December 2015

Green Fire Times: 80 Months



It is hard to believe that this is the 80th monthly edition of Green Fire Times. The print edition is currently available at more than 280 locations. We are gratified by the many people and organizations that have contributed articles and by the feedback we frequently receive. People often tell us that GFT means a lot to them, that there is nothing quite like it out there and that they save the copies.

GFT set out inform and inspire by spotlighting enterprises and initiatives that are transforming New Mexico into a diverse and sustainable economy. By weaving together the interrelated aspects of community, culture, the environment and the regional economy, and by providing multicultural perspectives, GFT has sought to provide a valuable, needed voice for our bioregion. By linking education with jobs and highlighting the creation of a workforce with skills that are increasingly in demand, GFT has helped nurture cultures and livelihoods, including for people in rural communities. The publication is used as an educational resource in schools and universities.

With a small staff, supplemented by many eager writers (mostly from New Mexico), it is not easy pulling together a coherent, quality edition each month. GFT has been totally supported by advertising but has been operating without adequate funding. We are exploring a transition to a nonprofit structure that will attract and allow additional forms of funding, so that we can increase our readership and distribution, and upgrade GFT online. If you are inspired by and appreciate GFT, please consider advertising or providing underwriting to help make possible GFT’s evolution.




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