August 2016

BOOK PROFILE / Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country: Economic Profiles of American Indian Reservations

Third Edition, BowArrow Publishing Company, 1,120 pages, $325.


Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country is one of the most widely used reference books about today’s 567 American Indian and Alaska Native tribes. Organized geographically, the book’s meticulously researched profiles provide hard-to-find demographic and economic information on how tribes live and work on their 567 unique reservations.


The stories reveal entrepreneurial zeal, as well as profound cultural and economic rebirth of Indian tribes. Many tribes have lifted themselves out of poverty through use of their unique resources to develop diverse businesses, which include “green” enterprises such as solar-powered farms supplying urban areas far from the reservations.


Recently, the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development and Tiller Research, Inc. ( announced a collaborative partnership to support the Honoring Nations Google Map (


The interactive map currently features all 124 Honoring Nations Honorees, a flagship program of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, and their outstanding stories/efforts in self-governance. As part of this collaboration, each of the 124 Honorees’ reports will include a full tribal profile from the latest edition of Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country. The map partnership will launch this coming October and assist Honoring Nations in identifying, celebrating and sharing tribal government success.


Tiller’s Guide is an important resource for federal and state governments, school systems, businesses and law firms working with tribes. Tiller’s research has been utilized in litigation resulting in judgments and settlements for tribes. Federal agencies and congressional committees have used the guide for information relevant to their deliberations.


The book represents the lifework of Dr. Veronica Velarde Tiller, a citizen of the Jicarilla Apache Nation in New Mexico. She earned her Ph.D. in American Indian History from the University of New Mexico. In addition to tribal economies, her company, Tiller Research, Inc., has specialized in studies related to tribal water rights, energy, forestry and the environment.


The recently updated third edition is now available in e-book format, as well as in its original hard-copy form. For more information, email or visit





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