


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