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New Mexico based non-profit outlines “How we make a better New Mexico”




SANTA FE – Today, One New Mexico, a state-based non-profit committed to creating a better future for all New Mexicans, released “a plan for a better New Mexico.” The booklet contains specific recommendations for job creation, critical investments in New Mexico’s people and strategic upgrades in the state’s infrastructure as the way to respond to the budget and jobs crises currently holding the state back.


“This booklet is about one thing,” said Alan Webber, founder of One New Mexico. “It’s a plan for a better New Mexico. It comes at a time when our working families and communities are in real pain. New Mexicans believe that we can have a better future. This is a map toward that better future and specific ideas for achieving it.”


“How to make a better New Mexico” is not solely a menu of policy proposals. It is also a vision for a government that represents hardworking, everyday New Mexicans, not just the well-connected elites with insider ties. This booklet encourages an approach to improving New Mexico by investing in hardworking New Mexicans, in our own small and medium-sized businesses and in a well-run government, each with a shared responsibility to do their part and pay their fair share.


Nearly 2,000 copies of “How to make a better New Mexico” are being distributed to elected officials, community activists, public administrators, business and labor leaders, and concerned New Mexicans across the state.



The “How to make a better New Mexico” document is available for download here .


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