August 2017

Green Fire Times ­— 100 Months


From the Editor-in-Chief — Seth Roffman


This is Green Fire Times’ (GFT) 100th monthly issue…and this publication is at a crossroads. Over the past eight years and four months, GFT has achieved measurable success, widespread respect, and has positively impacted lives—without adequate operational funding for a publication of its caliber. This is not sustainable. To be able to build on its accomplishments and upgrade operations to expand coverage and better meet the needs of our region’s communities, GFT needs to increase ad sales and other income and develop its online potential, while maintaining a viable print publication.


GFT has been invited to continue to operate as the central program of an established nonprofit organization whose mission is focused around multicultural education and community development. GFT has become a voice for people, organizations and enterprises from communities in New Mexico and the Southwest, so this would be a perfect fit. It is a great opportunity for GFT to transition to new levels of success—both in terms of educational impact and as a sustainable enterprise. It would also allow us to formalize a training/mentorship program for aspiring writers, journalists and documentarians.


A major foundation, recognizing that GFT has “made a unique contribution to our region’s media landscape,” has invited the nonprofit to apply for financial support for GFT. In order for that to happen, the nonprofit needs to raise additional funding to complete a buy-out of GFT and hire a qualified business manager. If you would like to support GFT’s reorganization at this critical time, please consider a tax-deductible contribution. Contributions may be made to Southwest Learning Centers, Inc. (with a notation “for GFT”) and sent to P.O. Box 8627, Santa Fe, NM 87504-8627 (


GFT provides useful information for anyone interested in the region’s history and entrepreneurial spirit. It is also useful for those learning about green businesses or working towards sustainability, from personal to corporate. In this time of deepening social and environmental crises, media consolidation and fake news, it is my hope that GFT will continue to provide a platform and forum for our region, presenting cutting-edge initiatives along with time-honored traditions, while showcasing the interrelationship of community, culture, the environment and the regional economy.


News routinely presented in mainstream media can be acts of rhetorical violence. When a student in a UNM Public Health class asked, “Where are the stories of hope, of healing?” the teacher held up copies of GFT. “In that moment it really sank in for me,” she said. “Your paper gives us a media to heal. That’s powerful.”



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