July 2017

The Magnet of Spanish Market


This year, on July 29 and 30, the 66th annual traditional Spanish Market will once again bring to life the Santa Fe Plaza and its adjoining streets, with cultural and artistic treasures that are sure to overwhelm the senses. Spanish Market, sponsored by the Spanish Colonial Arts Society of Santa Fe, brings together approximately 250 Spanish colonial artists and their creations from New Mexico and southern Colorado.


Among the arts that can be traced back 400 years featured in the market are weaving and colcha embroidery, tinwork, Santo and furniture-making, filigree jewelry, ironwork and pottery, along with many others. Artists who show at Spanish Market undergo a rigorous selection process, and only the best are chosen to display their work. This year a preview of the juried work will be held at El Museo Cultural in the Railyard on Friday,  July 28. Special gallery exhibits, lectures, films and talks related to the cultural outpouring of the Indo-Hispano community of New Mexico and southern Colorado will take place throughout the week.


Contiguous to the traditional Spanish Market is the Hispanic Contemporary Market on Lincoln Avenue, which features hundreds of Latino artists who work in contemporary media such as metal sculpture, etching and lithography, oil painting, watercolors, photography, ceramics and digital media. On the central bandstand of the Plaza, visitors will be treated to the lively music and dance from this same age-old community, responsible for shaping much of New Mexico’s history. On Sunday morning, a special Market Mass will be held at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. The annual traditional and contemporary markets have become a tremendous magnet, not only for collectors, but also for the families and friends of the artists who take advantage of the occasion to renew their ties and to support their valuable and historic place-based culture. 

– Alejandro López



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