October 2015

The Santa Fe Climate Action Task Force


Climate Action Task Force Co-chairs:
Councilor Peter Ives and Former City of Santa Fe Mayor David Coss

As the co-chairs of Santa Fe’s Climate Action Task Force, we have had the distinct pleasure to work with numerous sustainability experts to achieve the task force’s mission of counseling and advising the city of Santa Fe’s governing body on the types of strategies and programs the city should undertake to create a healthier, more resilient, adaptable and vital community. Such a broad undertaking required the task force to create a set of working groups, or committees, focused on identifying and prioritizing what could be achieved in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, finance, water, land management and food security within six, 12 and 18 months.

The ability to tap such knowledge within our community is an innovative, inclusive and collaborative way to help overcome the challenges of climate change, the biggest threat to our way of life that we have faced in generations. The task force has made many recommendations to the city’s leaders, as you will see in the articles in this issue of Green Fire Times. Some are being pursued via resolutions, ordinances and administrative efforts, while others are being pursued by nonprofits, the Santa Fe Public Schools, private sector companies and other environmentally focused organizations.

Cities can, and must, be leaders in lowering carbon footprints and changing the way we consume resources like energy, water, food and land. When programs are developed at local levels to address local problems, they are more likely to succeed in making communities more resilient and more sustainable. Santa Fe is no different. It has the vision, expertise and desire to overcome the challenges of climate change. The work of the task force is just the first step toward achieving that goal. Our community’s work has just begun, and together, we will succeed.



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