September 2015

New Mexico Renewable Energy Newsbites


Wind Power in New Mexico

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s new Wind Technologies Market Report, New Mexico is 13th among states for wind-power generation capacity installed in 2014 (35 megawatts) and 18th for total wind power installed through last year. Texas led the pack for new wind power installed in 2014 (1,811 MW) and also leads for total wind power installed through that year.

Seven percent of the New Mexico’s power is generated by wind, the report says.


New Mexico Solar Financing Guide for Homeowners

Due, in part, to the price of solar PV systems having come down dramatically in recent years, the number of New Mexicans installing solar on their homes is the highest ever. At the same time, the increased number of solar vendors can make the decision-making process seem more complicated for homeowners.

Thanks to the recent release of a free solar financing guide from the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD), choosing the right solar photovoltaic (PV) financing option just became a bit easier.

The new guide, “A New Mexico Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Financing: Leases, Loans and PPAs,” was developed by the EMNRD in collaboration with the Clean Energy States Alliance and the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative. It is available as a download from the EMNRD website ( The guide compares advantages and disadvantages of each option, as well as how they compare to a cash purchase. It also features a set of questions for homeowners to ask during the decision-making process and clarifies key financing terms homeowners should be familiar with.

The state of New Mexico offers a Solar Market Development Tax Credit, which pays up to 10 percent (up to $9,000) of a solar photovoltaic (PV) or solar thermal system, on top of the 30 percent federal tax credit.


NM on Track to Surpass 2022 Clean Power Plan Goal

In August the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its final Clean Power Plan—a rule requiring states to reduce carbon emissions from power plants leading to a 32 percent reduction below 2005 levels by 2030 nationwide.
Also in August, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) released a national analysis titled “States of Progress,” showing that through actions already taken, New Mexico is well-positioned to surpass its 2022 emissions reduction benchmark and will be 63 percent of the way toward meeting its 2030 target under the Clean Power Plan.
New Mexico is one of 21 states on track to surpass their 2022 Clean Power Plan benchmarks and one of 20 states that will be more than halfway toward meeting their 2030 Clean Power Plan target.


Albuquerque’s Remote Energy Invited to the White House

The only company from New Mexico invited to attend the first White House Demo Day was Remote Energy of Albuquerque. The event, hosted by President Obama, was designed to promote diversity and provide innovative startup founders from across the country an opportunity to showcase their innovations in front of other entrepreneurs and leading business people.
Remote Energy’s president/co-owner Patrick Murphy (Navajo) received the invitation just weeks before he was at the White House on Aug. 4 explaining his company’s solar systems, which were designed for remote areas of the Navajo Nation and other areas where people commonly use generators for electricity and propane for cooking.
Murphy says that Remote Energy’s solar system can save a typical Navajo family about $600 a month. A family can lease the ground-based system, with the company acting like a utility. Backup batteries provide nighttime power for homes. The company has installed prototypes and is seeking investors for commercial-scale production.




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