December 2015

‘Compact of Mayors’ Signing



In anticipation of the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, community, organizational and environmental leaders, including Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales and former Mayor David Coss, came together on Oct. 29 to witness Gonzales signing onto the Compact of Mayors, the world’s largest cooperative effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Launched at the 2014 U.N. Climate Summit, the compact ( represents a worldwide coalition of city leaders dedicated to preparing for impacts of climate change and taking action to prevent the worst consequences of climate disruption at the local level. This includes encouraging increased energy efficiency, converting facilities to renewable energy, advocating for community solar and improving public transit, along with increasing public transparency.

By signing on, Mayor Gonzales committed to conduct an inventory of current impacts and initiatives and establish an action plan with reduction targets and benchmark measurements toward the goal of a carbon-neutral future. The compact aligns with efforts already underway, built on the foundation of Mayor Coss’s accomplishments. These include establishment of the Sustainable Santa Fe Commission and the Climate Action Task Force, record levels of water conservation, the introduction of Energy Performance Contracting to increase efficiency, the introduction of electric vehicles into the city fleet, green bike lanes, an expanded curbside recycling program and a sustainable food plan.




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