November 2016

Standing Rock Strong


By Chili Yazzie – SW Diné


we are of the Earth

and the Holy Breath


we honor the Earth

we protect the water

we defend our people

monster black snake intrudes

polluting medicines of the Earth

it cares not, if it destroys sacred sites

this snake will poison all our good waters


big bad corporation is set on killing the Earth

Standing Rock is the epicenter of our resistance

Standing Rock is a calling together of good people

corporation been having its greedy way for too long

so it is, that we stand here to make this the ultimate stand


we face attack dogs, pepper spray, AR-15s and legal games

in response, our drums resonate the heartbeat of the Earth

our strength is the sacred pipe, our songs and our medicines

our power is the great circle of relations from over the world

our quest for the continuum of life is our banner of humanity

as fragile thankful human beings it is our great responsibility

to return the care to the Earth that she unfailingly gives us


climate change has the life of Earth in the danger zone

our prophesy says we must change that course or die

amassing more profit at all cost is a powerful force

profiteers refusing to see they are killing the Earth

their corporate riches won’t rescue their children


we choose life; we oppose all that threatens it

our plea to the world is that we have reason

if we must, we stand to face the destroyer

we fight for the life of our grandchildren


our struggle is for the life of our Earth

we are her children, her life is our life

we stand for life, truth and justice


we stand to protect the waters

we defend our Earth Mother


We are Standing Rock Strong



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