October 2015

Book Profile: Big Data and Smart Energy: The Next Frontier for Buildings and Homes

Wearable technology devices that measure the number of steps walked, steps climbed and other personal metrics are, among some, the rage for fitness. But why would you want this for a building? Quite simply, because we commonly manage energy through a rearview mirror. Until the monthly electricity or natural gas bill comes, we don’t know how we are doing. This applies to consumption, efficiency and solar systems. Without specialized gear, most people don’t know if their panels have been generating electricity until the bill comes.


The Internet of Things and Smart Energy technology can tell us how building systems are performing in real time, just the way a wristband tracker can help a fitness buff manage health, diet and exercise, so that performance can be corrected on the fly.


Energy & Analytics: Big Data & Building Technology Integration (Fairmont Press www.fairmontpress.com, order code 0709) by Jack McGowan is a new textbook, written to help educate the next generation of energy professionals. It includes stories about what is happening in cities and at buildings such as Microsoft’s world headquarters. McGowan explains how big data and smart energy are the next frontier for builidngs and homes and says that these trends will create high-wage, clean-technology jobs.

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