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Tularosa Downwinders Release Health Impact Assessment from Trinity Atomic Bomb

The Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium (TBDC) invites you Wednesday, Feb. 15, 6pm at the Peace Center for the release of their Health Impact Assessment (HIA) report addressing the physical, mental, generational, and economic health impacts of the July 16, 1945 atomic bomb test at the Trinity Site in south central New Mexico. The people exposed to that radiation have been the unknowing, unwilling, and uncompensated “collateral damage” of the test that ushered in the Nuclear Age.
The purposes of the HIA are to analyze the short- and long-term health impacts of the Trinity Test in Otero, Lincoln, Socorro and Sierra Counties, and to consider the ways that the passage of amendments to the federal Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) to include the Trinity Downwinders – and many others – may affect the health of the individuals and communities in the Tularosa Basin. The TBDC urges the U.S. government to issue an apology and award reparations to individuals and their families who have suffered as a result of radiation exposures from the Trinity Test.
This HIA report provides evidence and analysis to support the passage of the proposed RECA amendments. The three primary health determinants examined are the lack of access to healthcare; economic impact(s) to patients and families; and generational trauma. The TBDC compiled data from focus groups, literature reviews, and approximately 800 health surveys collected over the years from individuals and families living downwind and downstream of the test. No major health study by the U.S. Government or otherwise has ever been conducted on the people living downwind and downstream of the world’s first atmospheric nuclear test. Thus, this HIA attempt to cull information relevant to the health and status of these communities that has been historically ignored.
The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership of the Santa Fe Community Foundation funded the HIA, which included a two-day training and technical assistance throughout the process. To learn more and to download the HIA report, please visit

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